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Diary: Secrets Of The Princess

Diary: Secrets Of The Princess




There was a princess named Lyrish Aravelle, she's so sweet, caring, beautiful. She don't want her love ones to be hurt even her own life, she can sacrifice it. But, how can she sacrifice her life? When the Princess don't have her family? What happened to her family? She have lots of secrets that no one knows except herself.

  The Princess

  Third Person's POV

  The Princess is in her deep sleep. When someone touched her. With her sleepy eyes, she force to open her eyes. "Are we here?" the Princess said.

  "I'm so sorry for disturbing you My Princess." She bowed her head. "The plane is about to land." her favorite maid added.

  "It's okay." She replied and give her a small smile. She look outside the window. The Princess is in the airplane, specifically on her own airplane. She can clearly see the city lights down there. It's already late in the afternoon.

  She sigh. It's been ten years since she left her own country. After her father died, the king. The Princess let her mother facilitate the palace. Her mother, the queen. Ruled the palace for her. She never asked it to her but the queen insisted.

  The queen noticed that her daughter was always pre occupied.

  "Take some rest, My Princess." The queen said. Caressing her daughter's hair.

  "B--but..." the Princess stutter. She do not want to leave her mother alone. Not on this place. The Princess don't want to leave her mom. She don't want to let go.

  The queen cutted her, "Shush it's okay." still caressing her hair. Not until she fell asleep. Her head was on her mother's lap. The queen smiled, thinking that having a princess or a daughter like her is a jackpot! She really be happy because she have a daughter like her.

  That was their last conversation before the Princess leave. She said to herself, that she don't like to talk to her mother before leaving. Because, it may hurt her feelings. And ended up not to leave.

  Letting go of someone you love is one of the painful thing to happen. You can't recover quickly. Even though you really want it. The Princess don't want to loose her love ones, not again. I swear you can't take it anymore. It's suffocating you, to the point that you really want to end your life. So, please. Don't let anyone get hurt.

  "Let me carry your luggage, my princess." One of her bodyguard said.

  The Princess smiled. "Thank you." She replied, and his bodyguard bowed his head for the respect.

  There is a waiting vehicle for the Princess. They immediately went there, one of her bodyguards open the door for her. And the luggage will be taken care of them.

  The Princess looked around. All what she sees are new to her. "I did not expect this place to be different." The city lights are reflecting to her beautiful eyes. Causing that her eyes is twinkling like a star in the sky. She's very happy at the moment. The Princess, can't wait to see her mother again!

  While on their way on the palace. Late at night, she saw a beggar sitting on the side of the road. His clothes were torn and he was holding his stomach, he's really hungry. "Stop." The Princess commanded.

  Thee car immediately stopped in front of the beggar. The Princess opened the window. "Are you okay?" she asked. the beggar shook his head. "Why?" she added.

  "Because uhh!!---" the beggar did not finish what he was going to say when he suddenly cried out in pain.

  Trace the astonishment on the princess's face. "What's going on?" the Princess asked.

  "My princess, I think we should take him to the hospital." one of his bodyguards bodyguard suggested.

  "That's a good idea." she replied.

  The bodyguards took the beggar who was still writhing in pain and put him in the car. Beside the Princess. The Princess didn't mind. "Let's go!" It's okay for her to sit the beggar next to her.

  When they got there. They led the beggar to the emergency room. The nurses and doctors bowed their head when they saw the Princess. The Princess smiled at them. "What happened?" One of the nurses asked.

  "We saw him earlier and I was about to ask him if he's okay, but he shouted in pain. So, we brought him here." the Princess explained. The nurse she was talking to, nodded. While the others are already taking care of the beggar.

  "We will take you home, My Princess." her driver said.

  The Princess shook her head. "No, I will wait for him here." and she sat on the waiting area.

  "But it's alrea-" The bodyguard would not have agreed yet but, he has no choice. It's the Princess after all. He must respect her decision. "Fine."

  The Princess smiled at him. She's very understanding and friendly. She knew that the beggar is totally stranger to her. But... how can she put up with someone who needs help?

  It didn't take long and the doctor came out with the nurse who had talked to her earlier. The doctor approached the Princess.

  You can see the concern on the princess's face. "Is he okay? What happened to him?" it's a continuous question.

  "Take it easy, My Princess." the doctor said. "Can I ask you some questions?" he added.

  "Yes, you can." She respond.

  The doctor brought the Princess to his office. The doctor is in his late 40's. "What is your connection to the patient?" he asked.

  The princess frowned. "Do you still have to ask that?" She know that it's rude but, why? Is that really necessary? Hmm...

  The doctor apologize. The doctor said the beggar had gone hungry. "Nothing serious?" she asked. The doctor shook his head. She sigh in relief, thanking God the beggar is fine. "Can I take him home?" the doctor nod.

  The princess ordered the bodyguards to get the beggar into the car. Before leaving, the princess left money as payment. And say thank you to the hospital. While they are inside the car, the beggar woke up.

  He looked around. "Where am I?" Out of nowhere, he asked.

  The Princess immediately look at him. "Are you okay?" the beggar is speechless. He can't say any single word.

  He rubbed his eyes. "Is it for real?" he close his eyes and open it. Then, he keeps blinking. Causing, the Princess to giggle.

  "Yes, it's me." the beggar was shocked! He covered his mouth. His eyes widened when he realized that he's sitting next to the Princess. He was even more embarrassed when he realize what he was wearing and looking like now!

  "Uhm... Wait. I-im so sorry, my Princess." he said casually, and bowed his head. "B-by t-the way where are we going?" he stutter. He pushed himself to the side. His nervous, he must be lucky because talking to the Princess and sitting beside her are pleasure for him.

  "It's okay..." the Princess answered. "We're heading at the palace now?" she added.

  "WHAT!?" he exclaimed. "Oh... s-sorry hehe." and he scratched his neck.


  As the car park in front on the 12 feet gate. It automatically opens for her. The palace is huge and very beautiful. In the middle was a immense fountain with three ducks. The beggar was so amazed. There are lots of cars, different brands. From big to small!

  He could not take his eyes around. His heart was beating so fast. He can not believe it! Like, he keeps on questioning himself. "How did I end up here?" when he was in the car.

  On the other side, the Process is very excited because. Finally, she will see her mother again. Her eyes were smiling. She can't wait to see her again. She want to hug and kiss her mother, so tight. To the point that she can't breathe and die. Just kidding :

  The guards at the palace gates, bowed their head when they saw the Princess approaching. They was about to close the door when they saw the beggar. The guards did not allow the beggar to enter.

  The Princess motioned for one of them to let the beggar in. "Let him." The bodyguards immediately followed her. The beggar teased the bodyguards. But the bodyguards was too serious to play with.

  I was saying that the palace was too big. The beggar looked around. He can't take his eyes off! You really need to walk because the palace is big. You can't count on a finger how many rooms are here.

  "Good Evening, My Princess." the maid greeted the Princess. She greeted the maid back. After bowing her head.

  "Where are you going?" the Princess asked the maid with her serious face.

  "Uhmm..." the maid can't say something. Her gaze is in the floor. Her hand is shaking.

  "It's late, you should take some rest. Good night." The Princess said and smiled at her. The maid could not believe what she heard so she slowly raised her head.

  She look at the Princess' eyes. "Good Night, my Princess." she slightly smiled. "See you tomorrow." and she bowed her head before leaving.

  The Princess continue walking. The beggar was on her back. He can't take off his eyes. Next to the beggar was the one of her bodyguards. He carries her luggage. Every person they encounter, they bowed their head. The Princess never tires of reminding her maids to go to sleep and rest.