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Living With The Pervert Housemate

Living With The Pervert Housemate



Short romance

This story isn't that good I'm telling you now- I may changed how this story and may be I will also change some of the scene .. If you wonder ,this is a smutty fanfiction .. If you're innocent- Just don't jdejbdekjsAlso sorry that I took such a long time to effin edit this story to a better one SKSKSKSKS- I'm a lazy ass bum what do you expect hun?

"Goodbye all of you ,I'll never come her back again"you said it to your ex housemate."Huh? I don't wanna see your face too hun. Hoping you die very soon."she started to laugh at you and walked away."I hope you die too.."you said it as an evil smirk plastered on your face.

That fucking dumb person always make me mad!Finally I will live with my new housemate in a very much better house.Just hoping they're not as dumb and annoying as my old housemate. I'm just sick of it.


*Your POV*

Why I knocked this door if there was a doorbell?The fuck..Finally someone open the door."Oh..Hello..".Okay..Kidding me?Kai?!"Oh..Umm..Hello"yeah..why the fuck am I being so fucking shy?"Are you the new housemate?Seems like you're the only one girl here".Fuck..Why you smirked at me?Pervert as fuck.."Come in come in"smirked while saying that?My heart.

"Yah hyung!Who is th—HOLY FUCK!","Yah!Can you don't be so fucking rude?"another one"Mmm..Before you guys..Start to say something like that..Better you guys introduce your self.."you start to look at them one by one."Ouh ouh..My name is Baro"he smiled at you"My name is Ilhoon..""My name is..Park Jimin..Just call me chimchim or oppa"he smirked at you"Ignore him..My name is Chanyeol and this is Kai"he pointed at Kai.Kai just put his hand up"Wonwoo."he only said his name and smile"My name is Mingyu'..

"You ask for our name..Now your turn"Mingyu looked at you and smirked"M..My name is y/n.."you start to stuttering and blush a little."Why are you blushing?Before they all be so fucking pervert,better I show you your room.Follow me"Wonwoo.

He lead you to your room.Both of you arrived in front of your room."This is your room..Hope you feel comfortable"Wonwoo open the door and your mouth open a little and he close your mouth smoothly with his right hand."Don't open your mouth like that..And I warn you to not bit,lick or touch your mouth in front of them.You will make their member hard.Hope you understand me"like always,that emo Wonwoo only said about that because he think that enough to warn you."M..Make their member..H..Hard?"you stuttering in shocked.Then he look down on his pants,you follow on where he looked at and then you gulp a little when you see his member already be so hard like a rock."Now..You understand what I mean?If yes,better you warn yourself to not bit,lick or touch your lips"he walked away after that.

*Your POV*

Hell yeah!Did I just looked at his fucking member?What the fuck am I doing just now.Why are you so dumb y/n ah!Relax,relax..Calm y/n,calm.I just hope that I can handle myself to not lick my lips.Dude,I always lick my lips.Shit!Better I get some shower.

You take some shower without locked your door plus you only bought your towel and before you get into the bathroom,you already naked plus you didn't bought your pajamas.While you were taking some shower,you heard something like a door is opened.You slide the curtain to looked at the door if there someone get into your bathroom while you were taking a shower.

After shower,you get out from your room without checking every side of the room.You take your cloth and put it on the bed.Then you feel something warmth wrapped on your waist.You jump a little in shocked."How was your shower?"there Mingyu wrapped both of his hand around you."M..Mingyu ah..What are you..Doing?"you asked him in stuttering"Nothing.."he let you go and walked away.You locked the door after he disappear."Shit shit shit"you start to mumble and wear your cloth on.


"Thanks for the food.I want to go to my room and then I wanted to sleep"you stand up and go to your room quickly after you remember on what Wonwoo just said to you."Yah Wonwoo..Did you tell her anything?"Chanyeol started to asked him"I just tell her to not bit,lick or touch her lips or she will make your member hard like a rock"he giggled a little and stand up.

*Your POV*

Fuck..I want to sleep now!It's 9:48 now..Another 10 minutes and I will sleep.Before that let me locked the door or one of them came in my room and do something dumb while I was sleeping like a corpse.