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Diamond In The Rough

Diamond In The Rough

Author:Mimi Timi


General Romance

Madison Campbell - she was a naive 18 years old girl blinded by love. She was deceived and robbed of her dignity thinking she was showing love to the monster she thought was her boyfriend. That's not even the worst, the worst is that this same monster leaked her nudes to the public. What could be more shameful than that? She thought giving her virginity to him would make him love her more - she thought he was the right person. Her "Mr.Right" She got pregnant but the heartless human being left her, he fled. Destination? She didn't know. She felt helpless and betrayed. She was seen as a slut, a whore. She went from her dad's princess to her dad's disappointment . She dragged the name Campbell into the mud, they painted her black. Her dad could no longer brag to others with his daughter. He was heartbroken . Everyone turned their backs on her, even her mum and her so called friend who mocked her because of her "mistake." No one except her younger brother was close to her. Irrespective of all these, she had hope. She rose up and didn't let anything weigh her down. She fulfilled her dreams. She found her real Mr.Right - the one that was destined to help her back to her feet . She over came all challenges and rose from grass to grace. Her light shone brightly in darkness. She is really - The Diamond In The Rough

  I groaned as I sat up from the bed. This headache is really pounding, I looked around and I couldn't find Jackson, my boyfriend. We both slept on this bed yesterday so where is he now? Oh my God, don't tell me....


  I heard my phone ring from the side of the bed and I reached for it with trembling hands , I looked at the caller and its Clara, my best friend.

  "Hey Clara." I said with shaky voice.

  "Keep the greetings Madi you're in big trouble." She said and my heart almost flew out of my chest.

  "Wh..what happened?"

  "haven't you seen the trending news on opera?"


  "Go check it now!

  She screamed and I quickly hanged up as I went to opera. No, no no no! This can't be happening, my nudes are all over the web! No this is a dream, this cannot be happening! I looked like a pornstar.

  The pictures here didn't even seem like I was in the right state if mind. Like I was drugged because almost 4men are in the pics but their face were blurred but I'm sure jackson is part of the men. But why? Why will he do this to me? Why will he tarnish my image like this? Why!!

  I didn't do anything wrong why will he do this? I gave him what he has always wanted - sex. So why will he repay me like this? This picture shows I was giving a man blowjob while being fucked in doggy style but this did not even happen. We only had sex that's all, oh God why!! Look at the comments.

  Oh my God so disgusting!

  She's a whore!

  What a cheap slut!

  Wait isnt that Madison Campbell?..the daughter of the owner of TECHMOTO?

  Wow i cant believe this is her true colour.

  And she seemed so innocent.

  Cheap slut!

  Wide hole bitch!

  I cried as I read through the comments, this isn't happening. I must be in some kind of crazy dream. No this is real, this is all real, I'm a slut, I'm a whore What have I done?

  "Jackson!" I screamed as I cried my eyes out.


  Anytime I remember this memory, I always feel like committing suicide. I've tried committing suicide twice but I always get rescued. But why? They should just let me die, like...what's the use of my existence? There's no where I'll go that I'll not be mocked, reprimanded or insulted.

  So why can't I die in peace?

  But I guess I still have two reasons to live, my unborn child needs a family and my brother still needs me. I guess that's enough reasons

  I heard the sound of plates crashing and I jolted out of my thoughts. Gosh I just broke a plate, another round of insult coming up.

  "You never do anything thing good in your life, all you know how to do is to break things. You broke our reputation, you broke our family, now you broke a plate? What else are you gonna break huh? Tell me you godforsaken child!" She fired.

  "Mum it was a mistake I...

  "Mistake? Yeah,you always make mistakes. Just the way the bastard in your tummy is a mistake!" She spat heartlessly and tears rolled down my face. My child is always called a bastard, and he's not a bastard, he has a father!

  "Clean this mess up idiot."

  She hissed and I fell on my knees allowing the tears to fall freely, this is what I've been going through for the past 4months. Well who is to be blamed? Me of course, I was the one that fell for his charms, I was the one that trusted him too much, I'm the one that caused all these. The name my dad has been keeping for years was dragged into the mud by me in just a day. I'm never going to forgive myself, my stupid mistake ruined Dad's reputation to the extent that it almost cost him his company. Well, thank God it didn't. He doesn't show me the fatherly love anymore, I became a complete stranger to him. I really messed up

  "Sis are you crying again?" I heard my brother, Jason, ask.

  I quickly cleaned my tears and stood up giving him my best fake smile.

  "No, something got stuck in my eye." I said as I faced the sink.

  He sighed and hugged me from the back.

  "You don't need to cry sis, you'll get through this soon." He pecked my shoulders and I smiled - a genuine one this time.

  He turned me to face him and he smiled.

  "How is little Jason doing? Is he kicking?" He placed his ear on my four months protruded tummy and he made kicking sounds with his mouth. I laughed as he brought his head up.

  "I'm sure he's fine." I rubbed my tummy and he nodded as he held my shoulders.

  "I don't like seeing you crying sis, I really get hurt when you cry."

  "I'm sorry." I said and he hugged me.

  "Just stay happy for me and Jason junior." I sighed deeply with a nod.

  Well, my parents gave birth to two children. Jason and I. Jason is 16yrs old, 2years younger than I am. We are rich but not that rich. At least out of 100 we are 75 so we are able to aquire every needs and wants. Cars, houses, and other material things. We are very blessed but unfortunately, I'm enjoying little out of the blessings now. They feed me but I use my own earned money to take care of myself and my baby. Thnak God I saved a lot of money before all these happened, Jason also helps.

  "I'm going to see Clara today." I said and he huffed

  "That bitch haven't call for the past 3months, she avoided you like a plague and you wanna visit her?" He scoffed unbelievably and I knocked his head playfully .

  "Come on, she's not a bitch she's my best friend."

  "Best friend indeed." He said and I chuckled .

  "Let me go freshen up." I said we both proceeded out of the kitchen.

  I got to my bedroom and I slumped on my bed. I stripped off my clothes and proceeded to the bathroom. I took my bathe and I came out of the bedroom. I sat at the from of my dressing mirror and I sighed at the depressed and weary face staring back at me from the mirror. Pregnancy didn't change me one bit, I'm still the beautiful brown skinned Madi. My mum is black American so I got my skin color from her and yeah my dad is white.

  I took my comb and I groaned at the sight of the over full, long and puffy afro hair.

  My hair is a shinny black, over full, long and fully afro hair. Combing it is very stressful, Jason has told me to straighten it but I love it like this. It adds to my beauty .

  After almost 30mins, I was done with my hair. I packed it right at the middle creating a puffy ball. I took a yellow slip on that matches my floral gown and I wore it. I exited my room and I took the stairs.

  "And where are you going?" I heard mum ask.

  "I'm going to see Clara." I said and she returned her gaze back to the book she was reading.

  "I'll be back in less than 2hrs." She didn't even reply me, well I'm used to that.

  I got out of the house and proceeded to the main gate. I'm supposed to take one of the cars but I'm not entitled anymore.

  Clara's house is just few blocks away so...I'll just walk