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Forced Marriage

Forced Marriage

Author:masky mean


New Adult

A One sided love within the marriage "Maybe our fate is against us, na di ito ang tamang panahon upang magmahalan kaming dalawa and maybe lahat ng ito ay kailangan din pakawalan sa huli, dahil kami lang din ang masasaktan." -Denice Denice, A girl who want to be with the man she loves for a long time... They promised each other that they were going to marry each other when they grew up But times goes bye so fast... Until the man needed a surgery.... The Guy has a Acoustic Neuroma and he went to America for his surgery But when he came back... He dosen't remember her... Everything about her and his promises for her Everything was nothing. Even they've got married And that's the start of her Nightmare....





"We are gathered together here to join Kristan and Denice in the union of marriage" Father said before looking at my behavior "Denice, do you take Kristan to be your husband? --Do you promise to love, honor, cherish, and protect him, forsaking all others, and holding only unto him forevermore? " He added

"I- I do father" I replied to father while trying to smile

He slowly turned himself to Kristan so I also looked at it, he was obviously floating

"Kristan, do you take Denice to be your wife? --Do you promise to love, honor, cherish, and protect her, forsaking all others, and holding only unto her forevermore?" Father asked while looking at Kristan's behavior

We waited for his answer but nothing came out of his mouth so I touched him while whispering the call to his name.

"No!" He shouted so I was surprised and I felt the same way as the others as the people were filled with astonishment

"I- I mean y-yes" he stammered and his father raised an eyebrow

Animoy asks this and suggests if 'were you just forced?'

But Kristan didn't see that because her attention was down

"KRISTAN and DENICE will now exchange rings as a symbol of love and commitment to each other. Rings are a precious metal; they are also made precious by you wearing them. Your wedding rings are special; they enhance who you are. They mark the beginning of your long journey together. Your wedding ring is a circle-a symbol of love never ending. It is the seal of the vows you have just taken to love each other without end "nag aalangan saad ni Father


"By the power of your love and commitment, and the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss each other!" Father responded with everyone's applause

Kristan immediately moved closer to me and kissed me ... on the cheek

Just there really

I just let it go because what he did was also new to me ...

When the wedding was over, she started taking photos with the godparents, parents, friends and the bridesmaids and groommaids of the wedding but Kristan didn't even smile at the photos.

He didn't smile ...

Sadly, he agreed to marry me. I remember again the time he agreed to marry me.

When after a few minutes photography is

People left and waited outside for me to throw the flower

And when I threw it, I was happy because you were the batch we caught then

We didn't prepare the reception because Kristan said we were going straight to the honeymoon and the guests and Kristan's parents agreed with that decision.

When the car arrived and Kristan took me in a bridal style ride there and I noticed that she was considered as if she was just forced.

While traveling, I felt silence and a little awkwardness and condensed inside the car because he didn't even talk to me and it was as if someone was waiting for it on his cellphone because he was just looking there ............. ....

A few minutes later we finally reached the mansion

Kristan came down as if unaccompanied because she also didn't help me come down so I was forced to do that while I was wearing a heavy wedding gown and no one followed it.

I can just stop at the big door of the mansion that is greeted by the red carpet and I can see the glowing design in the house, especially the chandelier that is shocking to look at.

"Kristan" I call Kristan's name but when I look at it it is no longer beside me

I looked around to find him and found him up the big stairway

So I ran just to chase it and soon it stopped at a big door and slowly opened it.

A large room that looked like a master bedroom opened up to me, which was very comfortable to look at because it was pure white

There isn't much use as I expected and it looks like it has a walk in closet because I saw two doors inside and it looks like Cr is the one there.

Its white marble floor and oversized curtains covering the large windows are striking but the kingsize bed with white blankets grabs the attention.

I'm happy because it looks the same color I want

I noticed Kristan walking in a door and my guess seemed correct because it was a walk in closet

I sat down on the bed first and savored its softness

I lay down but stood up and I was surprised when Kristan came out the door while wearing a simple but formal dress.

Imagine she's going somewhere with what she's wearing

"Sleep!" It was cold and angry so I was surprised

"But what about the--" I just stopped speaking because he shouted

"Don't dream denice!"

"Don't dream of a honeymoon! Because nothing! Nothing because I don't love you and don't expect it because no matter what you do! Diana is still the one I love!" He added that he felt very angry so I suddenly felt pain and burst into tears but I stopped it.

It's not the mother's honeymoon I'm worried about but the maids because I'm afraid to be alone here

It walked out of the room and I even planned to follow it but unfortunately I was paralyzed

It hurts!

It hurts!

Not my foot but the pain I feel now in my heart as I watch the person I love leave for another woman ...................


I know Denice is paralyzed but I have no intention of putting her first!

I will give priority to the woman I love more than her

Maybe if he improved his art, he would get me


The pain in my foot that I'm dealing with now because I'm waiting for Kristan to come home so we can eat together

Yes I'm hungry but I can handle it!

I waited for a few hours in the dinning area until the food I had prepared had cooled down and I even planned to heat it for me to eat but I didn't go there because I lost my appetite.

I was walking upstairs when my cellphone suddenly rang and it looked like it was a call so I looked at it

Kristan is calling ...............

I immediately answered the call when I found out who it was because I was expecting him to greet me but another voice came up to me which made me feel heavy.

"Hi Denice" greeted the woman on the other line and I already knew who it was and natameme nails a few minutes so it spoke again

"How are you?" He asked so I raised an eyebrow

This is waiting for my wife

"I'll be fine" I replied

"I'm sorry, I disturbed you because it looks like you're asleep at around 12 am!" he said on the other line in a different tone for me

The teasing type

"Uhmm ... Diana is Kristan there" I asked because I couldn't help but worry

"Ahh yes, just buy when I can eat, I'm already hungry" he said, still shy and I felt jealous but I decided to stop it

"May I ask a question?" I told him and he agreed

"Of course"

"Ok ... will he go home?" I asked

"I don't know--" the speech was interrupted because of the familiar voice that came into the room

"I'm here babe! I already brought your food!" He looks happy with Diana on the other line

"Thanks ... uhmm I called Denice maybe because auntie is already looking for you" she said shyly to Kristan

"And he's asking if you're going home?" He continued to ask

"Tss! I'm not going home to that woman! Because I don't want to leave you for that woman! They just forced me to marry her and if mama and papa don't reject me then they'll take my credit card! So I have no choice but don't worry Diana because I won't consider her as my wife because I don't want to be with her and she's not the one I love but you "

Kristan answered on the other line and I heard that too

I turned off the line and went straight to the bedroom

It looks like I can't handle what he's going to say if I continue listening

I also couldn't help but hold back my tears

I tried to settle down but I couldn't hold back my tears

Because I love him so much and because of the extreme pain of what he said that was like a sword stabbing me in the heart ...