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Rebirth: Doctor Wife Overturned the World

Rebirth: Doctor Wife Overturned the World



As the best doctor of the 21st century, Qin Muxue time-traveled to be a nobody. Her father abandoned her, her family disliked her, and she was about to marry Prince Ding. Everyone believed that Prince Ding deserves someone better. Perhaps Prince Ding had the same thought, what else could explain his absence from their wedding? "The groom's not coming?" "The groom has no interest in women!" She did not care about all those rumors. With her superb medical skills, she could make a living on her own. Start new hospitals, train new pupils... everything went on successfully. When Prince Ding found that his wife was the legendary doctor he had been searching for years and came back to his house, he thought he went in the wrong door. Things didn't change much after her husband came back. There's only one riddle left to solve. "Who said he's not interested in women?" Qin Muxue lay on the bed, trying to recall.

"Break the door down!"

A woman's fierce voice came from outside the room.

Before the maidservant Tao Su could wake up her master, the broken door had been kicked down by a woman.

"Young Miss!" Tao Su saw the person clearly and shouted in horror, "Miss, don't! Let go of her! Uh—" Soon, her mouth was covered by someone.

The person who came was Qin Mufeng, the eldest daughter of the Qin family. At this moment, Qin Mufeng was like a fierce ghost with a ferocious expression. She held a thick and long whip in her hand.

Tao Su couldn't help but feel her heart tighten. That whip was full of hooked spikes!

"Slap—" The whip hit the woman who was lying on the bed hard with a gust of wind.

The woman felt the pain and immediately woke up from her fainted state. She couldn't help screaming, "Ah!" But soon, she quickly covered her mouth.

Under the cold moonlight, the sinister whip did not stop. "Qin Muxue!" Qin Mufeng's eyes reddened as she struck down with her whip.

The skin and flesh on Qin Muxue's back immediately split open. Her thin piece of clothing floated up in the room. Qin Muxue quickly wrapped herself tightly in her blanket and shrank back into it.

"You still dare to hide!" Qin Mufeng did not give up. She cracked the whip, and the wooden table in the room was instantly split into two halves. The teapot on the table also fell to the ground with a loud shatter. "How dare you hide! You shameless ugly monster!"

Qin Mufeng swung her whip and hit the quilt, only to hear a heavy sound of hitting the thick cotton. Qin Mufeng was so angry that she immediately stepped forward and pulled Qin Muxue out of the quilt.

With a cry of surprise, Qin Muxue fell to the ground, and her knees hurt.

The whip swung over again. Qin Muxue bit her lip desperately, and another gash tore open on her back.

"Mmf, mmf!" Tao Su's mouth was covered by Qin Mufeng's maid, Qiu Ju, and she struggled to free herself.

"You wench! Let's see where else can you hide!" The whips cracked over Qin Muxue like rain. Qin Mufeng looked at Qin Muxue like a rat crossing the street, but the anger in his heart did not dissipate at all.

"You ugly b*tch! Do you really think you're the prince's consort? Do you think you can marry the Prince Ding just because His Majesty granted you a marriage?" Qin Mufeng was even more ruthless.

That was the Prince Ding she admired! Qin Mufeng thought of the handsome face of Prince Ding and his cold expression. He also looked at her with affection in his eyes. When she thought that such a handsome man would be taken away by the ugly b*tch on the ground, she was so angry that she hit Qin Muxue with all her might.

It wasn't until she was tired that she finally stopped and rubbed her arms.

Tao Su had already burst into tears.

Qin Muxue shrank into a ball and hid near the foot of the wall. Her whole body was covered in blood and she was silent. It was almost as if she was dead.

"Just look at yourself!" Qin Mufeng looked down at her from above. "You don't deserve to marry His Highness Prince Ding! You don't know your own limits. You're so ugly, stop your wishful thinking!"

Qin Muxue was covered in blood, and Qin Mufeng's face was also spattered with flecks of blood. Under the dim light, she looked more ferocious. Even Qin Mufeng's personal maid, Qiu Ju, had never seen her look so terrifying.

Qin Mufeng glared at Qiu Ju. Qiu Ju was scared and hurriedly pulled Tao Su out in a panic.

Seeing that there was no one else in the room, Qin Mufeng snorted again. She squatted down and looked at Qin Muxue, who was lying on the ground silently.