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Sarah, an ordinary college girl, was forced to marry Adrian, the heir of the largest mafia group in order to pay for her late parents' debt and grandfather's surgery expenses. Adrian's father offered her freedom and and the cancellation of her contract if she lived with Adrian for 30 days and neither of them fall in love at the end. Adrian is so handsome, domineering, and strange man who set four rules for Sarah. And if she is going to break one of them, he is going to claim a part of Sarah's body and use it. In the process of breaking the rules over and over again, Sarah reaped pleasures she had never experienced before.

Sarah doesn’t know what’s going on but she clearly knows what is going on. Everyone is whispering and

panicking while looking at her in her expensive gorgeous wedding dress. They have been waiting for

hours already and it’s so embarrassing for them. She is even shy to face everyone because of what is

happening. Well, her fiancé just did not show up. Everything started when she has no choice but to

agree with Bryce Gilbert’s offer to her. To marry his son to pay her parents’ debt and her

grandfather’s surgery.

“Did anyone find him?” she heard her soon-to-be husband’s father asks his men.

Sarah swallowed hard. There’s a part of her that she doesn’t want or like her fiancé to show up because

she doesn’t want to get married or tied to someone, she doesn’t even love. She was just forced to marry

a big mafia’s heir because of her parents’ debt. Adrian Gilbert, son of the biggest mafia all around and

he is going to be Sarah’s soon-to-be husband if he is going to show.

“I am sorry but I suggest we need to postpone the wedding.” the priest said.

Sarah sighed in relief and smiles but hiding it from them but it shocks her when Adrian’s father, uncle

Bryce grabs his gun and pointed at the priest. She gasped and shiver in fear knowing that Mr. Gilbert is

such a ruthless man, mentioning he is a mafia.

“Do not dare postpone this wedding, father. I am going to kill you right now in front of them if you are

going to leave. Do you understand?” I heard him asked him.

“This wedding is very important and I don’t want to waste our times and efforts. Let us just wait because

my son will come and continue this wedding. Is that clear to you?” Bryce asked the priest again.

The priest just swallowed hard and nodded at him. He smirked and hides hi gun again. Sarah felt so sorry

for the priest. He has nothing to do with this but it’s very wrong that he is here. Sarah saw fear in the

priest’s eyes and even the others. They have no choice but to nod and agree with them. Bryce Gilbert’s

men arrived with a disappointed faces written. Bryce, Adrian’s dad sighed in disappointment.

“Have you found him?” he asked them again.

Sarah can’t stop witnessing what is happening. She closes her eyes and prays silently. Praying that

Adrian will not show up for her to continue her peaceful life. As Bryce told and informed her to marry his

son. Sarah searched the internet about their family and she was very shocked to find out that their

family is very dangerous.

“Sh*t! You are all useless! Find him and do not ever come back in here if you didn’t find him. Do you all

understand?!” Bryce Gilbert pointed his gun to his men.

Sarah can’t stop but to pray continuously because she doesn’t want to marry a mafia’s son. Her life will

be in danger and she doesn’t want to. Bruce couldn’t stop but to cuss and curse because he is near to

embarrassment. He was the one who planned and organized this wedding.

“Sarah, I am very sorry to keep you waiting. I know he is going to come and this wedding will continue.

Do not be bothered. I am going to take care of everything.” he told her.

Sarah just smiled forcedly and nods at her soon-to-be father-in-law. She has no choice because if she is

going to talk this instance, Bryce will not think twice to threaten her with his gun like what he did to the


“Adrian’s here!” someone yelled.

Sarah’s eyes got bigger and gasped. Turned around to see if it was really him. His dad, Bryce claps his

hands while happy. Sarah couldn’t express her nervous feelings right now. Adrian is being dragged by his

dad’s two men. He is drunk. Sarah swallowed hard. Sarah never saw Adrian, she thought he is old or ugly

but turns out to be a very handsome young man. But still, she doesn’t want to get married to some

stranger. Adrian is wearing an expensive suit generally for a wedding, his wedding day with Sarah.

“I know he doesn’t dare to fail me. I am sorry for the inconvenience, Sarah. My son is just fond of being

so late. Now, this wedding will resume.” Bryce told her and smiled.

Sarah didn’t say anything and just smiled. She never thought her wedding day is going to be this hard to

bear. Being dragged and being forced. Adrain is wearing white shirt inside but with his expensive suit

unbuttoned. He looks lifeless and pitiful.

“Groom, are you still conscious?” the priest asks him.

Because Adrian has a great big smell of alcohol in him, everyone can even smell him even the priest.

Sarah even covers her nose because she doesn’t like the smell of an alcohol.

“If your son is unconscious, he is not going to fulfill his vows and the wedding wouldn’t be counted, Mr.

He needs to fulfill his duties during his wedding day or else...” the priest told Adrian’s son.

Bryce took a deep breath and didn’t think twice to punch his son’s face. How come he can just punch his

own son’s face? That is what Sarah keeps on asking herself. A father hurting his own son that hard.

“Wake up, Adrian. Do not make me punch you several more times. Do not embarrass me here, Adrian.”

he added.

Adrian didn’t wake up and did not say anything. Sarah was stunned and couldn’t say anything when she

saw Bryce punches him more. She couldn’t believe he could do this to his own son. Blood coming from

Adrian’s side of his mouth and drips to his white inner shirt. He finally opened his eyes and got rid of the

two men holding him and his eyes fell on Sarah.

“Who are you?” Adrian asked.