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His Amazing Reborn Journey

His Amazing Reborn Journey



The big bastard Bai Yucheng had gone through the reincarnation and was reborn as a weak scholar. He was married to the newlyweds. He did not know how to be gentle to girls, which made the girl shy and angry and kicked him out of the house in a fit of anger...

The breeze was gentle and the rain was gentle. In the spring weather, Qing River in Western City was enveloped in a misty rain.

It rained all night. Although the spring was warm, it was still quite chilly along the Qing River.

Food was a three-story restaurant. It was built near the river and had a good location and an excellent environment. However, it had been closed for half a month. Even the tables, chairs, and benches in the restaurant had been moved out.

"You are all bandits." A tall girl stood at the door, pointing at the people who moved the furniture, scolding them in a crying tone.

She was called Lin Xiaohuan, the owner of the food, but the owner was about to change hands.

"Miss, where is the son-in-law? How could he disappear after such a big thing happened?" A 15 or 16-year-old girl angrily asked on the side.

"My son-in-law..."

Thinking of this son-in-law, Lin Xiaohuan's face showed a sign of shyness and anger. After getting married for ten days, she did not promise to marry him. Last night, when she saw how pitiful he was, she decided to give herself to him.

At first, she thought that he would be gentle to her, but she didn't expect that this Ha Chilie was a master in brothels. He had all kinds of postures and movements, which made the girl shy and angry. She was not in good health this morning.

She could only blame herself for being a weirdo. The ladies were all pretty girls from humble families and were very smart and cute. However, she had grown up and was born in a merchant family. She had yet to learn the zither, chess, calligraphy and painting, so she could be considered an expert.

In this society, people were divided into various grades and ranks. One Emperor, Two Emperors, Three Civils, Four Civils, Four Civils, Five Doctors, Six Doctors, Six Doctors, Six Patients, Six people, and Nine Beggars. These merchants were only divided into six grades, so their social status was naturally not high.

She was the only daughter of Xiaohuan's parents. She wanted to marry a good family for her. However, it was not too bad. When she was older than 19 years old, she finally became a leftover daughter. There was not even a matchmaker.

A year ago, her parents were killed when they went out. Xiaohuan was alone and forced to live a tough life.

The neighbors saw that she was pitiful and introduced her to a poor scholar.

Seeing that he was steady, the girl decided to marry him. She didn't expect that the seemingly honest scholar turned out to be a Mask. Those shameful actions, without countless practice, were not so skilled.

After being insulted last night, Lin Xiaoyu's Second Uncle came here this morning with his men to force her to pay the debt and took away her only table, chair, and chair. Lin Xiaohuan felt wronged and sad, so she squatted on the ground and began to cry.

Bao'er had been her maid since she was a child. When she saw how pitiful her mistress was, she gritted her teeth angrily and stuck her hand on her waist. She said angrily, "Miss, wait for me. I'm going to find that heartbreaker."


Western City was a big city with prosperous commercial development. There were four commercial markets in the east, south, east, west, and west. Every day, businessmen came and went.

On a street of the East Market, a young man in a long gown was curiously looking around.

His face was jade-like, his brows were sharp, and his amber-like eyes were filled with innocence. Yet, there were also a few traces of unhappiness and unhappiness floating in them.

His name was Bai Yuqing. Ever since he came here from time-travel to spend time with the girl in the same room, he had finally brought comfort to his lost heart.

Beneath the grievance, disappointment, and sadness, he indulged himself to his heart's content, and mercilessly vented out the unfairness of fate.

But she only wanted to vent her anger and didn't take care of Ning Xueyan's health. As a result, she made him unhappy, crying and scolding him in the morning.

Feeling depressed, Bai Yuqing decided to run away from home. She was very curious about this Long Dynasty that she had never heard of before, and as such, she wandered around the city.

In his previous life, he had been a troublemaker for many years and had made a name for himself in society. He had his own enterprise and was prepared to enjoy his life. However, an accident happened.

It was good that he came to this era. God still took care of him. At first, he couldn't accept it, but after venting his anger with the girl, he accepted his fate.

Thinking of Lin Xiaohuan's delicate body, she felt warm. In fact, she was her family member.

With this in mind, Bai Yuqing planned to go back and apologize to her and live a good life with her. She had a restaurant. If she could run the restaurant well with her own business brain, she could live a successful life in this era.

As he was walking on the road, a little girl suddenly appeared in front of him. Her tender little face was covered with a layer of frost, and her hands were on her hips. She glared at him, looking really unruly.

"Sir, you're in a good mood. Miss and I were bullied at home, but you're shopping."

Why did this little girl look so familiar?

Bai Yucheng looked her up and down. She was not very old, but she was well-developed and had a curvy body.

He also called her "son-in-law", because some memories of this body gradually came to his mind.

Bai Yucheng, with the same name and surname, was a down-and-out scholar. His family was poor and his parents died early. He made a living by doing odd jobs for others in the Supreme Academy of Western City. Later, he was introduced to Lin Xiaohuan by people.

Although they had been married for ten days, his wife did not treat him well and even did not allow him to sleep at night. The result was that he was ashamed and angry and died.

Oh, it turned out that he was pissed off.

Recalling some of the past experiences of the original owner, Bai Yucheng recognized that this little girl was Lin Xiaohuan's maid, called Bao'er.

"Bao'er, right?" Looking at the fierce little girl, Bai Yucheng smiled and said, "Let's go back."

"Hum..." The little girl pouted, turned around and left.

Bai Yuqing smiled and followed behind her, thinking that this girl was really something.

Before they could go far, someone came and grabbed his hand, saying, "Brother Bai, you are here."

"You are..." There were two people's memories in Bai Yuqing's head and they were a little confused.

"You've become stupid after marriage, right? Don't you even remember your old classmates?" The man said with a little surprise and anger.

At this time, a name slowly emerged in Yucheng's mind. He suddenly remembered that the name of this person was Dai Tianling, who wrote in Western City Academy of Science and Technology like him.

To put it bluntly, they were the type of people who specialized in copying. One of them had a professional name called "Incense Book". It was the lowest rank in the Academy, but in fact, it was a kind of coolie.

"I'm just joking with you. Is there something you need from me?" Bai Yuqing asked with a sycophantic smile.

"I heard the teacher speak ill of you in front of you today. I think he wants to dismiss you because he wants to send his men in. Quick, prepare some gifts for you." Dai Tianling reminded him kindly.

Bai Yuqing blinked her eyes. Through her memory, she knew that this was not a good job. She spent a whole night writing on a desk and earned three to six hundred taels of silver every month. She was often bullied and looked down upon by the students.

If this had happened in the past, Bai Yuqing would definitely have been unable to accept it. But now?

He smiled faintly and said, "Let's leave it to fate. Thank you very much. Brother Dai, I'll buy you a drink some other day."

After saying that, he saw Bao'er staring at him and quickly ran after her.

Dai Tianling was speechless and did not react for a long time. It seemed that Bai Yucheng was not worried at all. This was a job that many down-to-earth talents dreamed of.


At this moment, it was time to eat. Lin Xiaohuan looked at the empty room and her heart was filled with sorrow. The estate that her parents had left her was going to have a new owner in the near future.

It started a month ago, Lin Shuhai, her second uncle, who was the same father as her father, was suddenly holding an loan slip with the words "Her father borrowed 5,000 taels of silver, and food as a pledge.

Lin Xiaohuan didn't know about this at all, and she couldn't figure out why her father borrowed money.

Originally, their family lived a prosperous life. Although they were not rich and prestigious, they were still a major family. A year ago, their father wanted to do a business and take out all the money in the family. As a result, as soon as they left the city, they were targeted by bandits. Not only did they steal the money, but even they were also killed.

That was why Lin Xiaohuan sold his goods for 5,000 taels of silver. Thus, her Second Uncle, Lin Shuhai, harassed her every day and forced her to pay for her food.

At first, he could still put on a nice front. But today, he directly moved all the tables, chairs, and benches in the restaurant and gave them three days to leave.

As the rain poured down, Lin Xiaohuan felt that things were not going well. Her fate was like a duckweed, and she did not know where it was going to float to.

At this moment, the door was kicked open and a fat man with a greasy face came in.

His fat was trembling all over, and his belly was pressed against his clothes. He was tall with red bumps all over his face, just like the skin of a chicken that had been boiled by boiling water.

"Give me a pot of wine, two pounds of spiced beef, and a stack of braised peanuts."

"Ah, that..." Lin Xiaohuan quickly wiped away her tears and said with a smile on her face, "Sir, our food is going to close soon. Please come in a while."

"Close the door? This door is not closed." The obese man snorted. "Do you look down on me?"

"No, no. Look, our place is empty. It's really not open yet." Lin Xiaohuan hurriedly explained, afraid of offending anyone.

"Humph, little lady, I'm going to eat here today. Hand me the wine and meat, otherwise, hehe..." When the fat man said this, he looked at Lin Xiaohuan with his small eyes as big as soybeans. He grinned and said, "Otherwise, I'll let you have a taste of it."

"You... stinking rogue..." Lin Xiaohuan finally understood. This person was not here to eat at all, but to bully others.

"How dare you scold me. I'm going to spank you." The fat man showed a fierce look at the moment. He opened his hands and the eagle rushed toward the girl in the shape of catching a chicken.

"Ah..." Lin Xiaohuan had never imagined that such a ruffian would come in broad daylight. She ran to the door in a panic and happened to run into a person.

Originally, she was tall and slim, and she was so scared that she fainted. She bit the man's shoulder and grabbed his neck with her hands.

"Ouch, loosen your mouth. It hurts."

Lin Xiaohuan came back to her senses when she heard that something was wrong. She looked up tearfully and saw that it was the white jade that had taken a thousand cuts.