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My Crazy Normal

My Crazy Normal

Author:Tatum Whispers


General Romance

Jackson D’Angelo, the most feared Mafia Boss in the state, he is ruthless and a man you do not wish to get on your wrong side. He is devoted to his Mafia Family and take pride in the things he sets out to do. He might seem to be your typical playboy, but the one thing he craves will be the thing that catches him by surprise. In enters Kayley, a girl that finds herself on the wrong side of town. Her path crosses with Jackson one night while she is at his nightclub. He finds her dancing on his bar counter. The moment he helps her step off, he claims her as his. She is wild and free and brings out the soft side of Jackson. But there shall be betrayal and deceit placed in the way that will threaten to keep them apart. Can they overcome these obstacles? Shall Kayley ultimately become Jackson’s Mafia Queen? Will she tame him or will he tame her instead?

Dear Reader

Thank you for reading the first chapter of the book called, My Crazy Normal.

My Crazy Normal was originally written as an Interactive Story Game. I am in the process of adapting it into a novel form.

The original version contains a great deal of dialogue to fit the platform for which it was intended.

Though you can enjoy the story in its interactive format too as currently published.

eg when Kayley speaks, the format will be as this: Kayley ~ “Mike, what an awesome surprise. Where have you been?”

Full adaptation will be dependent on the popularity of the old Interactive Story.

Let me know what you think, of My Crazy Normal.

Happy reading, Tatum Whispers


I have never been a normal person; I have never done things the normal way, I have never lived by any of the normal rules or even met people the normal way.

My normal is crazy, and I only live by my crazy rules.

My name is Kaylee. This is my story, the story of my crazy normal world.

I am late; I am always late; I think I like the rush of being late. I am speeding like a crazy person to get to my appointment. I also like the thrill of driving too fast; I think I like everything that is a rush, everything that is too fast. I like anything that pumps the adrenaline into my veins. It is nearly as close as a mindblowing orgasm.

My therapist tells me that I have an addictive personality, and I think he just might be right.

I get to the sunbed with only seconds to spare; I have always been serious in keeping my body tanned. In fact, my hair should always be the perfect color with a slight tint of highlights, have a perfect french manicure, and a well kept Brazilian wax. I have a tight well-shaped ass, decent size perky tits, and by far f*cking awesome abs. One can say I am vain; others call me a sl*t even sometimes a whore. I say if you got it, then flaunt it.

As I strip down to only my g-string, my phone beeps, it's Mike; I have not heard from him in months. He has always had a crush on me and has persistently tried to get into my pants.

“Mike, what an awesome surprise. Where have you been?”

“You know, between whores, the bat has become suspicious.”

“Are you still married to that b*tch?”

“Disgustingly, yes. You still into that stripping gig?”

“On and off. It pays the bills.”

“You still running that tattoo parlor?”

“Yes. Do you feel like having a good party tonight?”

“Fuck yes, I am always up for a good party.”

“Rob just bought into this club. What do you say?”

“I have not seen him in years; send me the address.”

Mike and Rob are old friends; I first met them when I just started stripping and had to do table dance for them; we used to be inseparable, but then Mike got married to that bat, and Rob had to take over the family business, not the kind of business that you operate in the open, he is one of the biggest mafia bosses in the city.

An hour later, I pull into the parking lot of Mavericks. Mike meets me outside.

“Kay, it is great to see you.”

“It is awesome to see your crazy ass too. This place is amazing; where is he?”

“He does not know you are coming; stand behind his skinny ass, so he does not see you.”

Walking up to the bar, I can see Rob standing there with his back towards us; when did he get so fucking hot.

Rob turns to Mike and gives him a very displeased face. “You finally made it, were you too busy fucking one of your whores again?”

“You are a damn asshole.”

“And you are a prick.”

“I brought someone with.”

“You are not going to fuck in my bathrooms.”

“I will if I want to, but this one will not even do it if I paid her to.”

“At least one woman with brains.”

“I'd be careful; she would beat the shit out of you

“No girl is fast enough to even try and punch me.”

“Just turn your stupid ass around and take a look at her.”

As he turns around, I can see his crazy ass tattoos and perfect six-pack

“Dammit, Kay, it is great to see you.”

“Glad to see you still as crazy as ever.”

“You look amazing.”

“And when did you get so hot?”

Then I see the bimbo next to him, sticking like shit, “Who is the bimbo?”

“This is Anelle.”

I politely shake her hank, but god, I do not where it has been, so I rip it away as soon as I can.

“I have heard of you, Kayley.”

“Well, I have not heard from you. I am allergic to bimbos.”

Rob gasps as the word escapes my lips, “Kay!”

Mike pulls me back to come to stand next to him before things get nasty. “Kay, let us rather get a drink; what can I get you, girl?”

“Tequila, please.”

Then he gets straight to the point as he has done so many times, we have stopped counting, “So do you have a boyfriend?”



“Fuck no.”

“Not even a casual relationship?

Rob jumps in before the interrogation goes any further, “Stop trying, prick, the has never been interested; I am sure she has not changed her mind.”

“And you, Rob?” I ask as he shuts Mike off completely.

“The best I can do in my business is bimbos.”

Anelle, in a huff, looks irritated at Rob, “You know I am here.”

“Keep quiet, Anelle.”

We ignore the rest of Anelle’s tantrum and carry on with our conversation. “And how is your business, Rob?”

“Doing very well. I have a partner now; he will be here later.”

“Oh, really? Is he as hot as you?”

“If I were a woman, I would fuck him.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“Stay away from him, Kay; he is bad news. He is not the type of man you should get involved with.”

I hope the two of them know that now I am even more interested in meeting him.

Once we have gotten all the catching out the way, I go and sit next to Anelle. “Can you detach yourself from Rob's arm and come drink and dance with me.”

After a few rounds of tequilas, Anelle and I end up on the bar counter dancing. Then I see him, walking in is one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen; he has a perfect chiseled jaw, his muscled chest is screaming to pop out his shirt. You can see each of his tight muscles flowing into the next. He has a perfect head of messy hair; he is fucking hot.

He walks straight up to the bar and looks at me.

“What the fuck is going on here? When did my club turn in a strip joint?”

He says this with a smile on his face when he reaches out for my hand.

“Come, baby girl; you don't belong up there.”

My mouth goes dry, and my stupid legs don't want to work. This man is hotter than fuck.