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Curse Of The Fire Queen

Curse Of The Fire Queen




"I curse you…I curse you that may God take back all your powers and blessings from you. All your powers on which you feel so proud, become null. Your arrogance becomes dirt. I curse you that you have to live a miserable, Poor and Pathetic life like us and then you will realize what it is like to be a slave, poor and powerless. She said in a venomous voice but who cares? We all are Royals and nobody cares what a mere human says because these poor people and their words have no value in our eyes. I looked with a sinister smile towards the old woman. "Now, What? You know that your curse failed but because of your daring act, I will give you the most painful death and I will turn you into ashes with my powers," I have a triumphant smile on my face and I call my all the powers to burn that old hag and as my powers turn into a red circle her eyes become as big as saucers and the fear which her eyes hold 'Oh girl! I love that, I love to see fear in the eyes of People who dare to disobey me'. As I tried to hit her with my circle of red fire, It turn into blue color and then disappeared into thin air. "What the hell is going… Before I finished my words, I started to lose consciousness and my words stuck in my throat and I saw a satisfied smile on the faces of all the maids and servants.

“Princess!!! Please wake up, King and Queen are waiting for you?

I groaned in frustration. I hate her because she is the one who always disturbs my lovely sleep.

“What the hell!!! How dare you disturb me??? I spat these words venomously towards her.

“P-Pardon me Princess!!! I am just following orders of the King and Queen” She stated while shaking in fear and I love it. I love it when people tremble in front of me and don't dare to say a word. I have that effect on people.

“Ok, tell them I am coming in just a few minutes”. I don’t want to ruin my beauty sleep but my parents love me a lot and I can’t turn their orders so, I have to join them.

“Hey Mom! Good Morning Dad!” I said while smiling happily.

“Good Morning! Looks like someone is in a good mood” Mom commented on my cheery mood.

“Yeah Mom! I want to ask you and dad for something?” Please don’t refuse please!!!”

“And what is it?” Dad looked at me questioningly.

“Umm…Dad I want to visit the village with my friends” I said in a slow voice.

“Well, You can go but with guards otherwise no” He said in a serious voice and I know that he will not change his decision at any cost but I have a promise to fulfill that’s why there is no point to argue with him.

“Ok Dad! We will go to the village tomorrow”.

“Inform my all friends that we will go to visit the village tomorrow” I ordered my maids to inform my friends and pack all the necessary stuff for our trip. I am very excited for this trip because I have so many plans for this tour and I will make it memorable for everyone.

````` Two Years Before`````

Today is my 12th birthday and the whole Greenland Valley is decorated because today is the day I waited for anxiously. My mom told me on my 7th birthday that I am a blessed child.

Mom told me that once she helped a fairy who was lying unconscious near the lake of Greenland Valley and covered in bruises and blood. My mom saw her because she loves to spend her Friday evenings near the lake and it is her routine to visit the lake every Friday. She saw the fairy who was in a very miserable condition and her wings were also covered with blood and dust. Mom helped her and took her to the palace.

She was at the edge of life and death but Royal doctors successfully saved her life and she recovered in a month. She thanked my mother and The King and gave her good news that soon they will have a child and she will bless the child at the age of 12th with some “Power'' and fly back to her homeland or Fairyland. Soon, my mother got pregnant with me and when I was born she chose the name “Sloane” for me which means “Sunshine”. She always said that I am the sunshine of their lives because after 7 years of marriage they had no children so, it somehow made their life empty and my birth proved as a ray of hope in their darkness of despair. Well, I love my name because it hold power and I love power and being dominant and center of attention.

So, Today is my 12th birthday and I am so excited because it feels like a dream come true and there are just a few hours left in the next day. It means the fairy can be here at any time. With power the people of my Valley will fear me and respect me and I will make strict rules and set heavy punishments for the ones who will break rules because you only become successful when people fear you otherwise they will not respect you as their head no matter how kind and just you are to them.

Well, it’s my personal thinking and my parents disagreed with me on this thinking. They thought it is very important for a ruler to be just, kind-hearted and forgiving.

They thought a throne doesn’t mean “Power” but it means “Responsibility” instead. Father said if you change yourself into a power hungry person, your people will hate you and despise you but if you treat them as a family they will give your love back in the form of respect and peace.

He said “If you want to be the most loved ruler then you have to think and understand their demands and needs before they even said” it is the ultimate formula to be the best ruler. A best ruler should have the best decision-making and problem-solving power.

On the other hand, I thought only power can control the people and they have to be feared by their ruler otherwise they will create chaos in the Valley.