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The Mafia's Virago

The Mafia's Virago



General Romance

18+ content, User discretion requested. Arthur's POV "So you are gonna make me stay here even if I don't want to and will not let me do whatever the fuck I want? Why you cannot just let me be happy? You are happy with your lover so let me be no? Why the fuck you have to interfere with my life?" She shouted at me and stood up to leave. I was furious now! I pulled her back by my hand and pushed her towards the wall. I held her chin and looked into her eyes... "DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO ME IN THE SAME MANNER!" I shouted at her face coldly and I could see tears forming in her eyes but in a split second, she rolled my hand which was holding her chin, and turned me gripping my neck not giving me a chance to even respond. "If you ever try this again or even touch me, I am gonna cut your balls off so you won't be able to fuck those whores!" She shouted leaving me there shocked. **************** Ava's not like any other girl letting anyone control her life. Arthur on the other hand is the coolest mafia leader who fell in love with her. A lot of misunderstandings came in their way but will Ava forgive Arthur and love him back? Will she be able to endure Mafia's life? Will she be able to become the strong girl her parents wanted her to be? Let's find out in the story...

  18+ content, User Discretion requested, contains sexual content, abuse, violence, and self-harm.


  All rights reserved. No part of this story shall be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the permission of the author. 



  “My Name is Arthur, the most handsome, dashing, good-looking, funny Mafia.

  Yeah, Yeah, I am exaggerating! Well, I am the coolest mafia leader who you would have come across but don't take that as my weakness. If I have a job in front of me, I can be ruthless and you would not want to be on the other side of that situation. I meet a lot of girls who just want me for my money

Yeah I am a playboy ;

Maybe one day, I will get that lucky girl, who would become my world...”

  “My Name is Ava, well there is not enough to tell about me, my parents died when I was 19 in a car accident along with my brother and I don't really have many friends… Other than that, I love music, I like to sing, dance, and play various instruments. People tell me I need to make friends, but to be frank, I am better on my own, don't really wanna worry about anyone stabbing my back, well I get that mostly, but I can live with it...I am a fusion of an introvert and an extrovert if that makes sense… I try to hide my emotions so that they cannot overpower me. My parents wanted me to be a strong girl, so I became one.”

  “Love is a sensitive topic for me, I have been through heartbreak before so I am not really ready to take another chance.”

  Destiny brings them together but they both couldn't decide if they are ready for this huge commitment or not.

  They make mistakes and fall apart but at last, they find themselves back with one another.

  Ava shows Arthur her bold side which grows with his support making her stronger than ever before…

  But a lot of misunderstandings come their way so will Ava forgive Arthur?

  Will she be able to endure Mafia's life?

  Will she be able to become the strong girl her parents wanted her to be?

  Let's Read the full story to know more…