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Damsel In Disguise

Damsel In Disguise



General Romance

Once a distress, now got disguise. An almost perfect family of Tanase was ruined. It came out brutal and unjustifiable for the only daughter, Kwynn. She had wits, looks and close to perfection, not until she find it horrible to be left alone. So she must do something all by herself, independent and brave as she found a family whom she treat as a father. Nonetheless, she became cruel and could slit a neck within a minute. Until, she was awoken and she find something that change her perspective in life. It was her knight, whom she thought would save her from the dragon's claw and blazing fire, guarding her eerie tower. Whom she thought would save her from drowning in her reverie. Little did she know, her knight was watching from afar, trusting and believing what she is capable for. PG-Rated Story Contains many vulgar and cussing words which is appropriate for young readers. @PixiesFaerie

Dear Pixies, non-Pixies or a reader, Please do bear in our minds that this fiction story is originally made by the author itself, PixiesFaerie. Not a plagiarized one, do respect that any similarities from this story do not reflect to the stories of other, in short a pure coincidental. Do respect not just the story but also the author. If ever you find my story vulgar, full of violence and beyond average of one's liking. Feel free to exit my story and find something to read that fits on your liking without discriminating and disrespecting the author by its work. Again, stories are author's way of expressing one's feeling, thoughts, and imagination. Please do spread respect and positivity specially today's pandemic, amidst all, Happy Reading! d*.*bv Loving, PixiesFaerie. MUST READ!!!

INTRODUCTION: Milovan is a place in Asia that is hidden and no one discovered about its existence, even the smartest and adventurous man on Earth can't ascertain, except to the people who lives in Milovan. Milovan is divided into three territories; the 'Territorium ab Rihhi Populus' , the 'Territorium ab Parere Populus' and the 'Middel Territorium'. 'Territorium ab Rihhi Populus' or also known as territory of rich people, it consists of rich people with so much wealth and power. In this territory, you are not allowed to build a small house, it should be a big house or a mansion. It is also forbidden to have a two or more children in the family, one child per family is one of the strict rules and should be obeyed. Strict rule but an efficient rule to maintain the population in their territory. This territory also build a school, of course for elites only, the "Zaha Academia". While the 'Territorium ab Parere Populus' or territory of poor people, is the total opposite of rich people. Their streets are full of mud and dirt, the stinky smell of trash in the sideways, the shouting voices in each houses, and the overpopulation. There are no buildings or even cemented area, no big houses nor mansions, just an enough shelter for poor people to live. They sustain their family by working in the 'Gubernare of Milovan', they plant, harvest and sell it to the Gubernare, while the Gubernare sell it to the rich people and middle people. Speaking of middle people in 'Middel Territorium', they're not rich nor poor which is why, middle. They're not as fancy as the Rihhi


and not as unsophisticated as the Parere


, they are just the normal and typical people. Some houses are cemented, some are big, some are small and the streets are tidy. These three territories can't be unite not just because they have different class and perspective in living but also because of the towering boundaries that separates each territories. No one even dared to climb those towering boundaries, except the Gubernare who use helicopters or air transportations, not even a Rihhi, a Parere and a Middel dared. They're like cavemen but can't find a way to get out in the cave, a birds that can fly but wouldn't dare to fly because of the consequences they will pass by.

PROLOGUS — Prologue A grievance can make a person do be things that even oneself can't imagine. Longing can make a person deceiving.

------- Behind the violent and the ruthless semblance, there is a love for the family on the young boys heart which is currently holding a gun with a drops of blood covering his body and face. And his shoes was bathing with it. It was the blood of the family he killed with his beloved father's wish and command – he just can't say no to him because he love him. "Son, every drops of blood is happiness. Remember that, understood?" said his father, who did nothing but train him how to kill for pleasure and conditions. But despite how hard he train how to kill lives, his conscience won't be in silence because he knew what he's doing was wrong. But still, he didn't dared to tell his father how he felt. Every person he killed, the heavier his conscience weigh. Every blood sprouting before his eyes, the more he is drown into violence. It won't let him be and leave him. And in that afternoon, with the presence of his best friend. He told a favor because of his guilt and conscience, he just couldn't take it anymore. So he said, "Please... Kill me. I can't take this anymore..."

To be continued...