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Dark Vader The Galaxy

Dark Vader The Galaxy



General Romance

Aquamarina is the daughter of the king and queen of Midnight the king and queen arranged marriage for quamarina to marry prince Zack of Galaxy Pavilion after marriage they both didn't get along he would always scold her for doing wrong and make her work like a servant. What will happen nexted for both

  I ran down the stairs of the palace as my maid luna followed behind me with her sword in her hand. I ran to my families throne room when I got there the two guards guarding the door stoped me from entering. I looked at there swords that crossed I walked up closer to the door and started to pound on it. "Mother father please let me in!!!" I yeld trying my best to get them to replie. But they didn't now matter how much I pounded and yeld they still never listened. Luna walked up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder "her highness please let us go back to the room". I turned around to face her I shook my head and placed my hand on her's. And slapped it away I turned back around and started to yell and pound again luna had no choice but to drag me away from the door. As she dragged me away I reach my hands out for the door and I kepted yelling. She dragged me to my room and pushed me inside "I'm sorry her highness but it is for your own good" she said closing the door. I sit up from the bed and looked at the door I knew there were guards guarding the door so I couldn't run away. I droped to the floor and started crying "mother father how good you sell me to a prince that I don't even know". I wiped my tears away and looked at the letter that was on my dresser. I get up from the floor and slowly walked towards the dresser I looked at the letter and slowly reached my hand out to pick it up. I carefully opened the envelope and took out the letter from inside I carefully read what it said. "Dear princess Aquamarina please join the royal family at the royal ball tonight". The royal ball what royal ball it must be the royal ball for the galaxy palace. I put the paper down grabed my cloak and wrapped it around me I put my hood up and grabbed a bag as well. I through all my expensive jewelry inside and closed the bag. I through it around me ran to my window and unlocked it I lifted it up and looked down. It was a pretty long jumped but if I want to escape it is my only way. I climbed up on the edge and sat there and then I jumped I landed on my feet and l looked around for any guards there seemed to be none so I ran. As I was making my way to the palace gates I over heard my parents talking. "Honey you can't keep Aqua looked up in her room forever please just let her out". My father looked at my mother in disgusted "she is the princess of Midnight and she acts this disobedient. She has to be punished for her actions no further questions". He got up and left mother followed and guards followed behind them. After they were gone I came out of my hiding spot and looked at the castle I turned back around and made a run for it I opened the gates as both guards weren't there. I closed the gates and turned both ways to look for a horse I turned to my left and saw my horse destiny. I untied her rope and jumped on her back I grabbed hold of the handle "heya" I said as I lifted up the handle and lashed it back down. We rode through the city to make sure no one recognized me I looked down. "Stop". Destiny stoped and I jumped off of her back I took out an apple from my side bag and gave it to her I pated her "good girl" I said still patting her. I turn around and guards were scattered everywhere my tierra was still on so I pulled my hood up more to hid it. That was fast they found me already they were midnight guards from the castle. They were looking for me but they couldn't find me then the general came over to me and took off my hood. I turned my face and he kneeled down "princess Aquamarina" he said shifting his head to the others to make them kneel as well. I turned to look at them kneeling before me I touched my purple and black tierra with starry gems on it. The towns people kneeled down before me "all hale princess Aquamarina". "What are you doing here and who sented you" I said sarcastically. He looked up as I gave him the permission to stand "the king and queen sent to look for you they had thought you ran away from your own engagement party". I scoffed "they think that I would ran from a prince that can't even defend his country". "Please her highness come back to the palace with us". And without thinking I reached for his dagger grabbed it and swisted it around in between my hand. "Yeah I don't think so I heard there was going to be a royal ball and I don't think I can make it". I tried to grab his dagger but I kepted tossing it in the air so he couldn't reach it and he couldn't take it. "Please we beg of you her highness" the general said getting back down on his knees. I watched as his pitiful self knelt before me "you really are weak I'm not sure how you became general anyway". "Princess Aquamarina how dare you" my father said as he scold me and pointed at me with his index finger.