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A Phone Call Changed My Life

A Phone Call Changed My Life

Author:Dular Tufail


General Romance

This novel is a captain's narrative. The captain works in Pakistan Armed Force. He is the hero of the story and confronts a ghost. The ghost is a Psychopath. The captain saved his beloved wife from the ghost. How the hero saved his love from the ghost? What ghost wants from the hero?? How he met his love and got married?? How do the ghost teased and tortured him and his wife? To get the answer of these questions, Read the novel. The novel highlighted some bitter realities of our society. It contains some significant messages for the readers. It also has the element of entertainment for the reader.

I Am Captain Arham Sikander. I work in Pakistan Armed Force. I am 28 years old. I was resided in Lahore with my parents before joining the Pakistan Army. As an army officer, I have to go to different places, sometimes for a mission or sometimes to perform some other duties. Therefore, the department allocates us some houses or quarters to live. My parents preferred to live at their own place in Lahore.

One day, my department transferred me from Karachi to Rawalpindi to perform military tasks. The department allocated a house to me. As usually, I had to live alone in my new haunted home. It’s a double story house with all basic facilities. A garage, a lawn, two bedrooms with attach-baths

one on ground floor and the other on the first floor

, a drawing room, a little bit furnished kitchen and a servant quarter for the cook were the integral parts of this house. There was a terrace on the second floor of the house.

Initially, the cook lived with me but after a few days he took a leave. He moved to his home due to some emergency. I left alone. I was not afraid of living alone in that old scary building because I was a brave military man.

I went to my bedroom, took out my clothes from the wardrobe and entered the bathroom. I liked to sing in the shower sometimes, when I finished singing and was wearing my bathrobe, I read on the fogged-up mirror “YOUR VOICE IS LOVELY”.

“I didn’t write it, then who can?” I thought. I immediately searched in the whole bathroom but there was no one except me. I again looked at the fogged- up mirror and nothing was written on it.

“It must be my imagination”, I muttered. After taking bath, I came to the bed to wear my clothes but the clothes were altered.

“Who altered my clothes?” I thought. “Definitely, no one has changed it because I’m living alone”, I calm myself. “May be I took out this one from the wardrobe and now I forgot”, I grumbled.

After wearing my clothes, I went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. There were a lot of dishes prepared by the cook before going off. I brought out a bowl of biryani and heated it in the microwave own.

I took out the plate from the oven and moved to my bedroom. While eating the food, I saw a grinning face staring at me from the darkness beyond my bedroom window. I again didn’t believe in it and considered it my imagination. I continued to eat my remaining meal.

After dinner, I switched off the lights. I came to the bed and laid down. Then, I switched off the lamp with my hand but another hand was already there. I got frightened, really frightened this time. I closed my eyes with fear. When I opened my eyes, that hand was not there. I was confused about what should I do now? Anyhow, I tried to sleep.

Next morning, I was sleeping comfortably, I heard my name being whispered near my ears. I gradually opened my eyes, I felt a cold body finger cares my face. I immediately woke up and saw around me there was no one except me. I rubbed my eyes and again searched in my room but again I found no one else.

Suddenly, I saw a black chiffon frock at my bed. As, I moved forward to hold that frock, it disappeared in front of my eyes. I ran out of the room in fear. I remembered that last night I had seen someone beyond the bedroom window. I went there and searched out for some clues. I found foot prints.

“It means, someone had entered my house last night and he tried to affright me”, I muttered.

I searched that person in the whole house but could not find him. Suddenly, my cell phone ranged. It was a call from the office. The officer ordered me to meet him in his office within thirty minutes. I had to leave.

At duty, I completely forgot about that person. I came home in the evening. I entered the house and check out every corner of the building. I was alone at home. Eventually, I entered my bedroom and looked at everywhere. I gazed at the sentence; “I MISSED YOU”, was written on the dressing mirror. I touched these words, I felt that was written with red lipstick but I had no lipstick at my home. No red, no pink, no lipstick.

Arham! Pick up the call


, my phone ranged.

“Asalaam-o-Alaikum! Mom, how are you?” I began to talk to my mother and forgot about it. While talking to her, I laid down on the bed and covered myself with the blanket. “We’re desperately waiting for you my child. Please come home on leave”, my mother said affectionately. “Yeah sure, mom”, I replied politely.

“Tell me, when I’ll be able to see my only child?” My mother asked in curiosity.

“After two days, I’ll be there, mom”, I merrily replied.

“Literally????” She got surprised by my answer.

“Yes mom! Yes”, I cheerfully replied. “I’m so glad to know that my son, an apple of my eye, is coming back home. I’ve seen a girl for you, she’s very beautiful, highly qualified and belongs to a rich family. When you’ll come home, we’ll go to her ho ”. “No need of it, mom. Thank you so much for calling me but I’m very tired now, I want to take some rest. Let’s meet after two days. Allah Hafiz”, I said and ended the call.


To be continued …….