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The CEO's Naughty Thief

The CEO's Naughty Thief

Author:Hanifah Amirah



"All because you are incredibly attractive doesn't give you the right to be fucking pompous and arrogant." Red slapped her hand over her mouth but it was too late, the words were out. "You find me attractive Red." He stepped closer to her, real close. His mother and friend still watching them. "I..d..on't." She stammered. Daniel took her chin in his hand and lifted her face, "Don't even think of falling for me or getting attracted." His voice was harsh, "I am not your type and would never look your way." The slap that landed on his face wasn't expected.

"Bad boys! Bad boys! What you gonna do? What you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you?" She sang at the top of her lungs with all her strength disrupting the peace of the prison.

Plus, her voice was terrible.

"You better shut it! You better shut your mouth!" A police officer screamed at her hitting the baton in her hand on the table.

Red smirked.

"I love it when you call me big poppa." She rapped this time, "Throw your hands in the air, if you is a true player."

"That's it." The police woman grunted.

She pushed her chair backwards making a screeching noise and matched over to the noise maker's cell.

"Look here young woman." She growled hitting the baton on the cell bars, "If you do not grant us some peace and quiet, I will detain you for two more weeks."

"Sorry ma'am." She apologised immediately.

Detained for two weeks? She shook her head at the thought.

She was only gonna spend a night here and that's it.

          Red hated the place. There were mosquitoes and she kept slapping them away, to think that she once thought her beaten down apartment was the worse.

The cell was stuffy, there was heat and she was sweating all over.

Duhhh, Her subconscious rolled her eyes, Did you think you were gonna get air conditioning here?

She sighed regretting why she ventured in stealing an iPhone earlier that morning.

It's not like it was the first time she had stolen or the first time she had been caught. It was different now cause she had never ended up in a cell before and she was determined to make it the last time she did.

She figured that she had to be more sensible and alert.

Her stomach rumbled reminding her of her far forgotten hunger, causing her to groan.

She only had a granula bar through out the day. Of course, she didn't buy it. She stole it or in her own term 'borrowing it for permanent causes'.

As she sat thinking about her next move, an idea popped up in her mind.

She removed the rusted hair pin in her hair, stood up from the bench and tiptoed over to the cell bars.

She was gonna pick the locks and escape.

She put the hair pin into the keyhole, her total concentration set on it, with a tongue gliding over her upper lip. It was like she knew what she was doing.

"You know I am right in front of your cell and I can see you picking the lock right?" She looked up at the sound of the police woman's voice and frowned.

Mission failed.

"Get back to your position this instant!" The woman barked and Red sluggishly dragged herself back to the broken bench.

She threw herself on it and pulled her old coat over her body, wrapping her arms around herself, she managed to lay on the bench and fell into a light and uncomfortable slumber.


               Morning came quickly and Red was finally in the process of being released.

"I do not want to see you back here again." A male police officer warned while he removed her handcuffs, "Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." She said sweetly nodding her head, "Can I have my bag please?"

"No, you can't." They both turned to find the intruding voice. It was the female police officer from last night and Red scoffed.

"Nothing in that bag is her." The woman further explained while taking her seat.

Her? Red was perplexed, "Excuse me ma'am, it's hers and not her."

"Are you correcting me?" The woman growled.

"Nope." She shook her head, "Just telling you my opinion and it's totally fine if you do not acknowledge it." Her words were rushed.

"So, as I was saying." The woman ignored her, "She stoles everything in that bag."

Red face palmed herself, really?

"Ma'am, it's stole not stoles." Red explained boldly, "Stop embarrassing yourself."

"I will deal with you when you come back here." The woman threatened.

"Oh, we won't be meeting again." She winked and strode out of the police station.

She was on the last set of steps when she heard someone scream, "Catch that thief!"

         Surely, they had discovered that she had stolen the woman's purse and she laughed.

Heavy footsteps racing down the stairs sounded behind her. Several police men were after her, she waited till they were very close before laughing one more time and breaking into a run

The New York police department officers were  after Red, hot on her heels. It was like a race, one which she would win as always.


            Red raised the window shield up before sliding her lean body through it. She was passing through the window to avoid being seen by the landlord in the hallway. She owed rent.

Red owed two years rent.

She jumped down into the room and let out a breath of relief.

Phew! That was a long chase.

She proceeded in emptying her pockets. The police woman's purse fell, two red apples, a can of pringles and a bottle of water.

She took the purse, unzipped it and dipped her fingers in to check for money. Her fingers met wads of dollar notes. She brought them out to count. The money was three hundred dollars in total and she could never have been happier, it was enough to last her for sometime.

Still in the cocoon of glee, she reached down and picked an apple, biting into it without washing, not as if there was any water to wash it with.

           Red burped. She was full. She rubbed her hand over her stomach and looked out the window, the blue sky was bright. She could see a few birds flying across in the sky, chirping and flapping their wings happily.

She wished she was one of the birds and having nothing to worry about than fly and eat worms.

She glanced across the yellow coloured one room apartment and sighed.

The room was old, the paint was peeling fast, there were no furniture except for a broken piece of mirror nailed to the wall and a small shrunken  cupboard. On the right side of the room next to the wall was a thin mattress and an old lamp.

She looked up at the yellow ceiling fan rotating slowly and she wanted to pull it down in anger. It caused nothing but more heat. But, she couldn't do that. She barely had money for rent no the less damages.

A bird fluttered past the window drawing her attention. It had dropped it's yellow poop on the glass.

Ughhhh! She groaned as there was no water to clean it.

            Red was about to get up to use the bathroom when she heard banging on the door.

It's must be the landlord, Her thoughts made her heartbeat quicken.

The banging increased.