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General Romance

Fredrick charles have been slammed with murder charges just after serving a jail term for his dead wife. He had lost everything when his wife died and now he's not ready to lose more, at least for his daughter's sake. He escaped from prison and encountered a lawyer Debby Rogers who is ready to risk all for him since she fell in love with him, is it possible for Fredrick to include love in his investigation journey?


  The residents of Wilson’s street troops out to the sound of sirens that filled the whole street just as the time was about to strike 12:00am, it was an unusual event as this only happened five years ago. What could have happened? Many wondered as they rush out to their lawns and front yards to see what’s going on.

  The police cars trooped in as if they are in to catch Osama Bin Laden II which only intensifies the residents’ curiosity.

  Finally they pull up in front of Fredrick’s house and minutes later, he was seen dressed in all black with a curly hair and heavy mustache accompanied with handcuffs on his hands to the car.

  “What could have happened again?” Jane asked her husband who stood there with her

  "How would I have known? We were here together since I came back from work" he answered as he heads back inside.

  "Well hope it’s not what I’m thinking because did you remember five years ago?" Jane chatted as she hops behind her husband

  "You better don’t think anything Jane!" Clark barked at her as she jumps in fear.

  "Well you don’t have to scream that loud, I used my ear drops this evening so I still can hear properly", she replied as she folds her arms across her chest.

  :You won’t sleep again?" Clark asked as he points inside and turns to move in," I might as well just lock you out so you can find what happened", he added as he approach the door.

  "Of course, I’m gonna sleep in" Jane shouted as she ran for the door. She knows what Clark could do, he will really lock the door and she will have to stay out all night if she doesn’t sprint inside like that.

  "Women are so nosy" Clark grunted as he climbs the staircase after locking the door.

  "Men are so aggressive" Jane muttered under her breathe as she follows behind.

  "He’s still not talking?" Marshal asked as he marched into the station at exactly 7:50 am.

  "Yes sir" Brian answered as he follows him closely.

  "I can’t believe I have to deal with a murder case on the morning of a new month, this is so frustrating, I guess I should increase the intensity of my prayer" Marshal said as he heads for his seat.

  "So what do we have on ground?" He asked looking Brian in the face

  "We’ve obtained all fingerprints and evidences we could find at the scene and the forensics are working on it it right as we speak but we will have to wait for at least three days for results" Brian answered with his hands behind his back as a form of respect.

  "This is killing me" Marshal sighed, "we have to find a solid evidence before 48 hours because that’s the best we can hold him for, we will have to search for a concrete evidence to get his arrest warrant, if not we will be leaving a murderer to roam the street" he added as he slams his hand on the table.

  "We will make sure to look for one" Brian replied as he salutes and leaves.

  "Hey Mrs. Anderson, good morning!" Jane shouted over the fence.

  "Oh Jane, how you doing? How was the night? Hope you are doing well?" Mrs. Anderson replied with a smile

  "I’m doing just fine" Jane replied hanging her laundries

  "My regards to Clark" Mrs. Anderson added as she marches forward

  "Did you hear the siren yesterday’s night?" Jane asked curiously, this time she has climbed the stood at the backyard in order to make her face more visible.

  "Well I wasn’t home last night" Mrs. Anderson replied as she resumes walking down the road

  "Gosh that cranky witch" Jane muttered, "I really want to know what happened" she said as she tried to come down the stood but lose her footing only to meet herself lying on her face in seconds.

  "Well you will finally calm down when you lose part of your nose", Clark commented as he passes her by.

  "That evil hag can’t even help me up" she muttered as she struggles to rise her feet, rubbing her nose to relieve the pain.

  "The popular murderer Fredrick Charles has been arrested yesterday at 11:58pm, as he was suspected for murdering the 47-year old Maggie Stephen in her home yesterday’s afternoon. The police has promised to get to the bottom of the case and make sure he stands trial for brutally murdering her with 47 stab wounds all over body, her body has been transferred to the forensic center for autopsy and more details on the case will be disclosed as soon as they are discovered", here’s the news for 9:00am by Larry Jack.

  "Woah so he was arrested for murder!" Jane blurted out with her eyes wide open as she covers her mouth immediately,

  "I said it, his eyes has always been weird and eerie, he has this dark aura around him and he never greets or talk to anyone, he always walk without making a sound and wears an overall black" she chats away as she demonstrates her every talk with a move. "Every time I see him, he’s either holding a shovel, hammer, brick, nails, iron balls or anything horrific, gosh he’s so scary, I think he will really be the murderer, don’t you think so?" She directs the question towards Clark who was busy reading a newspaper on his rock chair.

  "Will you just please shut the hell up and let the world breathe? Why are you so curious over others’ business? I can’t even hear the radio anymore because you are freaking loud!" He burst in anger as he closes his newspaper and heads inside.

  "Gosh! He has a very annoying temper, I just asked a question that required Yes or no" she said shaking her head.

  "You’ve been silent all day long, you sure you don’t wanna introduce yourself?" Jeff grunts out in a deep husky voice as he approach Fredrick who has his eyes closed and his head and back against the wall of the cell but gets no reply.

  "Oh we didn’t have the welcoming party yet, he will definitely answer by the time we swear him in don’t you think?" Jeff said as others chuckle.

  "Hey! Come initiate him" he signaled as others rushed forward like a hyena after a prey and punched him all over but to their surprise, Fredrick didn’t move an inch even though his mouth was bleeding from the beating.

  "I guess he’s a rock", Stanley said as he puts his hands in Akimbo, astonished by what had just happened. "Well “I guess he’s a top tier criminal if this couldn’t move him" Jeff remarked as he motioned for them to back down.

  "The results came back sir" Brian said as he bursts into the room with a big smile,

  "so what does it say?" Marshal asked with his eyes beaming eagerness,

  "his fingerprints came back positive!" He replied with the biggest smile.

  "Oh Yes!" Marshal shouted folding his hand into a fist and punching the air, go get his arrest warrant he added

  "Yes sir" Brian salutes and moves out.

  "Fredrick, you are a dead meat" Marshal muttered as he adjusts his tie.