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I turn to you

I turn to you




"Dance for me, Zen." She stared at me with her deadly glaze and started dancing. As her hips sway, I can't stop myself from calming down at once. "Bite me." My eyes widened, but I could still see her beauty as she approached me. She sat down on me and her lips immediately went to my neck. No doubt, she licked it and bit my neck as my jaw tightened and I started to kiss her. In between our kisses, I said, "You’re mine, Grayzen, all mine." And I realized she had a deadly taste that changed how I felt. Is it right to fall in love when you’re already promised to someone? Is it right to stay in a situation of uncertainty? Is it right to claim her, but I’m not hers to keep?

2 years ago

I was getting ready and checking my stuff before heading out to sing at the park. There’s no event, I just go there for busking, for extra income and to do what I love. I've been stressed these days, so I need to relax. Singing in front of people makes me relaxed. Singing songs that heal people brings peace to my heart.

I looked in the mirror and a woman was exposed, having the exact body average and up to my over-the-shoulder curly hair, I paused and thinking that I'm already 23 and I'm not yet sure what my future fate is. I quit school because we're short of money. Busking helps me see that you can earn a living will you’re enjoying things, this also helped me solve the financial problem that my mom is facing. I was about to leave the house when my uncle, my mom's second husband, disapproves. I never called him Dad because he never played the role of a father figure.

“You are leaving again. Aren’t you ashamed? Begging people for money? Instead of wasting your time, why don’t you find a sensible job?"

I was still busy organizing my stuff, so I just let those word passed over my shoulder. I became numb to any hurtful words he always says. My mother introduced Uncle to me 3 months after my father died. Even if it hurts for me, and I don’t want another father, but seeing my mom happy makes me happy. If only my mom didn't really actually love that man, I might have already answered him too in the most hurtful way.

"Mom, I'm heading out." I held onto her and kiss her cheek

“Be careful out there, dear” she said with a smile on her face. You can see the tiredness in those eyes. Since they both decided to move in, he has done nothing but enjoy the money that mama has invested that should be use for all the expenses here at home.

“Who will listen to your voice? You brat. If you pay more attention on getting requirements for your work organized you will not be devoured here. "


I glared at him and if my eyes have lasers, he’s probably slides by now. He was so brave to call me greedy, where in fact, he didn't help us; he just gave my mother resentment. I was about to speak when my mother stroked my arm and told me to leave first.

I fixed my guitar, speaker, and mic and everything that I would need. I said goodbye to my mom. When my uncle was about to say something more, I put on the earphones and started walking. At 5 pm, the park is usually packed because there are often a lot of people. It's just a short walk from our house, it’s great thought I can save money by walking.

I've entered the park, going to the usual spot with many of the same faces. Some people are already waiting for me waiting for me. I finally finished setting up my pace and I began to strum my guitar.

"Good evening. This song is dedicated to the people who thought life was just about storm and darkness." I just strummed the guitar, playing the intro to the song.

You know, there will be someone that will give you sunshine and rainbows. "It's a comforting rainbow that will give color to your life." Then gave them a sweet smile.


Day after day, I must face a world of strangers.

Where I don't belong, I'm not that strong.

It's nice to know that there's someone I can turn to.

Who will always care? You're always there.

When there's no getting over that rainbow,

When my smallest dreams won't come true.

I can take all the madness the world has to offer.

But I won't last a day without you.

As I sing, I pour everything out; emotions and how I let myself be carried by the song. As I continued to sing, I saw the people who felt my singing, swaying their hands. That's the most satisfying thing, that you feel the way when you sing, a person is healed.

Most of the people drop their money in the case of my guitar, some gathered and listen, and the others just pass me by, and that’s okay. The main reason I did this is to escape the problems I can’t face.

Everyone enjoyed the site. People attacked me. My container was almost full. And when I was about to count how much I earned,

"Hey, Zen. That's a lot of kid. "

A deafening voice disturbed my peaceful soul, in front of me I saw Uncle Arthur. My throat went dry and, feeling that something bad was going to happen, I hid behind me everything I had earned and he pulled it out.

"Uncle, that's mine. I worked hard on that. "

A trembling voice just left my mouth. I didn't know what to do and the people watching me couldn’t help to be bothered. There were people who wanted to get involved, but before they could do that, he shouted,

“Don't worry, it's a family conversation. I'm his dad. " He suddenly came over and whispered to me,

"Your mother is sick. Give me all this money because we need it more than you."

It hurts inside that every time he uses that lame excuses, I have no choice but to give up. I love my mom so much that I’m ready to do everything for her. I told everyone watching me that I’m fine and okay and that it’s just an emergency.

"Are you sure? If you or someone else requires assistance, please let us know. "One of my supporters said, I just smiled and assured them that everything was fine.

I arranged my belongings and looked for a secluded spot so that I release this suffocating feeling. When I fell to the ground due to the extreme shaking and pain, I felt from what happened. I was surprised to see a pair of men's shoes in front of me. I raised my gaze to see who it was then all of a sudden, he held my hand and put a paper in my hand. He gave me a heavenly smile and said

"The performance was lovely. Thank you for bringing me peace. "

Then he left, leaving me shocked by his grace and his deadly glaze, compelling scent, and very sweet smile. After the world brought me back to my senses, I looked at the paper in my hand, and I was really surprised that it was the reason why I stood up quickly.


I tried to give it back, but he suddenly disappeared. Leaving me clueless. That man’s back left a mark on my mind and kept asking myself, who he was and why he gave so much money.