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Rejected Mate

Rejected Mate




"I Nicklaus Anderson reject you Rora Wilson as my mate,you don't deserve to be my mate and you will never be my mate because you are a lowly omega"he said to her giving her a demeaning look. He is an alpha of the most powerful pack and she is just an omega. Will Rora accept this rejection and learn to be strong or would she let his words get to her. Read this interesting book to find out.

Blood moon pack is a very powerful pack in the Atlanta the Kingdom of Werewolves.the alpha of blood moon pack was the supreme alpha of all the packs in the kingdom.they are not just respected and feared for no reason, they have the strongest werewolves in the Werewolf Kingdom.

Werewolves are known for their proud nature but this pack has the most pride.

They are also different from other packs since they don't have an omega in their pack.instead omegas from other packs work for them.

The alpha of this pack and also at the same Time the supreme Alpha king of all the packs in this kingdom of Atlanta is no other than Nicklaus Anderson.

He is the most ruthless and powerful Werewolf whose name is heard in all the kingdom.he is a handsome man who has lived for many years.

In human age,he is in his late twenties but in Werewolf age,he has lived for one thousand years.

He wasn't just feared for no reason but he was feared and known for the victory he brought to the werewolves community in the war that happened many centuries ago.

It was believed that the moon goddess cursed him to be mateless because of his Ruthless nature and all the deeds he has done in the past that brought him this fame and respect.

It didn't bother him for not having a mate since he can pleasure himself with any woman he wants.he also enjoys that he doesn't have a mate because he sees mate as a distraction and trouble and he doesn't want that.

Currently,he is dating a very powerful witch known as Brenda Arrignton.they have been together for a long time now.

Nicklaus Anderson is the law and no one questions his decision.

Many girls wanted to be with him but they knew it was just their fantasy because he would never look at their side.

In this Kingdom,there lived a young girl of 18 years in human age who has only lived for around 30 years in Werewolf age.

She is an omega,she was not born an omega but was reduced to the state of an omega.her father was the alpha of crescent pack who was killed for treason.she never knew who her mother was since her mother died while giving birth to her but she experienced the love of a father and mother from her late father before he was killed.

Her father Mathias King treated her like a princess before he was executed when she was just thirteen years old.

She knew her father as a good man to know that he wouldn't betray their pack,he was found guilty in all his trial,her only hope of her father being free was the supreme Alpha king who would be the last judge but he found her father guilty too,that's how her father was executed.

Since then,she felt nothing but hatred towards all those judges.

She has an hourglass shape,a long waist length platinum blonde hair which was very rare in their kingdom,she was the one who had it and some girls envy her because of the special hair.

She had an oval face with a heart shaped pink lips and sea blue eyes which were clear as a calm sea.

She had a cool skin tone to compliment her beauty.she was very beautiful despite the old rags she wore because of her status as an omega.

Her name is Aurora king.

This is just the beginning of this story.