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An Orphan for A Wife

An Orphan for A Wife



General Romance

"Euward, please! Stop this shit! Im your father's wife, now," Meghan said while her knees were trembling, symbolizing that she's scared if Lucas saw them. "I love you! No matter what and I don't care!" Euward shouted and continued begging Meghan. "Euward please! Stop this. We need to cut all of this shit! Lucas' gonna kill us!" Meghan said, trying to remove Euward's hand in her arm. "How about me? Hale please, don't do this." "Forget me. Forget everything about us. Please..." She was still trying to remove Euward's hand on her arm while she looked around the surrounding but Euward is so persistent. He hugged Meghan forcefully and tightly on his arm even if Meghan pushes him away. When he got closer, he forced a kiss on her that made Meghan stopped pushing him. "This is not good," Meghan was so scared that her knees started to tremble when she heard Lucas's voice. "L-Lucas—" Lucas cut her off and hit Euward face. He almost crippled his son. Meghan stopped him which made Lucas glanced at her. "L-lucas, I didn't intentionally —". Lucas slaps her in the face, the reason why she fell on the sofa. "L-Lucas, l-let me explain," Meghan said while stuttering "Please, don't do it, Lucas. He is your son! I'm begging you," Meghan said and stood up. She didn't even felt the slightest pain when Lucas slapped hee but she was worried for Euward. "Meghan's mine! Do you understand?!" Lucas shouted. "L-Lucas--" She was cut by him and dragged her out of their room. Lucas tied her hands on the headboard of the bed. "L-Lucas, what is this?" she asked while trying to escape. "You're mine!" Lucas shouted angrily and kissed her torridly down to her breast.


  Im awake when I realized that Im in my room. As I remember, I overtook of drowse in Gov's office last night. Im busy for preparing my document that I need to pass as soon as posible. My graduation day is near, and my birth certificate are still complicated.

  I stood up and go to the bathroom. I washed my face of a clean of water together with my skin care. After I made my morning routine, I go outside when I saw Governor Lucas standing on the door.

  "G-Gov..." I said while my head is lookdown on the ground.

  "You was slept on my office last night, that's why you're here," he said while carrying the tray of foods.

  "Sorry, Gov," I replied. I shy, he taking me in my room.

  "Just eat your breakfast, okay?" He smiled as he response.

  "Yeah, sure. Thank you, Gov," I smiled as I replied too.

  "I'll go ahead, baby girl," he kissed my forehead and started to walk.

  He is my adoptive father. He adopted me when I was fifteen years old. And now, I'm turning to twenty-two. I practiced to call him 'Gov'. I don't want to assume that Im her biological daughter even though he never treat me like other.

  He is the governor in this area. Residents loves him that's why he never lose on his position.

  I eat the food that gov's served to me. After that, I wear a simple fitted dress. I gonna submit my documents to dean.

  "Madame, the car is ready," My driver greet me with a smile on his lips

  Since Gov have a lot of cars, he gave it to me as my service. I entered on my car. And after a few hours, we almost here. This school owns by Mr. Andres, the close friend of Givernor Lucas.

  I never suffered bullying here. Governor already told to them that Im her daughter. Only one man that never treat me in a good condition. The son of the owner of this school.

  "Meg! Here!"

  I go to Sapphire's area.

  "Meh look! He is here! Gian Andres!" Sapphire's screeching. I looked back and I saw him.

  "Oh? Why are you gawked to him?" Sapphire said while smirking.

  "Shut up, Angel!" I rolled my eyes to her and I stared on Gian.

  "Yuck! Stop it! MEGHAN HALE CREDO!" She emphasized the word Credo. I gave her a death glare as I replied.

  "LEWIS. NOT CREDO," I said seriously.

  "Okay, Okay! MEGHAN HALE LEWIS!"

  I look back on Gian's position, but I saw him talking that stupid girl!

  "Oh, he is with Francine. So sad," Sapphire annoyed me.

  My fist is going to close when I saw them, especially how Francine's smiled to him.

  "Do you stop or you stop?" I feel annoyed to her presence. She smiled as she replied on my question. She did'nt scared to me.

  She is a niece of Governor, that' s why she always be irritated to me.

  I entered on Dean office. After I submit my documents, we continous to go in Cafeteria.

  The successful smile that draw on my lips when I saw Francine walking toward us. She carrying a tray with glass that full of juice and some plates.

  I intentionally disrupted her. The reason why the tray was fallen on the floor and the juice corked on her dress.

  "Oppp, sarreh," I said with my sweetest smile.

  She put down on the table before she face me.

  Uh, so she want to fight with me?

  "What's your problem, Meghan?" she asked.

  I smile to her before I speak.

  "Seriously? Till now you don't know why? Stupid," I said and laughing as a fake one.

  "Because of him? That's not my fault if he still approaching me, Meghan,"

  "Then stay away from him. You're such as slut!" I said.

  "I already did, Meghan. I avoid him but he still wants me —"

  "Stop acting that you're beautiful, Francine. Because you are still a stupident here. I warn you. STAY. AWAY. FROM. HIM," I said and rolled my eyes.

  "What is happening here?" Gian asked me.

  "Francine? What happened?" he worried asked to Francine. My blood started to boil.

  "Why your uniform is so mess?" he stared at me.

  "Ah Gian, I sprained on the corners of that table, that's why—"

  "I'll check the CCTV. For now, go to dean's office," he said.

  "WHAT?! But Gian, she already said that she was sprained on the corners," I defensed myself to Gian.

  It's so annoying! I feel Im going to burn right now! He stared at me once before he go outside the cafeteria

  "What's your next plan? For sure, Gian do his best to know everything. He will know that you intentionally hit her," Sapphire's worried to me.

  "Stupid Francine! Argh! You'll pay for this! We're not done yet!"

  I quickly wen to the dean's office while waiting for Gian. Francine's friend who looks like maid is also here. Dean entered with Gian.

  “Hi, Dean,” I greeted him. He is a friend of Gov.

  “Oh Hija,” he greeted me with a smile.

  Gian quietly followed behind. While Francine just stared at Dean.

  “Ms. Lewis, we need to talk to Governor Lewis. And Ms. Credo, you can change your clothe now. Here. Just wear it temporary,” Gian said while holding a paper bag to Francine.

  “WHAT ?! What do you mean, Gian?” I asked him.

  “We already checked the CCTV. And we saw that is your fault,” he added.

  “But Gian, you know Gov can't come here because he's busy.”

  “Then we can hold your graduation march.”

  “Are you serious ?! You can't do that!” I said.

  “Ah Ms. Credo? You may leave now,” Dean said. The four of us were left here.

  “Gian, you can't do this to the daughter of the governor," Dean defending me. He is really my ally, he is just afraid of Gov.

  “But Dean that is her fault.”

  “Hija, you have tk leave. I'll talk to Gian okay?” he said to me. I just smiled. He voted for me for his son.

  “Thank you, Dean,” I said while smiling and looked at Gian. He was just looking at me.

  "You're really different, Meg. Even Dean seems to have gotten inside ah?" Said Sap.

  "Well, it should be. I'm his soon-to-be daughter-in-law," I said and smiled.

  "Well, what do you plan to do for your ex-sister?" he asked.

  "Stop saying that! She is not my sister. I'm a Lewis not a Credo," I said and continued walking.

  "So you're going to let Gian don fall forever on that bitch?" he asked.

  "Of course not! She ruined my life then, will she ruin it now? Im not the old Anya Credo. I'm MEGHAN HALE LEWIS now."

  Yes, she is my ex-sister. I was Anya Credo. She slandered me to dad and mom so they kicked me out. They didn't even explain to me. Because their favorite child is Francine. I used to stay with my relatives in case I was embarrassed, so I just slept on the street. I even worked as an assistant to Gov that time, so I stopped studying. But he studied and took care of me. He said he would just adopt me. That is why I'm here now. I also changed my birth certificate. All my details were changed. Bettina became my adoptive mother which is ex of Gov.

  "Meg, someone is looking for you." I looked at Sapphire. He is letting a man in.

  "Hi, Meghan my loves," he said and smiled at me.

  Jobert. The varsity player captain. His family is also a rich friend of Gov.

  “For you,” he said and reached for the flower.

  “I hate flowers,” I refused.

  “Meg too!”

  “What? I hate flowers you know that,” I told to her while looking at the flowers that Jobert was carrying.

  “Ah is that so? For you, Sapphire. Next time ill changed it," he said with a smile.

  I always rejected him. I told him that I wanted Gian and no one else. But here he is, never stop flirting with me.