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God of War: My Returning Humble Husband

God of War: My Returning Humble Husband



"The soldiers are all under your command, lord!" "No need. I will get my woman back!" Long Shengtian boarded the helicopter resolutely. Long Shengtian, known as 'Long Shen', ruled the world. Everyone was afraid of him, this unstoppable, unrivaled God of War! However, one day he just left all his men behind to find his wife Shen Yueru! He said, 'there was too much sin I need to confess, it's time to make it all up.’ Six years ago, in order to detoxify, he took away her virginity and she was forced to marry him. In the past six years, finding her was his biggest goal! But when he followed the clue to the He Luo City, he found that his daughter was bullied and his wife was kicked out of the family! His precious family was disgraced to the extreme just because people knew they had no backup. Rage boosting up within his heart, he sneered, since there's no justice in this world, then he would show them the price of justice!

"Must you leave? The doctors have been arranged."

At the border of Shen Zhou, an old man with white hair on his temples asked humbly, three identical stars shining on his shoulders.

"I've already let her down for many years. Now that the world's Eight Great Legends masters have all died in Shen Zhou, it's enough to ensure the peace of Shen Zhou's borders for five years. Five years is enough for you to nurture a new 'Long Shen'."

A young man besided this old man withdrawn his gaze from distance and looked down at the photo in his palm.

The photo was stained with sweat and blood. A man and a woman stood in front of the red background wall, facing the camera...

The man's expression was blank.

The woman's delicate face was cold, and her slender phoenix eyes seemed to contain endless grievances and tenacity.

It's time to make it all up...

The old man gave a long sigh. "Well, in recent years, you've been fighting everywhere for the country. In order to fight against the Eight Great Legends, you've come to an end..."

At this moment, a gust of wind swept through the sky and rolled up the dust.


The man suddenly coughed, and a trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

The old man sighed again and said, "I'll ask Hei Long to follow you as a secretary. Don't refuse me in a hurry. Recently, some people in the country are restless. Yin Long needs a chief."

The man turned his head and glanced at the old man. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Your excuse is very bad."

"Uh, ahem. You should at least give me some face in front of the warriors."

The old man blushed and stopped giving the man a chance to refuse. He raised his hand to salute and shouted, "Farewell, Long Shen!"

"Farewell, Long Shen."

Tens of thousands of soldiers shouted in unison, shaking the sky.

The man suddenly turned around—

He stood upright, raised his hand, saluted, and shouted loudly—

"Alive, heroes we strive to be; dead, guardians we still will be! He who should attempts incursion on this sacred land shall spill his blood on the scarlet of the flag!"

"He who should attempts incursion on this sacred land shall spill his blood on the scarlet of the flag!"

Tens of thousands of soldiers shouted again, and their eyes were red.

Without hesitation, the man turned around and boarded a helicopter that had been waiting for a long time.


In the villa area at the foot of the mountain, He Luo City.

Long Shengtian walked toward the Shen family step by step with his camouflage bag.

His thoughts were instantly pulled back to six years ago...

Six years ago, he was drugged and knocked out by someone in the mental hospital. In a daze, he had slept with Shen Yueru, who had also been framed.

The next day, the Shen family forced him and Shen Yueru to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage certificate. They didn't even hold a wedding ceremony. And that night, he ran away!

Now that six years had passed, he was no longer the pathetic youth from back then. He wanted to grant her a lifetime of glory and wealth!

Walking to the door of the villa, Long Shengtian was stopped by the security guards. He looked into the yard while explaining.

In a corner of the courtyard, six or seven children, who were young but dressed in luxury clothes, were playing, except for that girl.

The girl's face was sallow and thin, and her clothes were ragged. Her round and big eyes seemed to have lost their spirituality. At this time, her hair was sticking to her face, and her head was full of sweat. There were many bruises on her arms and legs...

At this time, a woman with delicate makeup and a black dress rushed over in high heels.

"Baby, baby, what happened? Does it hurt?"

"Mom, this little b*stard deliberately tripped me." The boy complained first.


With a clear slap, five scarlet finger marks immediately appeared on the girl's smooth and tender face.

"Little b*stard, you don't want to live anymore? If my son loses a hair, I'll break your legs."

"Mom, I got mud in my mouth when falling!"

The woman became angrier when she heard that.

With a series of crisp sounds, the girl's cheeks immediately became red and swollen.

At this moment, an angry shout sounded. "Shen Man, what are you doing?"

This voice... it's her? Shen Yueru!

Long Shengtian trembled all over. He saw a haggard woman with messy hair rushing to the girl and holding the child in her arms. She trembled and looked at the girl's red and swollen face.

She raised her hand to wipe away the blood on the tender face, but she did not dare to touch it, for fear of hurting the girl.

"Cough..." The girl bent over and spat out a mouthful of blood!

She spat out blood!

"Hehe, Shen Yueru, you came at the right time. Look at how your b*stard daughter did a good job. My son is the birthday boy today. What do you think we should do now that he fell?"

Shen Yueru's eyes were completely red as she glared at her. "It's normal for children to get bumped into each other. As an adult, is there a need for you to hit a child? Why are you so heartless? You're her aunt."

"Bah, don't flatter yourself. I don't have her as my niece. You should be grateful that all she got were a few slaps on the face!"

Shen Yueru was so angry that her delicate body was trembling and tears were streaming down her face. "You're simply unreasonable. Your son is a treasure and my daughter is not?"

"Shut up. Your daughter's nothing compared to my son! My son is a treasure and the apple of the Shen family's eye. Your daughter is an illegitimate child, a pile of trash between you and another lunatic. For all I care to know, this girl might very well be another nut-case, fit to leave you just like his uselessness of a father did!"


At the gate, a clap of thunder exploded in Long Shengtian's mind.

The child between her and a lunatic...?

Six years ago, in order to avoid being chased, he pretended to be a mental patient and hid in a mental hospital...

Wasn't that lunatic himself?

"So, she's my daughter?"

Long Shengtian's entire body shook as he knocked away the security guards. He rushed in front of Shen Yueru. "Yueru, is she my daughter?"

Shen Yueru raised her head and stared blankly at Long Shengtian. Slowly, her eyes widened.

"You, you..."

"Yes, it's me. I'm Long Shengtian. Tell me, is she my daughter?"

"Where did this beggar come from? Get out of here. Wait... Long Shengtian? Why does this name sound so familiar? Long Shengtian... you, you're that psycho?" Shen Man pointed at Long Shengtian and screamed.

"Dad, Grandpa... Hurry up. Shen Yueru's crazy husband is back."

"Yueru, is she my daughter? Tell me quickly, tell me." Long Shengtian urged her anxiously.

Shen Yueru closed her eyes in pain, allowing her tears to fall.

Was this a tacit agreement?

Long Shengtian was shocked.

"Haha, it's really that psycho. I didn't expect that he would come back after running away for six years. Now, the three of them are all together."

"Grandpa, did you see that? The three of them are all insane. It's an insult to the Shen family to let them come to Long Ziheng's birthday party."

"Shen Yueru, why don't you learn from your parents? Look at how smart they are. They know that coming here today is also a shame, so you might as well hide far away so as not to make things difficult for everyone."

"Haven't you lost enough face in the past six years? Do you still have to let your relatives and friends of the Shen family have a look?"

A group of people's criticism, ridicule, and abuse...

Shen Yueru was so angry that her entire body was trembling, but she didn't have the strength to retort. She could only hug her daughter tightly and cry silently.

In the past six years, she had gotten used to these insults.

Long Shengtian found it even more unbelievable. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, who would have believed that they were Shen Yueru's family?

In particular, just now, Shen Ziyu was beaten, scolded, and Shen Yueru was also slapped in the face. She couldn't even resist. Furthermore, they did these in front of the guests of the Shen family...

How crazy was the Shen family in private? How unscrupulous they were!

How many grievances and tortures had Shen Yueru and her daughter suffered in the past six years?

Long Shengtian didn't dare to imagine!

He was a Long Shen, and he had risked his life to protect his country, but in the end, he couldn't even protect his wife and daughter...

How sad was it?!

How ridiculous was that?!

Self-blame, guilt, and endless regret.

Following that, infuriating anger burned.

Today, he was going to slaughter the entire Shen family!

All those who humiliated his wife and daughter deserved to die!