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A Royal Affair

A Royal Affair

Author:Wil B


General Romance

There's a thing called repetition. A repeat of what happened in the past, and this is the best way to describe the situation poor beautiful Giselle is in. Once upon a time, her mother once lived in the very palace she is in. Once upon a time her mother also fell inlove with the crown prince. Once upon a time, her mother had an affair with the crown prince. Giselle's mother's affair with the crown prince causef her, her life and now Giselle is also is in the same very palace her mother was once in. She's a maid just like her mother, and just like her mother, she also fell inlove with the prince. And just like her mum, there was also an affair. History they say.... could always repeat itself, but this time around would Giselle have a happy ending unlike her mother. Would the enemies of her mother also try to kill her, the sane very way they killed her mum.

               Gisella's POV

  "Good morning mama Coco"I greeted mama Coco as she came into the maid's quarter with a basket full of clothes

  "You people are still sleeping?. The cock crew like a minute ago!. Get up your sleeping butts and prepare for today's work" She ordered and all the maid got up immediately to prepare for the day work.

  Mama Coco is the palace head maid. She's kind and she can be cranky sometimes. She treats all the maids especially me like we are her daughters. I really love her.. she has been like a mother to me since the very day I became a palace maid.

  My mother and my father died in a drastic flood one year ago on a journey. I had to do minor jobs to sustain myself. I was taken from the village 8 months ago to Gardenia to become a maid in the palace, and happy for that. Cause living in the palace, is like a dream come true. You get all the comforts of life in the palace.

  The royal family, are also kind and they are good people. The people of Gardenia, including me love the queen and king so much. But then tragedy struck and the king fell ill due to a rare and deadly sickness. The best doctors in the kingdom couldn't cure it so the great king died and the crowned prince took over as king.

  Speaking of the crown prince, He's a perfect definition of beauty. his face has a perfect structure and his eyes are shinny and charming..don't tell anyone but..

I'm in love with the king

. My love for the king is forbidden, cause I could be beheaded for it.

  But I can't help it. He's so beautiful and he has a kind heart. Too bad he his betrothed.

  Even if he isn't, it is forbidden for a member of the royal family, to have any form of relationship with a maid or a low life nobody.

  If such happens. The maid will be killed and the royal will be stripped off his post and work like a lowlife for two months and believe me, working like a lowlife is death itself.

  "Oo oh Giselle you're here" Maximus,the royal gardener said and I smiled at him. Didn't I say I'm literally loved by everyone?. Like everybody loves me a lot..why? Because I'm pretty and I'm lovable. I have this aura that makes everybody smile even when they're sad.

  "Hi Maximus. Had a great night?"I asked and he nodded. His hands has been behind him, so he brought out his hands revealing a bouquet of rose flowers, and then he stretched it to me.

  "I planted it myself" He informs me, I smiled.

  "Awwwn..they are beautiful Maximus. I'm going to add this, to my collection of beautiful flowers." I said, staring at the flowers in awe.

  Maximus has found giving me flowers as an habit, and I really love him for that. He always says he sees me as his granddaughter so yeah. I see him as my grandfather.

  "I gotta get to work, bye Maximus" I waved at him and he smiled.

  I strode to the back with my hair flying in every direction due to the cool wind.

  "My Giselle" I heard the most stupid voice I've ever heard and I groaned before turning and as I expected. It is no other person, but Davis. The most annoying guard in the palace. Always wants to get me into trouble due to his claim of him loving him. I don't like him one bit. He's mannerless, shapeless, and not as handsome as my king. Yeah, that is a fact.

  "What do you want Davis"I asked as I pulled up my water filled bucket with a mop in my other hand.

  "Is it a crime to greet the love of my life in this lovely morning?"he asked with a disgusting grin, and I hissed before hitting him hard on the head, with my mop making him to yell.

  "Yes it is crime, and do you know why?. Is because, I'm not your love stupid." I brushed passed him with a hiss and he whistled lustfully, unmannered pig!. The most stupidest creature, on planet earth. Argh, Davis always have a way to infuriate me. I'm so angry right now.

  I went to my post and began my work. I dipped the mop in the soap filled bucket and I started mopping the hall humming to my best song "Nightingale"

  Sing sweet nightingale...sing sweet Nightingalehigh

  high high above me

  Sing sweet nightingale...sing..

  "You have a lovely voice"I heard a voice. My hand freezed around the mop, in shock. I can recognize that voice, anytime, anywhere.

  I turned around, and I was right. It's the princess. Why is the princess here?. I quickly bowed in respect.

  "My princess"I said, bowing really low.

  "What's your name?" She asked.

  "Giselle" I replied with my head still bowed. It's a rule in Gardenia, a person should never look in the eye of a royal blood while talking or you'll face the consequence.

  The princess might just be ten years old, but I dare not look into her eyes or else I'm ready to die.

  "I like your voice, can you teach me how to sing, like you?I don't know how to sing at all and i want to have a voice like yours, please teach me."she pleaded.

  "I'll see to it that i teach your after my work your grace"I said bowing a little bit more and she squealed in delight.

  "Let me help you so you can finish quick." She made to grab my mop but I shifted back with it. Does she want to give me a death sentence. How can I let the princess of Gardenia, to clean.

  "Your grace it is against the rules for a royal blood to do menial works, except the royal blood is serving a punishment. I can't let you help me my princess. if I do that, I'll face the consequences."

  "Aiish..but I wanted to help"she whined and I just stood with my head bowed not knowing what to do or say. This is a big dilemma.

  "Promise you'll teach me when you're done?."

  "I promise my princess, its my job to do your biddings"I said, my head still bow low.

  "Thank you" She squealed and hugged me..did she just hug me.?

  She walked away jumping in excitement and I raised my head up, when I figured out she was out of sight.

  That is another rule.."keep your head bowed until the royal blood isn't around you anymore."

  I sighed deeply and i laughed at her childishness, she's really nice and funny. Who knows, i might get to see the king. I heard the princess and the king are very close.

  I resume my mopping and humming daydreaming about you know who.