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The Mafia's Maid

The Mafia's Maid

Author:Success write



The mafia's maid Success write Ashley is a nineteen year old college girl striving to survive school when her elder sister gets kidnapped by a mafia boss This wasn't a joke for her, her only sisters life is at stake. Damon the guy Amelia her elder sister newly saw at a party, who happens to be the mafia's friend also want her save She has to go undercover as a maid to rescue her sister with some help from Damon The plan was to get information, save her sister and leave. No falling in love. Well Jeremy is an heart throb will that ever happens?What if she get distracted while trying to save her sister Easy right?

Success write.

Ashley sighed as her sister, Amelia barged into her room with her face plastered with makeup like a Barbie doll. It is time again and her grand entrance was expected. 

"Oh my gosh, guess what?" Amelia chirped. 

"There's another awesome party that's so great blah blah blah and it's thrown by a famous blah blah blah and we've got to go, No No No." Ashley answered. 

"I think there's no guessing game there but if there is then I must awarded cause thats definitely what you came here for. 

Every Friday night is party night for Amelia. 

She tires to get Ashley involved every single time although she always refuse every single time. 

"Well firstly, that's not the only reason I come for, secondly, it's not an awesome party but I life changing party and lastly it's not thrown by a famous blah blah blah but a billionaire heart throb that many girls are dying for which you'll soon be among blah blah blah." Amelia said I a go then smiled sheepishly. 

"I don't want to go." Ashley whined. 

"Yes you will!" Amelia said confidently. "You don't go out much sis. You're all work but no play and I don't want my sister to be looked down upon like some dorky kid." She added. 

"Well you don't see me complaining right?" Ashley smirked. 

"Fine then, I won't let you use my Wi-Fi." Amelia threatened as she gave I smug look. 

"Oh come on!" Ashley yelled. 

"I'm doing this for your own good." 

Ashley sighed in defeat. 

"When's the party?" She asked.

"Right now sweetheart." Amelia replied. 

"Then let's get dressed." Ashley rolled her eyes whistle sitting on her vanity table. 

She was about to apply so lipstick on when Amelia grabbed her hand. 

"What are you doing?" Ashley furrowed her brows as she asked. 

"Stopping you from a making a very big mistake?" She stated. "Pink does not match your eyes plus this shade of pink is so out of trend since last week so it won't do." 

"Okay so what do you suggest?" 

"Lemme do my magic on you girl." 

She made Ashley turn away from the mirror that reflected her plain forest green eyes and pale skin. 'My face is natural indeed. Probably too natural.' she thought.  

Amelia brought out the makeup kit she was hiding and Ashley was oblivious about and worked her magic on her. 

When she was done, she made Ashley turn to the mirror again. 

Ashley gasped. 

"Wow." Ashley couldn't recognize herself. "Is this really me?" She asked in disbelief. 

"Of course sis. Actually I didn't do much cause you're already too cute." Amelia chuckled. 

"Well you did alot in my opinion." Ashley said as she stared at herself on the mirror. 

Staring back at her is a girl who now had eyeliners that made her forest green eyes, rose red lips, pink blush plastered on her face, and her pale skin now had a little tanning. 

"Is can't be me." 

Amelia didn't pay any more attention to her and progressed into giving her a wonderful hairdo. 

Again, Ashley was left speechless. 

"Yes you look great but you need something to wear but I'm not letting you wear anything from your wardrobe." 


"Cause they scream 'i'm a loner and I don't care about fun' but you need a dress that screams 'party here I come' which is why I took the liberty of getting you a dress from my wardrobe. You're welcome." 

Ashley only rolled her eyes then took the dress from her. 

"Well excuse me. I've got to dress don't I?" 

"Whatever, you've got five minutes."

Amelia said before marching out of the room. 

Minutes later, Ashley came out with a red party dress which hugged her curves perfectly. It stopped at her mid thigh. 

Her face was flawless with the makeup she wore and her blond platinum hair was stylishly made. 

"Don't you think the dress is a little too tight." Ashley complained and the glow in Amelia's eyes disappeared on hearing it and frown. 

"Tight or not, you're wearing it. Even if you feel like you're gonna die. I'm going to be so jealous tonight cause you look amazing." 

Ashley smiled then they walked down the stairs together into their very spacious living room where they found their parents, the Gregorys watching their favorite animal documentary on TV. 

"Guys were going out." Amelia quickly said and tried rushing out the door whistle dragging Ashley along but halted when her mother stopped her. 

"Hold on Missy. Where are you going?" She said as she turned to look at both her daughters. "Sorry, the question is, where is Ashley going." She corrected. "Obviously you're going to a party but Ashley..." She thrilled off. 

"She's coming with me." Amelia answered then patiently waited for another lecture she'll received but probably ignore. 

"Okay have fun." Both their parents said. 

"What?" Ashley and Amelia both shouted. 

"Amelia you wouldn't have listened if we stopped you besides it's the first time Ashley wants to have some fun so yeah I think I'll let it slide this time." Mr. Gregory, said. 

"Hurray!" They both screamed then dashed out the door. 


At the party, Ashley was feeling too conscious of herself. As she walked in to the party, it was as if a spotlight pointed towards her and all eyes were on her. 

Although the sight at the party disgusted her. 

Some kids were making out in front of everyone. She turned to Amelia. 

"Seriously these aren't my kind of people sis." 

"Okay, stay for just five minutes and I permit you to use my car to go home." She sighed then brought out her car keys of her Ferrari from her designer purple purse which matched her cute purple short ball dress. 

"Here." She placed it on Ashley's hand. 

"Then how will you go home?" 

"Oh don't worry about that love." Amelia smirked. "So now let's enjoy." She chirped then pulled her sister to the dance floor.