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A Sweet Revenge

A Sweet Revenge




Liam was now ready and decided to initiate his plan into action. He soon kidnapped Cassie and forcefully married her. He didn't treat her well like a wife. Liam told Steve that he unintentionally kissed her and hurt her horribly. Soon they found out that Cassie had tried to commit sucide but they saved her on time. Cassie was still furious after what happened between them. Liam now tried to be good to her but she didn't pay attention. Cassie felt good with Steve and considered him as her brother. One day she found Liam in a drugged state and Liam was now not in his control. "Help me" he said while holding my shoulders for support. She understood what he wanted and pushed him abruptly. " Please Cassie, I am drugged, I can't help it. '' he said while clutching his hair with both of his hands. It was sad for her because she was going to give her virginity to a man who forcefully married her and even tortured her without a reason. She had no emotions at all. she was only thinking of how to get him back for what he did to her. After a week Cassie was feeling morning sickness and immediately did a pregnancy test. She found out that she was pregnant. She was afraid that he was going to take her child away from her. She decided to run away from him. Cassie informed Steve about this. Steve was reluctant at first but then decided to help her. Liam was furious to know that Cassie ran away. Liam's man couldn't find her and Liam became restless. He was soon suffering from split personality disorder. Steve was very unhappy about his friend's situation but didn't tell Cassie because he thought that it might affect her child. Cassie successfully gave birth to a baby boy who looked like Liam a lot. One day Steve told her everything that had happened between her father and Liam's family and after hearing all that she was enraged. Steve told her that after she left he was diagnosed with split personality disorder. Steve begged Cassie that only she could help him. Cassie was ready to share her husband's pain and wanted him to be normal as before.

It was raining I was sitting in the back seat of my dad’s car. Well it wasn’t a great day because I got my results for my final term today.

My dad was hell mad at me and now it was my mom’s turn to scold me. So I just sat quietly and waited for us to reach home. When I got home mom yelled

“Well we don’t pay a bundle of cash just so you can disappoint us with this result” I was embarrassed just as my dad stepped in.

He tried to save me even though he wasn’t so happy to see my grades but still dads are great.

“Why are you scolding this little boy he just turned 15, and I promise you that he would do better next time”.

As my dad finished my mom looked a little calm, “Well if you say so and listen to me carefully Liam we aren’t scolding you we just want you to be the best student and a best son and there is no doubt that you are the best son in the whole world”.

I felt so good like yeah I wasn’t that good in my studies but still my parents were very proud of me, and I promise I will make them proud.

And that’s it we are happy again. As I finished my lunch I went out to meet my best friend.

His name was Steven Manifold one of the biggest companies in US but for me he was my best buddy Steve.

“Hey Liam what’s up I thought you would be grounded after all you failed like three subjects.” As we laughed together I saw some black suited man heading towards my home.

I felt uncomfortable all of a sudden, I didn’t know who they were but they weren’t good people for sure. Steve noticed the unusual look on my face

“They are people from underworld what are they doing here”. “I don’t know myself”. As we headed towards my house I heard noise of excessive gun shooting. I was scared. As my trembling hands approached the front door handle and I opened it; I saw blood stains on the white newly painted walls and felt nauseous.

One of the black suited mans noticed me and wasted no time in tying me to the nearby chair. Steve ran away to ask for help and thank god no one saw him but there I saw something that I shouldn’t have seen so early.

I saw the corpses of both my parents lying lifeless on the floor. I felt fierce pain in my heart as I trembled with fear and looked at them helplessly. I yelled

“Why did you killed my parents, they were innocent” as I continued to sob.

“Kneel down” one of them said in a cold voice. “Well they didn’t pay the debt they owned me so I killed them”. A cold and hoarse voice said. “Which debt” they didn’t tell me anything, “They didn’t tell you did they?” he laughed in a horrendous way.

“Your parents owed me a debt that I knew they couldn’t pay back so I killed them and now that you know so much we can’t let you go can we?” he smiled in an atypical way.

I felt so helpless and begged for mercy “we won’t kill you we aren’t that bad but we can make you pay for your parents debt that they owed” as I tried to understand what he just said one of them tossed a gun towards me and then splashed some blood on my t shirt.

As I understood the meaning of what he just said and was about to beg them again but it was too late; I heard police sirens and I was soon carried to jail.

I was sentenced 11 years in jail for murdering my own parents and thought that I was a crack minded.

I used to have nightmares of that ruthless mafia boss and his two right hands killing my parents mercilessly in front of me.

I could only think of revenge every time I had a bad dream about them.

Authors Note!

Hey everyone my name is Aiman. I just started writing and am new on this online novel writing platform.

Thank You!