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Love You Mr. Officer

Love You Mr. Officer




let's see how these people of different personalities adjust when they are placed together. Will their simple meet in college take form of love or hate?,how the people with totally opposite nature fell in love with each other?. Raghav comes to Maanvi's college for a security inspection and Manvi was appointed as his assistant. Will both of them ever be able to fall for each other ? how will their love affair begin? ..Keep reading to know "love you Mr. Officer".

:: Introduction ::

it's a hurt touching love story of a Rude police officer and a cute bubbly collage girl . Where a rude police officer during an inspection in a college fell in love with a girl who seemed to be from a completely different world ; Not because of her beauty but because of her childish antics. On seeing each other, hearts of both of them were surrounded by some strange feelings, which were new feelings for both of them. Despite not having faith in love, both of them fell in love with each other and how it will be known only after reading the story.

So first of all meet the main characters of this story .

Character Aesthetics::

Manvi Sharma - A simple kind hearted girl . She is 5.5 feet tall midium sized girl , with round face , button shaped nose , honey brown eyes , Hazel grey coloured hairs and heart shaped lips. Maanvi has always been in love with her career and dreams of becoming a doctor. For her, the love of a girl and a boy is just a thing that happens in films. Our Manvi is like children by nature. Stubborn kind of girl who takes her breath only after getting what she likes. The only and dearest princess to your mom and dad. Presently she is in her last year in college. Living happily in her own thoughts, Manvi does not know that love is going to knock in her life too.

Raghav Thakur- Raghav is a promising and loyal police officer.Who is about  28 years old with 6.8 feet tall height , Triangular face with sharp jaw line , narrow sharp nose, sugar grey eyes, 6 o' clock perfect beard, thin lips , midium brown hair, strong muscular body with perfect bulges and biceps which made him a too good looking personality.Whose life is absolutely boring like a black and white film. Anger is always visible on his nose. Bad luck of goons and criminals. Absolutely negative in the matter of love. He respects girls, but till date no one has come who can melt his stone heart. Don't know how Manvi did this difficult task? How did Raghav Thakur fall in love?

Jaya Sharma - jaya Sharma Maanvi's mom is a house wife. Very nice woman by nature and loves Maanvi very much but unfortunately suffering from high blood pressure . In comparison with the rest of the mother, the motherwho cares a little more. Who calls Maanvi 10 times a day and asks if she is okay? Where is it? Jaya Ji Maanvi's Mother India who is very much obsessed with her.

Vijay Sharma: Vijay Sharma is Manvi's father who loves her very much. The best father who fulfills every wish of Manvi. Manvi also loves him very much. Quite a calm man. That's why her mom runs more at Manvi's house. Maanvi's mother's number is saved in her father's phone by the Home Minister. Vijay ji does a government job.

Priya - Priya who is Manvi's best friend. Priya and Maanvi have been together since Bachchan. Maanvi treats Priya like a real sister. The friendship of both is as deep as the sea. Priya stays with Maanvi in ​​every good and bad time. Overall fits perfectly into the character of a good and true friend. Maanvi and Priya know each other's secrets and both are adept at covering up each other's mistakes.



Manvi, a college girl, was a soft hearted and caring girl, this was the last year of Maanvi's college Manvi had a dream of becoming a doctor since childhood, to fulfill which she was trying and working hard with all her heart, she was a girl with soft at heart and a little crazy by nature and acquitted from childhood, Maanvi was going to be called the life of her college and class.

Whose life was now going to be a knock of love.

"Maanvi, Maanvi, haven't you woken up yet?". Maanvi's mother said aloud while cooking in the kitchen.

"Yes, mom, I am awake," Maanvi replies to her mother from the room.

She quickly opens her almirah and comes out with clothes to wear.

"Ah..., I don't want to be late today, why don't I open my eyes early?", Maanvi says to herself and rushes to the bathroom.

"Where is my brush?", Manvi asks herself while looking for the brush.

"Here it is," said Manvi.

Maanvi, after taking a quick bath, wiping her hair with a towel, wipes her feet on the door mat outside the bathroom, comes forward in the room.

Maanvi puts her towel at the door and starts searching for something on the side of her bag.

"Uh! Where's my assignment?.., she said with a worried face.

"If I don't submit it to Sir today, he will definitely deduct the marks for my assignment", says Manvi with a worried face.

"Yeah, I have finally got it", Maanvi said to herself with a smile.

She was putting all her belongings in the bag, she put her assignments and some books in the bag and closed the bag.

"Maanvi come out of the room for breakfast", Maanvi's mother said to Maanvi.

"Yess, mom.. coming just a minute, I am tying my hair", Maanvi replies, combing her hair.

Maanvi's hair was still wet, due to which her clothes got wet due to water droplets falling from her hair.

"Come soon", said mother to Manvi.

"Ah, I'm not Robert," Manvi murmured .

She combed her hair and took her bag in her hand and came out into the lobby.

"Good morning daddy" says Maanvi hugging her father.

"Yes, mom, I am here, I have come out, where is my breakfast?", Maanvi said to her mother the very next moment.

"I am bringing it to you.. sit on the chair", the mother said to Maanvi.

"No mom, I don't have time for that", Manvi said.

Saying this, Maanvi takes out the toast from the toaster and starts eating quickly.

"Eat slowly dear", said the mother to Maanvi.

Manvi ate the food in no time and drank the juice from above.

"Ok...Mom bye bye I am leaving the house, she runs towards the entrance door of the house saying by e to her parents.

"Bye dear! Take care of yourself", his parents said loudly from behind.

"Ok..ok...", Maanvi replies to her parents.

Oh my god, this crazy girl, said her mother with a smile.

"Oh .. my shoes, my shoes, my shoes .. here they are finally found," said Maanvi, outside the house, looking for her shoes in the shoe rank near the door.

Maanvi puts on her shoes and runs towards the garden outside.

I don't want to be late for the conference today.

Maanvi sat on her scooty and started towards her college. Maanvi reached her college and parked her scooty in the parking lot and ran towards her class.

Everyone in her class was gathered in the hall and so she quietly entered through the door and stood in line.

"Hi.. Maanvi!", Maanvi's friend Priya said, looking at Maanvi in ​​a low voice, waving her hand.

"Hi... Priya, how are you?" Manav asked Priya.

"I'm fine, how are you?," replied Priya.

"I am fine too, Manvi replied to Priya.

How long have you been here?, Maanvi asks Priya.

"After about 15 minutes", Priya replies.

What's going on here?... What sir is talking about ?

Some police officer is coming to college from tomorrow, sir is telling about the same, replied Priya.

"Why is the officer in our college?", Manvi asked Priya.

"He is coming as security in-charge for Republic Day", replied Priya.

"Oh!... Got it," said Manvi, shaking her head.

"Manvi! Manvi! Come out here", Maanvi's principal called her.

"Yes.....Sir", Maanvi slowly moves towards her principal.

The rest go back to class and follow the rules., Principal said while looking towards rest of the students.

"Tomorrow a police officer is coming to this college as security in-charge to inspect the function in the college because after a month the minister was to come to the college on Republic Day. For the security of the minister, a police officer was coming from a month ago to arrange for the security of the college.

"Maanvi, you have been selected to become an assistant for the officer coming tomorrow..... The officer had asked us for an assistant, who would help the officer during the work", Manvi's principal told her .

"But why only me sir.. ask sir?", Maanvi asked her teacher in a low voice.

"Because the management has chosen you, and you are a very promising girl at the same time, you should not miss this opportunity. Now go and see where you will work with the officer. Cabin number - 23" , the principal said to Maanvi while hurriedly exiting the hall.

"But......wait.. I will... okay sir, Maanvi said to herself while nodding her head.

Manvi herself went to see the cabin as soon as the principal left.

"Hi! are you Manvi?", Payal

Maanvi's classmate

asked Maanvi.

"I'm okay, you tell me", replied Maanvi.

"I am fine too", replied Payal.

"Where are you going? , you must have come to take maths lecture", Payal said to Manvi.

"You go to class, I am also coming after a while, I have a little work", Manvi told Payal.

"Okay, I'm going then..see you in class", Payal told Maanvi and she moved towards the class. Manvi was also moving towards the cabin and was thinking something.

"Who is that officer?", Manvi Was thinking in her mind.

Manvi thought that the officer would be a woman, perhaps that is why she was chosen.