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General Romance

Shayla had made a lot of mistakes and one of those mistakes is now out for her life Will is considered one of her greatest and biggest mistake, right next to Mike who is literally out for her blood. What happens when Will comes back into her life determined to right his wrong and make her his despite all odds Can she ever stop running and believe in love even when trouble broods in the corner

  Shaya could not sleep a wink, not when Amanda's constant temperature kept her up and worried all night, they'd been in California for too long now, she'd have to work harder to make enough money before Jake caught up with their location, the mere thought of Jake coming after then sent chills down her spine and his cold words re-echoed in her head

  "I will get you my sweet" he'd said through a mouthful of blood "and when I do, you and that your little fucker of a daughter are both going to be royally screwed"

  And then she did what she did best, she grabbed her child and ran, she ran far away from him before even bothering with the police and by the time they finally reached his place, he'd escaped dragging his torn roughed up body to safety and since then Shaya had decided to run, Amanda didn't like it but it was for her own good, the other option she had was to, no she'd never do that she'd die before she handed her daughter over to that bastard, that pervert, even though he was one of the richest men in the world, She would rather take her chances with death.

  The faint ring of the doorbell roused her from her reverie, after gently removing the sleeping Amanda off her, she proceeded to get the door, looking through the perphole first as a measure of precaution, she found that a package had been left for her, her mind began to wander, she had not ordered anything, she barely had enough money to feed herself, cautiously yet astonishingly quick, she opened tbe the door and picked up the package, after numerous attempts of trying to guess what was in it, she finally gave up and decided to tear it open and as she opened the box she felt her her heartbeat increase with terror and she was right to be afraid, her head turned fuzzy as she stared at the package and as the stench of blood overwhelmed her, a note was tightly taped to the side

  ' I've finally found you my sweet, I see you now but you will see me soon, know that this heart beats for you. Love Jake" It read

  Inside the package was a human heart and two eyeballs, as a wave of nausea crashed into her, she swore she could hear Jake's horrible laugh and it totally sickned her, after grabbing a few things she deemed important she grabbed her saving and picked up the sleeping Amanda, they had to move again

  Barely out of her apartment building she crashed into a tall dark stranger wearing a black suit, the logo on it was one she knew all too well

  "We have her in sight" the man spoke I to a receiver and grabbed Her deftly clutching her arm "send backup she's a feisty one"

  Her brain went into full on panic mode and she kneed the bastard in his balls, he let go, giving her enough time to slip by, in what seemed like the most important time in her life, the Lord listened to her prayer for onca and a taxi came hurtling just by her building

  "Going somewhere ma'am" the driver asked in a thick accented voice

  "Drive" she all but snarled at him and instantly she was thrown back as he hit the gas pedal rather ferociously

  ,at the same moment the man in the suit ran out and yelled

  "Stop that car" he said ferociously

  The driver must have sensed her alarm because he accelerated more and soon we were quite a distance from him

  "Thank you" she said heaving a sigh of relief that was too many closeshaves in just one day but it became clearer to her now, she had to leave California as quick as she could, she was no longer safe here

  "Abusive boyfriend or husband?" The driver asked "you don't have to tell me but I just wanna know how I can help"

  "Something like that" she said "drop me off at the airport please, I'd want to book a flight"

  "Sure" he said

  She muttered something that sounded like a cross between a thank you and a bless you and drifted off to a dreamless sleep


  He slammed the phone down and made another dent in the walk with his fist, Will ached for her, for her touch,to caress her and sink himself into her warm flesh until she begged him not to stop, he wanted to show her just how much he had missed her but for some stupid reason these bastards couldn't do their damn job, how could they let her escape, and with his little girl too, he had had enough of her leaving him, it was like they said if you wanted something done to your tastes then you'd do it yourself, he would have to find her on his own

  "Watch Shaya I'm coming for you" he said with utmost finality as he proceeded to prepare himself for her