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Rich Heiress Goes Wild

Rich Heiress Goes Wild



Mianbei, a lawless territory Yu Manman was tricked by her younger sister into coming to Mianbei, What's worse, her sister turned against her, claiming she was in cahoots with the people of Mianbei Her fiance didn't believe her, and her adoptive parents even abandoned her She struggled miserably in Mianbei, her life was worse than death Just when she managed to find a way to escape, she was caught and brought back, and tormented to the verge of death! This place, it's hell! Ji Xuan was a guardian angel in this hell, shielding her from the wind and rain, and healing her diseases. She clung desperately to this saviour, fighting for survival, and escaping death...

"Manman, our graduation thesis is due soon and I'm still clueless. How about we go to Northern Myanmar to find some inspiration? What do you say?"

"But Northern Myanmar is quite dangerous, what if..."

"Oh come on, there are no what ifs. Without submitting my thesis, I can't graduate. Manman, please take me there!"

The scene transitions. The airport of Northern Myanmar appears.

"Yu Manman, you're such a fool. Once you're here, you've lost any chance to go back in your life!"

Immediately after, a muscular stranger emerges, holding a stick and whacking it on her head without mercy!

After a moment of dizziness, Yu Manman jerked her eyes open. It took her a few seconds to realize that she was just having a dream.

Yet, the throbbing pain at the back of her head reminded her that everything was real... She really was in Northern Myanmar!

What kind of place is Northern Myanmar?

A place where drug trafficking, murder, and fraud go unchecked. A veritable paradise for criminals!

The more she thought about it, the more terrified she became. Especially since she was in a place that looked like a prison cell, eerily quiet all around.

"Help! Anyone?"

Just as these words fell from her lips, the muscular man from her dream appeared.

He was carrying a black sack. Without uttering a word, he bundled Yu Manman into the sack as if she were livestock.

Her hands were bound and her mouth was gagged. With that, she was thrown into the trunk of a car.

She didn't know how much time had passed before someone threw her out of the bag. Yu Manman discovered that it was a barren hill, and several other like her were tied up around her.

The one closest to her was a girl, her hair dyed golden, her body was curvy, both beautiful and sexy.

Especially, she was wearing a bodycon dress, paired with black stockings.

The girl met Yu Manman's gaze and managed to squeeze out a smile that was uglier than crying.

"My name is Yao Yue. What's yours?"

"Shut up, both of you!" The man holding the gun was glaring at them with a displeased expression, as if he would kill them on the spot if they didn't cooperate.

Yu Manman was trembling with fear as this was the first time she had seen a gun in her life.

She looked around and found that her younger sister Yu Ranran was not among those tied up. Unconsciously, she remembered that dream…

"Ranran, is it really you who wants to harm me?"

She couldn't believe it!

"Dare to speak again?" The man hit Yu Manman's head with the butt of his gun in anger. Her small body couldn't bear this, and a lot of blood flowed out instantly, dying her pretty face red.

From a distance, she looked like a life-demanding ghost.

After a day's journey through the mountains, the group arrived at a huge park.

The park was hidden in the deep forest, with a heavy color tone inside that made people feel uneasily.

Only heard a "clank", the iron gate was opened by someone.

Yu Manman looked up to see two characters on top of the building: Prison.

How could there be a prison here?

She hesitated for a second before she was kicked in the back. The man said impatiently, "Hurry up, ugly!"

Yu Manman's injury hadn't healed, and her waist felt like it was going to break. Despite the pain, she didn't dare to delay and forced herself to keep up.

She wasn't ugly. It was just that her entire face was covered in blood from her injuries, and the journey had smeared her with mud. She hadn't cleaned herself at all.

Her hair was stuck together, obscuring half of her face, she looked quite scary.

The bound people were led into an office. Sitting in the center of the room was a young man, legs crossed, surveying them all disdainfully.

Before he could speak, someone reported from outside, "Brother Wang, someone is bringing money to redeem a hostage."

"Redeem? It's not cheap here, tell him to come in."

Yu Manman was overjoyed. She had a feeling that it must be her fiancé, Gu Yunhao who was coming to save her.

She looked excitedly towards the door, and sure enough, she saw the familiar face of Gu Yunhao.

The one they call Brother Wang didn't beat around the bush, he stated his demand bluntly, "One billion for each person. Cash in hand, goods in exchange. No credit."

Yu Manman joyfully said, "Yunhao, I know you wouldn't abandon me."

Brother Wang looked at the two of them with interest and asked, "You want to take her away, right? Pay up."

Gu Yunhao unhesitatingly took out a leather suitcase, opened it, and pushed it in front of Brother Wang, "No, not her, it's another one."

While saying this, Yu Ranran, with teary red eyes, was escorted into the room.

She was disheveled, with her body covered in bruises.

Upon seeing Yu Manman, she trembled with fear, pitifully hiding into Gu Yunhao's arms, and cried out, "Sister, please don't sell me! I promise to stay far away from Brother Hao in the future."

"I'll stop talking to mom and dad, and from now on, you'll be the only Miss Yu. Myanmar's North is terrifying, please stop ordering people to hit me, I'm so scared!"

Gu Yunhao held her protectively in his arms, a look of heartache on his face. He comforted her, "As long as I'm here, no one will dare hurt you."

As he said this, Gu Yunhao glared coldly at Yu Manman. If looks could kill, she would have died a million times over.

"Yu Manman, you truly are heartless. The Yu family has worked hard to raise you, and even if they receive no merit, they surely have endured much hardship. You not only refuse to show gratitude, but you also trick Ranran into coming to Northern Myanmar and sell her to swindlers in the park?"

"I was wrong about you! As despicable a person as you should be left here for good to pay for your actions!"

Yu Manman never had expected that the obedient and adorable Yu Ranran would set a trap for her...

She quickly explained, "That's not true, I did not sell her. Ranran wanted to come to Myanmar for inspiration and asked me to bring her..."

"Right." Yu Ranran cried even harder, speaking in pure fear, "It's all my fault. I asked my sister to take me to Myanmar, and the people who tried to rape me were also summoned by me to act in this drama. My sister is innocent, none of this has anything to do with her."

Hearing this, Gu Yunhao’s gaze grew more intense, as if he would like nothing more than to skin Yu Manman alive.

"I didn't! You’re lying..." Yu Manman’s words were cut off by a heavy slap from Gu Yunhao.

She hadn't eaten for days and was devoid of any strength. The sudden slap threw her off balance and she fell to the ground.

Yu Manman covered her face in shock looking at Gu Yunhao, the man she had loved for ten years.

So it turned out that he was this heartless and scary, and he didn't believe her from beginning to end.

"You believe everything Yu Ranran says, but everything I say is a lie?" Yu Manman roared back, "Then why am I tied up here too?"

Gu Yunhao scoffed, "Isn’t this all a performance you orchestrated? Aren't these all actors you hired? It's all revealed now, and you're still acting? What's the fun in that?"

Having said that, he took out a card from his pocket, placed it on the table, and told Brother Wang, "There are 20 million in it. It's yours. Go ahead and torment her as much as you like. Just don't kill her."