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Loving Brother-In-Law

Loving Brother-In-Law



General Romance

Loving my brother-in-law is something a country girl would never dream of. A love grown from pity for treating Rere to her husband. A love that puts her life in danger because of her sister's hatred and vengeance. The kidnapping Rere planned on her wedding night nearly cost her chastity and virginity.

A young girl in her plain clothes and backpack stood in the crowd of the city terminal. Her eyes were pointing in every direction as if they were waiting for someone. Beautiful eyeballs circulate like beautiful pigeon eyes. Her feet were pushed to the ground and his head bowed to her own steps. The tips of the shoes were the center of her attention. A black car pulled up right in front of him. Windshield was opened and a man looked at her with his head slightly out of the glass ceiling.

"Are you Laras?" the man asked. Laras looked at the man with hesitation. Her eyes focused on looking at his handsome face.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I am Bram. Rere told me to come get you."

Laras is still uncertain about the man's speech.

"But Rere didn't tell me to send someone else to pick me up. She said she would come and get me himself," the girl blurted out.

"She's at the photo shoot. How? Will you come with me or will you wait for him to come pick you up? Maybe next month he'll come to pick you up," he said annoyed.

"Wait! I'll call him on my cell phone."

"There is no time. If you want to come now go in, but if you don't, I'll leave you."

Laras looks at the guy one more time, it looks like the guy didn't lie. Laras got into the car behind the driver in doubt.

"You think I'm your driver? Move to the front!"

The man was furious.

Hesitantly, Laras finally did his bidding. The girl keeps her distance and alert.

"A brother and a sister are the same," he recalls bitterly.

"I'm sorry," she blurted at the man's words.

Along the way Laras just froze and ducked. Every once in a while she looked down the road straight ahead. She was also looking at the man next to his. The man stayed focused on the wheel. He didn't give a shit about the Laras stare.

Today Bram was upset that Rere forced him to pick up hers sister Laras and said that she would stay with them. Rere never discussed it with his first. Even Bram was not given the opportunity to say no or agree to his decision. Bram entered the practically luxurious and massive yard and stopped his car right in front of the porch door.

"Go down! Here we are."

"Is this my sister's house?" Laras opened wide eyes to observe the mansion.


Laras acquires to a Bram and goes down in his step.

"Brother, is this Rere bhai's house?" asked Laras again. She marveled at the grandeur of the house. Her eyes looked at every corner of the house. Again she was amazed.

"This is my house," the man answered as he walked in.

"Didn't you say you were going to take me to Rere's? Why are we going to your house?" Bram halted his steps and turned to face the village girl.

"Is this my house with a Rere?"

"You mean? You live in the same house?" Her eyes were wide open.

"Yes. Why?"

"But isn't Rere's sister unmarried? Why stay in the same house with a man?"

"She and I are married, but secretly."

"Why is that? How come Rere never told us?" she blurted out sad and disappointed.

"Like I know. Just ask your sister!"

"Or brother Bram is lying."

"You think I'm a fraud?! Give it! I'm not arguing with you. Your room is over there." Bram shows me one room in the corner.

That room is the guest room. To Bram, Laras is a guest. Bram left the standing Laras thinking about what he had to say about Rere's relationship with him. Indeed, their relationship is a difficult one.

"I'm sure the man must be lying. How could Rere do that without mother and father's consent," she said. Laras walks to the room indicated by Bram. She opened the door and went in. Laras looked through the room. Her eyes came back amazed at what she had seen.

"Wow! It's a big room."

Laras goes to the glass window in one of the rooms. Her eyes looked out, and there was a beautiful, beautiful garden.

"It was wonderful. How fortunate for Rere to have such a home." The girl walked around the room and sat in a king-sized bed.

"The bed is so soft," her hand hits the surface.

Laras lays her body down pleased and feeling very comfortable. She rolls around to enjoy the bed. She's like a child playing. The one who had been watching from behind the slightly opened door was amazed and strangely at her behavior.

"Country girl! Too corny," she said quietly.

Laras doesn't know. She smiled happily hugging her butt. After a while the girl slumped comfortably in the big bed. At night the Laras wakes up. The room was dark. She groped around looking for a switch to turn on a light.


"Ouch." Laras grinned as it kicked the table leg.

"Damn! What's the switch," she said annoyed. The old gun looked, but didn't find it.

"Brother! Brother Bram!" call the Laras with the Shouting.

The door was open, and you were surprised to see it was pitch black.

"Brother Bram, help me. I don't know where the light switch is," the girl said innocently. Bram runs and lights on. The room lit up. Plain face smiling happy.

"Anyway why the hell are you in the dark like this?"

"I just woke up, Brother, and it got dark. I don't know where the switch is," she said, clutching her aching toe. Bram looked at the girl's feet.

"What's wrong with your leg?"

"My foot kicked the table accidentally. Sick," she says like a child.

Laras is an eighteen year old girl. Her face was pretty natural and innocent. The girl looks very sweet. Interesting country girl. she went to town because his stepfather asked him to go to the city to study and live with her older sister Rere. The big gun accepted his father's request. It's not about college in town, it's about living with her half sister.

Laras knew all this time that Rere had never been nice to him, even Rere had often hurt him with harsh talk. Her half sister hated him and her stump, Rere always blamed them on the reason that Laras had taken her father away from him.

Actually the Laras never does that. Though Rere often harms him, the Laras still loves him.

"So get up in the morning." Bram walks out of the room leaving the Laras.

"What a ferocious sister-in-law! Why would Rere marry such a man? Sucks!"

Laras walks to the bathroom with a busted leg. She's gonna take a shower 'cause she's all sticky. When she finished his bath and cleaned up, the Laras went out of the room because of her stomach growling. She was hungry.

"Huh, I'm so hungry for my stomach," she called down on the stomach.

Laras goes to the kitchen. She saw that the empty dining table had not a single meal.

"Well, what did I eat?" she said listless.

"If you want to eat, cook for yourself. Domestic assistants on leave so there's no food." Bram suddenly came and stood behind him.

Pouty Laras face. She walked in and opened the refrigerator. She saw a lot of groceries. Her eyes were perfectly open and happy.

"I make veggie Fried rice, it's delicious."

The girl's got vegetables and eggs. Her hands were skilled with knives and other cooking utensils. Laras are smart when it comes to cooking. Anyway, she always helps the crop cook every day.