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Living With A Hopeless Romantic

Living With A Hopeless Romantic



General Romance

What will you do if you caught an undeniably hot and gorgeous half-naked guy taking a bath inside your own house? Will you scream? Call the police? Or drool over his well-sculpted six-pack abs? *** Felicity wanted to be independent. And with the help of her parents, she already has her own house at the age of 21. Of course, in exchange of studying well and pursuing medicine. But who knew that the house she got is already owned by a guy named Kian? A cold, arrogant, but kinda sweet guy that will make her world turn upside down. A rollercoaster ride that would either make or break them both. And now that they share the rights and ownership of the house, fate will make a way to bring them closer to each other. But Felicity is already engaged with someone she never even met before, the son of her dad's business partner. And the news of them, living together, will tarnish the reputation of her family. Will they take the risk? Knowing that they will lose everything they have the moment they fall in love with each other.


  “789-261, is this the house?”

  I peeped through the closed metallic gate in front, a small rectangular card was attached at the wall just beside the gate. With little confusion of why this house seemed so big for a 21-year-old lady, I placed the small paper I have with me in the air to double-check if I really got the right one. 789-261. Seriously?

  I didn’t even bother pressing the doorbell and just hitched the keys off my pockets. 2 suitcase, 1 backpack and a large box is way too heavy for me, so with all the strength I have, I slowly brought them all inside.

  What the—

  My mouth literally hanged open the moment I saw how big this house is. This is a mansion! Why on earth do I need to have this 3-storey modern-style mansion when all I have is myself?!

  The exterior is painted in gray and black with subtle designs that make it a bit classy. Large windows decorated with small plants that are pleasingly placed just below them. It really is a nice place! Tiled pathway led me to the main door with rocks beside it that served as a border. On my left is a small garden filled with attractive flowers in bloom. Daisy, Delilah, chrysanthemum, roses— few of those which I knew very well.

  But wait up—

  The seller once told me that it’s been a few months already that the owner left this place. But with the way it is, I really don't think so. Or did they hire a cleaner? Hmmm.

  I just shrugged it off and proceeded. It took me few more steps to be at the main door. I was about to unlock it when it suddenly opened with just a slight push, I was stunned.

  "Why the fvck did they left the door open?" It sent shiver down my spine when I remember about the news, robbers and night attackers usually target abandoned houses. Now, now, it's not the way I think it is, right?

  I heaved a long sigh and carefully opened the door, darkness embraced me the moment I stepped inside and a few more steps before I finally got a view of the interior.

  Wow. There's a neat white L-shaped sofa, a wooden coffee table, and a flat screen TV attached at the wall in front. Walls are painted in white and light yellow giving off a very comfy ambiance. Bonsai plants displayed at the shelves with frames and other ornaments.

  "Unbelievable! Is this really mine? I mean— wow, I didn't know mansion this big can be bought at a certain prize," I mumbled as I sat down comfortably, placing my feet on top of the table.

  There's a sweet smell of lavander all over the place. It made me very curious, where did that came from?

  "Lavander? Hmm."

  I caught sight of the kitchen at the corner. There's a bar counter painted in black with three higg stools. It's perfect. Wines, vodkas, and whiskeys are peeping from the glass cabinet on top of it.

  I smirked at the thought of having a solo drinking party at night, and was about to turn around to climb up the stairs when something unusual caught my attention.

  There's a used mug in the sink.

  I gasped. What the— wait up! This isn't a scam or something, right?

  What if the seller gave me fake documents? So that they would be able to frame me up for something illegal like robbery? Like, the real owner will be here any moment and see me like this... looking like a thief sneaking around the house.

  "No fvcking way!" I laughed at the thought. This brain of mine, ugh. That was creepy but maybe Mr. Han, the seller, came in today since he knew that I'm coming. Yeah, that must be it.

  A big open living room welcomed me as I set foot on the second floor. Lots of creative paintings were attached on the wall, making it look very sophisticated. A minimalistic designs was created because of the simple combination of colors white, black, and light yellow. Four rooms, which I think 3 of them are bedrooms while the last one is a bathroom.

  The first one has a single bed with a bedside cabinet, a closet, and a couch. Small and simple. I guess, this is a guestroom. While the second one has a bed bigger than the first one, a bedside table, a walk-in closet which I actually thought was a bathroom because of the white door, a sofa, study table, and a veranda. Hmm, nice room. It is also painted in light pink so this room is perfect for me.

  "Alright, down to the last room," I mumbled, skidding down the hallway.

  I was in awe as I got a closer look on the paintings. I'm not good in arts but this, I can say is a very artistic and attractive art. Every stroke of the brush shows how delicate and important this painting was for the artist. It shows passion and perseverance. I totally love it!

  "Hold up—" I stopped on my tracks when I heard something unusual. "What's that?"

  I tiptoed, trying not to make any noise. The noise— is coming from the third bedroom. I squinted my eyes, remembering what that was. It sounded like a gush of water.. or a shower.

  I gasped. "This can't be."

  Fear came rushing in me and scary thoughts came popping out of my mind. I shook my head and closed my eyes firmly, taking a few long breaths to gather up strength. It's either you kill me or I kill you!

  Slowly, carefully, and silently, I opened the door. It was cold and dark, it took a few seconds before my sight can adjust to the darkness. The windows are closed and it was unexpectedly cold like the airconditioner is turned on— fvck, it is really turned on!

  With nothing on mind, I grabbed whatever I can and waited for whoever it is beside the door where the noise is coming from. Confirmed, it is a shower! Someone is taking a bath inside my house!

  Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead. Moments later, I heard the sound of the doorknob being opened so I held on to the baseball bat I was holding.

  "Waaahhhh!" I screamed as loud as I can while swinging the bat in the air with no exact aim.

  "What the fvck?!" A deep and baritone voice emerged from nowhere just in time when the lights were turned on.

  And there, I saw a hot guy half-naked with only a towel covering his precious possession. Wait, did I say hot?

  "Waaahhh!" I screamed and threw the baseball bat somewhere and running away from him but that guy was fast. He caught my arm, embracing me and covering my mouth with his hands.

  "Please don't kill me."

  "What?! Why would I fvcking kill you?!" He yelled. "Alright, I'll let you go but please shut the fvck up, you cunnung woman."

  He let me go so I hastily turned around to face him. I gulped. His captivating gray eyes was eyeing me, making my heart double in beat. My sinful eyes went it's way down to his well-built body, down to his perfectly sculpted six-pack abs. This guy is a living greek god!

  But wait—

  "Who are you and what are you doing inside my house?!" We yelled in unison.

  Okay. I am confused. What the fvck did he say?

  "Your house?!"