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Gay Sugar Daddy

Gay Sugar Daddy




"I'm gay." My eyes grow so big as I stop breathing, but two seconds later I'm bursting with laughter. "Okay funny," I finally tone down my laugh as I bring myself to look at him again. But he is still staring at me like he had been when he told me that joke. "Wait," uhh, "Really?" He nods, "Really." "You like... guys?" "I fuck guys." Oh wow, you really can't have it all can you. When he checks all the boxes, suddenly there's this big box he doesn't. The most important box, the top on the list. "You're gay or bi?" Because there's a big difference between those two. "I'm gay." "You never fuck a woman?" "I've never fucked a woman." "Then why the hell would you want me to be your sugar baby? To watch you fuck another man's butthole?" He smirks despite my little mockery. "Oh now it's funny?" "It is," he is still smirking, "But no. It's the opposite of what I wanna do." I bring my arms across my chest as I reply in my all-business tone, "Enlighten me." *** 22 year old Estelle is one of the best sugar babies the agency has ever had. She has the whole package, no dick ever gone soft seeing how perfect she is, both her body and personality. But can she sway Owen into the heterosexual group? After being in that homo-pool all this while?

"Emulsion doesn't exist in the formation," I try to control my voice as I maintain the eye contact, "It's actually formed when the hydrocarbon enters the wellbore, into the casing, which we'll have this pressure difference that will mix the oil and water like crazy, creating the emulsions."

I definitely feel some sort of accomplishment to be able to finish my explanation as I pant, finally allowing my body to feel the exhaustion from moving too fast while answering his question that perhaps, will be in the paper I'm gonna take tomorrow.

"Tell me about emulsifying agent." He smiles as he watches me ride him at my own pace, slow and steady but still giving both of us plenty of pleasure.

"Uhmm," I release my hand from his shoulders then sit up, "When water is in the oil, they're surrounded by this tough film. That tough urgh," I choke on my words when he suddenly moves his erection from below, charging in at fast speed.

"Go on," he smirks as he keeps thrusting in at that same speed making me shake my head, he knows I can never speak with this tension in my lower region, and I can only whimper as I hold tight onto his body, aiming for support before I fall off or something.

"Don't stop on my account." The cockiness in his voice, oh God I swear I'll teach him a lesson after this.

"Ray," I call him as I breathe heavily.

"Yes, love?" Ever so arrogant.

"Let me finish." Still breathing heavily.

"Finish explaining? Or cumming?" I swear I will teach him a lesson once I've finished both.

"Explaining." That's all I can say when he finally slows down a second later.

"Oh God," I straighten myself again, "Let me fucking finish first!" I hit his bare chest when he laughs, "I thought you want to finish fucking first?"

I can't help but to laugh too. But then I gather myself again and continue with my answer, "So, this emulsifying agent."

"Mhmm?" He raises an eyebrow as he puts his hands under his head, watching me amusedly.

"It can be paraffin or any chemicals used during drilling. They prevent the water droplets from bumping into each other, that they can't be together. Meaning-"

"Like us?"

"Huh?" Okay he totally caught me off guard there. And after a moment when it finally has settled in my brain I nod, "Yeah, just like us. There's no way we can be together. We'll just float until a demulsifier comes to break this film, this emulsifying agent."

He sighs, "I have a lot of demulsifier, love." By demulsifier, he means money.

"And I don't care about your demulsifier. I never care about it." He knows about this.

"How about until your internship is over?"

I laugh eventhough it's not even funny, "I'm already giving you bonus by doing this until my paper tomorrow." He's the first sugar daddy I allow to be with me this long. So no, I'm not gonna break any more rules.

"How about you take a break this summer then we continue again once your internship starts?"

He's the youngest, smartest, good looking guy I've ever had as a sugar daddy. The fact that he's my teacher for my Flow Assurance class this semester makes it much hotter since we're afterall forbidden to be together according to the university handbook.

But that's the thing. I need to stop before something bad happens. Risking my education for a relationship with a teacher, that will be the stupidest thing I'll ever do in my life.

I need to stop, which means today should really be the last day we're meeting. Fucking. Anything other than being a teacher slash student.

"I'll be done with my PhD, you'll be done with your degree, and we can-"

"No Ray," I quickly shake my head, stopping him from saying whatever he's been thinking because there is no way for me to be in a relationship with a sugar daddy. This is strictly business. Three months, and we should be done.

Eventhough with Ray, it has been almost four months now.

"Why not? I like you, Elle."

I just stare into his eyes when he's starting to look frustrated. Instead of lying down he sits up with me, his erection is still inside of me making me wonder if I should get off him or stay in this position.

"You don't want money, yet you're still here. You like me too, baby." He reaches for my hair then strokes them along the length, all the way to my waist, "This fiasco will be over once we're done with our studies."

"Which we have another year to go through."

"I'll tell Cupcake to continue the contract until then, if you still want to be my sugar baby. Or if not, we'll ditch them and be together like a real couple."

A real couple? "No," I shake my head again, "Nobody can know about this. Not until I finish my degree."

"Okay. So we'll continue the contract?"

I don't know. He's nice, he's rich, and he's only five years older which is the perfect age difference for me.

But to continue this risky relationship, I don't know. I'm too tired to be cautious all the time.

I mean I did that with my previous Sugar Daddys but this one requires more effort because if anyone knows I'm screwing my teacher, I'm done. It's in the university handbook for God sake.

"I'll think about it." That's all I can say because I'd be a fool to say no in this position, literally and well, physically. I need to finish first before I leave him for good.

"Okay. So do you wanna continue revising?" He finally smiles, "Or fucking?"

"Fucking." I near my face to his and kiss his lips. He really is good in bed and a perfect candidate as a boyfriend. But our circumstance is so wrong I need to pull the break on this.