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The Wanderer

The Wanderer

Author:Nicolas Spencer Lim


General Romance

Tyler — a man who has been followed by chaos and a series of mishaps all his life — sets out on a journey to find his missing piece. Will he be able to find it? Wander through pages as we slowly unravel the story of The Wanderer

Tyler is the offspring of a demon and an angel. Growing up, he didn't have any problems. However, unlike any other children, Tyler didn't play with the other kids. Instead he would sneak in his father's cavern filled with tormented souls and release them. These souls would become his playmates as he grew older.

He grew fond of playing with these souls, for his parents left him unsupervised. Left on his own accord, Tyler would take his time practicing witchcraft with the tormented souls--he even learned how to summon a demon at the age of five.

However, much like any other nuisance, Tyler eventually grew tired of playing with souls. No matter what he does, he finds the need to seek for this one missing piece--something that would render him whole. As a naive child, he disregards this feeling--but as time went on, he began to feel empty. Just what could it be?

Many years had passed and he still finds himself speculating; unsure of what that missing piece could be, he figured to himself that he should set out to find it.

And so the son of Beelzebub embarked on a journey to find that "missing piece". Across the planes, up above or down below, he would seek the very thing that would make him whole.

During the times he spent with the tormented souls, he then became adept to the tactics of shapeshifting. With the ability to shift into a form of his own choosing, he chose a form unworthy of being recognized nor loved: the skeletal remains of a fallen human. He chose this form to avoid being recognized by his kin who run rampant across the world. With a fedora perched atop his head, trusty scarf and a dead facade, the world would come to know him as The Wanderer.

With his new name, came a new calling--to wreak havoc and cause chaos wherever his feet might wind. Consuming souls here and there, the man dubbed "The Wanderer" is everywhere. There's nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. Soon all creations would be undone.

One night as he was on the prowl for unwary victims, he stumbled upon a girl whose eyes were bloodshot red. To his surprise, the girl wasn't fazed nor intimidated by his presence.

"So you were this Wanderer I've been hearing about lately. Please, make it quick".

Said the girl as she closed her eyes, embracing herself from her inevitable death.

A starving python slithered out of his mouth as he prepares to consume the poor girl's soul until suddenly--the python stopped and retracted itself back to his mouth.

"What happened? Why did you spare me?" asked the girl.

"There's something about your eyes that makes me feel a little more alive." he replied.

He offered his helping hand to the girl struggling to pick herself up.

"Get up, my dear." as he helps the girl gather her belongings scattered on the ground.

"Thank you". said the girl as she's wrapped in confusion, thinking of why The Wanderer spared her life.

"When the darkness consumes the sky, meet me here again, my dear. I would love to gaze upon the moon with you beside me. Only then I would find out the answer for your question." he replied.

The girl nodded her head and agreed to meet him the following day.