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Mr. Tycoon's Lovely Wife

Mr. Tycoon's Lovely Wife



In a Truth or Dare game, Chen Liang dared to press a handsome and bossy man into the elevator, kiss him, and reach out to the man's trousers to feel his size. She offered to give him 500 yuan to cooperate with her. The man agreed, but Chen Liang found she had no money with her. The next day, when she woke up with a hangover, she found the man lying on her bed and two marriage certificates on the nightstand! Chen Liang was shocked and wanted to convince the husband she had just met to get a divorce. However, Gu Cishao rejected her suggestion. "You kissed me. You have to shoulder the responsibility." Chen Liang was speechless. Director! Did my husband take the wrong script?

"Kiss! Kiss!"

In the bar's booth, a group of people were screaming as they egged a woman and a man on.

Chen Liang held her cheeks in admiration, and suddenly a roar burst into her ears "D*mn, your ex-boyfriend is kissing a vixen. Are you enjoying it?"

"What else can I do?" Chen Liang's lips curled up into a smile. Beneath the thick lenses, her beautiful eyes swirled as she looked at her.

Xiju was exasperated and said angrily, "Be careful, that vixen is going to mess with you again."

"I can't ask for anything more." Chen Liang's laugh was nonsensical.

Xiju rolled her eyes and left.

A new round of the game began again. The beer bottles turned around, aiming at Chen Liang.

A group of people shouted in a long voice, "Oh, oh, oh."

The current girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend.

What a wonderful... collision.

The game removed the part of telling the truth, and everyone who was selected could only start to take a big risk according to the task given by the other party.

"Go and get a guy's phone number." The vixen suggested in a seemingly understanding manner.

The crowd laughed meaningfully.

Her ex-boyfriend snuggled up to the vixen.

"It's too simple." Chen Liang adjusted her glasses. "Are you looking down on me?"

A hint of dark light flashed in the vixen's eyes, and she laughed gloatingly. "Then just find a man, ask him the color of his underwear, and make sure it's the same color."

Chen Liang really did not understand. This vixen had succeeded in being the third wheel, but she still did not let her go. She had to do this during every festive party.

The old saying was right.

"It's better to solve the problem from its root."

Chen Liang patted her trouser legs and stood up. "How about... I find any man..."

Everyone was silent.

When Chen Liang stepped out of the booth, a series of exclamations came from behind her.

"D*mn... she's so daring!"

Their booth faced the elevator door. As soon as Chen Liang stepped out, a group of people came out of the elevator.

The leading man was dressed in a tailored black suit. His brows were slightly furrowed, his cold and thin lips were tightly pursed, and his legs were long and straight. Before Chen Liang could pick a person from this group of people, her body was already out of control and rushed up. When she looked up, she saw a pair of dark eyes.

That pair of eyes were like the quiet waters in the pond, instantly absorbing all the sounds around him.

In a short period of time, Chen Liang did the bravest and most suicidal action in her life.

She stretched out her hand to the man who looked like someone who she should not be messing around with. In response to everyone's shock and gasping, she pulled the man into the elevator, stood on tiptoe, and clapped her hand, and slammed on the wall.

It was funny, how could she dare to do it casually... Even if he was willing, she did not have the courage to do it.

However, she overestimated her height. Even if she stood on tiptoe, she was still far from the man's lips.

The most embarrassing thing was that her hand was held by the man in mid-air.

Feeling that she might be thrown out next, Chen Liang ignored her death and grabbed the man's collar with one hand, pulled him down, and then rushed up to kiss him on the lips.

"Sir, I'll give you 500 yuan to cooperate with me." Before their lips touched, Chen Liang sincerely offered a price, and her hand reached out to the man's... trousers.

When the man's gloomy face saw Chen Liang's eyes from a close distance, he was stunned for a moment, and his expression suddenly became gloomy and unclear.

The elevator door slowly closed, cutting off the outside vision.

Chen Liang suddenly jumped up and wiped her lips. She bent down and made a 90-degree bow. "Sorry, it happened all of a sudden. Thank you very much for your sacrifice."

The man's slender fingers touched the corner of his mouth, and he looked at her without saying a word.

Because of the advantage of his height, it made Chen Liang felt a little embarrassed and awkward when she was forced to be looked down on.

More embarrassingly, she could not find any money from her clothes and realized that her purse was still on the table. She had to look up and asked carefully, "Sir, can you cancel the debt..."