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My Second Marriage to the Billionaire

My Second Marriage to the Billionaire



Wen Qi and Lu Jinshi had been married for six years. But he never took a glance at her, let alone touch her. And now, he even cheated on her! Things were not over. Lu Jinshi actually asked Wen Qi to operate on his mistress who was dying of miscarriage. Yes, that mistress was pregnant with Lu Jinshi's baby. Wen Qi felt her heart torn apart. But she had to do it. She was a doctor and it was her duty to save this life. The mistress of Lu Jinshi survived. But the baby in her belly died, and so did the marriage of Wen Qi and Lu Jinshi. Wen Qi struggled to sign the divorce agreement. The next second, she rushed to another house in the suburb, to see the child she had with another man...

"Why are you my surgeon? I don't want you. You will kill me!"

The woman on the operating table glared at me.

Oh, I also want to know why I was tasked with this.

Why do I have to save my husband's mistress and their child?

On the operating table, that woman's belly was obviously bulging.

My hands clenched into fists. I could feel the pain and disgust

As a doctor, I couldn't retreat. I had to remain professional and rational.

But as a woman, I really wanted to leave the operating room.

My emotions swayed left and right.

"Ms. Wen?"

The nurse's anxious voice came to my ears. "Hurry up. That woman is in danger. The surgery can't be delayed."

Yes, it couldn't be delayed!

I took a deep breath. I put down the tweezers in my hand as I began to prepare for the operation.

"I don't want this woman to be my surgeon! She will kill me!"

On the operating table, the woman struggled fiercely. Disgust was evident in her eyes.

"Give her a sedative."

When the nurse gave her the shot, Xue Yuning suddenly smiled. Her eyes were full of pride, yet there was a slow hint of ridicule. "This is Jinshi's child."

"He treasures this child very much. He doesn't love you at all. You should have known that a long time ago!"

My heart skipped a beat as I felt a lump down my throat.

I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down.

"Don't listen to her. It's just an ordinary operation!" I told myself.

A doctor's job was sacred. They save lives and heal injuries. Even if she was an enemy, I must do my best to save her.

"There are signs of bleeding. Prepare the blood bags!"

My emotions had calmed down. All my attention was on the scalpel in my hand.

The incision needed to be accurate. I had to complete the operation perfectly and keep the patient alive!

I could not afford to be distracted on the operating table. Otherwise, the chances of both of them dying were high.

My heartbeat sped up, and the number of times the nurse wiped my sweat increased.

This operation was not going to be easy.

The shape of the fetus was complicated. She had already lost a lot of blood...

Halfway through the operation, the nurse reminded me, "Dr. Wen, there is a high chance that the child can't be saved. The mother might be in danger too. Do I need to talk to the family?"

I looked at the woman, who was arrogant just a while back and was lying weakly on the operating table.

I ordered, "Ask someone to talk to her family. I'll try my best to keep her safe first!"


When I finished stitching the wound, I took a long breath.

In the past, I would always feel more relaxed after the operation.

Today, I only felt more tired.

It might be physically, or even mentally.

I took off my gloves and walked out wearily.

When the operating door opened, I saw a man's tall and straight figure.

He's my husband, Lu Jinshi.

The emotions in my heart surged like a tide. However, when I met his cold gaze, I immediately suppressed those emotions.

When he looked at me, it was as if he was looking at a stranger.

No, there was a strong feeling of hate too. 

Did he also look at other women with such a gaze?

Yes, I knew long ago that he was cheating.

He always came home late at night. He also always had the smell of perfume on him.

I also knew that he had something to do with the Xue family's daughter.

However, I didn't expect that he would allow Xue Yuning to have his child.

"How was it?"

He walked towards me with a frown and a nervous voice.

It turned out that he was not always cold and indifferent.

He just hated me.

At that moment, my heart felt like it was being crushed. I was in so much pain that I couldn't breathe.

But I didn't want to show any weakness in front of him, so I calmed down.

"The mother is fine. However, we couldn't save the child." I lowered my head and said.

"What did you say? The child is dead!" The woman beside me stepped forward and grabbed my collar. Her sharp voice was so harsh that I couldn't help but frown.

"Mom, in such a scenario, if we keep the child..."

"Don't call me mom! You don't deserve to be my daughter-in-law. You've been married to our family for so many years, yet you can't even give birth to an heir for us. You're useless!"

The mother-in-law pointed at my nose angrily and scolded, "It's okay if you can't give birth to a baby, but it was hard for Xue Yuning to get pregnant. As a doctor, you can't even save a child! Are you still a doctor?!"

"If I weren't a doctor, you'll be looking at two corpses now!"

I've gone through a long period of surgery and was tired. However, I didn't want to show weakness in front of the Lu Family. I used the wall as support as I steadied myself.

"You..." My mother-in-law was rendered speechless.

"Even if I don't deserve to be in the Lu Family, the truth is that I am Lu Jinshi's wife. Xue Yuning is just a mistress!" I continued to retort calmly. My tone was firm. I didn't back down at all.

"What's wrong with her being a mistress? If it weren't for the fact that our family has known each other for generations, and that Lu Jinshi's father pitied you, you wouldn't be able to marry into our family! You are just an orphan. Xue Yuning is the Xue family's daughter. She is better than you in every aspect..."

"Enough!" My mother-in-law's sarcastic words were interrupted by Lu Jinhua's cold voice. "This is a hospital. Isn't it shameful to quarrel here? Let's talk when we get home!"

After that, he turned around and left without any hesitation. He did not even think of explaining himself.

Looking at his cold back, I smiled mockingly.

According to my mother-in-law's words, she had long known that Xue Yuning was pregnant.

It turned out that everyone in the Lu Family had tacitly agreed that Xue Yuning was more worthy of being Lu Jinshi's wife.

As for me, I was just a burden.

I suddenly felt an inexplicable pain in my heart.

After the death of my parents, the Lu Family was my second family. Lu Jinshi was my biggest support. However, everything here doesn't seem to belong to me anymore.