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Her Sacrifice His Love

Her Sacrifice His Love



General Romance

The story revolves around the Ajith, who has motive to accomplish and Parvati, who wants to create her own image. The story reveals what happens to Parvati when she went to peruse her goal. What happens when she become a scapegoat in the hands of Ajith? What will happen when Ajith falls in love with Parvati?

Parvati POV.

Everything was fine few days ago but what happened now what I did. I spoiled my life with my own hands in just a few minutes. Why did I agree to do this in the first place? Why I have to be selfless?? what I bought myself into by helping her. What will be my future? I created my own grave with my own hands. I shouldn't have believed her. She is a selfish girl I never thought. What will I tell to my boss?? What about my work ?? What about my home, my orphanage?? What shall I say to Lakshmi ma ???

Tears are flowing on my cheeks by all their taunts and words. I can't take it I was never been treated like this though I am orphan. All are looking at me in disgust even she also is there smirking at me. She trapped me and I fell like a fool. My boss came to me and accused me of which I am not responsible at all.

Boss: you bitch I gave you a job, money to live and you did this to me. You are such a cheap girl who played tricks and catches a rich boy and enjoys their money. I shouldn't have believed you in the first place. How dare you to pull this act. You will pay for this I will never let you live in peace.

Parvati: ma'am listen to me....I...


My left cheek burned and I tasted my own blood in my mouth.

Boss: don't you dare to talk to me. How dare you to take my daughter's right. How dare your seat in her place that too in her marriage. You just wait and watch what I will do. You will regret it. Come Anny


let's go from here. We don't want anything.

I looked at Anny for help but she only smirks at me and went away.

Mrs. Khanna: you cheap girl get lost from our eyes. We don't consider you as our bahu. You orphan don't even have a status to be the daughter in law of Khanna's. Get away from here or else I will call the guards to throw this shit out of my house.

Tears are rolling down, my eyes are burning. I turned to go but stopped with their words.

Ms. Khanna: Ms. Bitch are you planning to rob the jewels at least after all this.

I removed all the jewelry one by one and kept it on the table.

Ms. Khanna: what about that mangalsutra which is expensive as you can't even imagine. Don't paly any drama like Sati Savitri give that mangalsutra too?

I looked at the one who tied this mangalsutra to me standing in the same place and watching everything without bothering to even have sympathy on me even he was there with her they both made a prey of their plan. I know it's not all going to work I don't belong here, it's better if I move away from these rich people. I pulled out the mangalsutra and other marriage signs which he made me wear just a few minutes back and kept in the same table and moved me out. I never thought my marriage will happen like this though I had the dream of a grand wedding.

Ajith POV.

Why I am feeling pain by seeing her like this. I shouldn't feel anything it only leads to disaster. She is only the pon in my plan to escape from this marriage. I have to achieve more and make my plan work. You're not going to control my life Mr. Khanna it only your feeling but I am the one who is controlling everyone's life in reality.


Hi, guys, I am back with another story,

It's just only a hint of the story, if you need to find out the whole story then you must follow the story.

I hope you guys liked it and interested and eagerly waiting for next too.