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My Hot Alien Boyfriend

My Hot Alien Boyfriend




“Do you know, Hannah, for a long time it was just a simple mark on my palm. No life.” “Really? But why is it like that now?” I asked while looking at the mark on his palm that was now blazing like fire. Hannah Santiago is an ordinary 4th year Highschool Student, not popular at school and often bullied by being slow. But her ordinary life, she never thought would change and be exciting with the arrival of Xenos Brothers, Patrick, Michael, Chris and Tyler. Handsome, burly young men possessing various powers. What is the reason for them to go to Earth? What are they up to? And what role will they play in Hannah’s life?


I was awakened. I heard the sound of the alarm clock on my side table. I detonated a bomb, poured acid and then chopped it finely. But ofcourse, it’s just a joke! Wahaha!

It’s annoying because I’m still sleepy. I still want to sleep and then suddenly it sounds to disturb my bery deep sleep. I still dreamed of my crush star in the TV drama that I watched every night before I go to sleep.

“A little more sleep, about five minutes. It’s only six in the morning.” I whispered to myself as I lay down on the bed again. I’m also continue earlier. It still stopped where my crush confessed his love for me!

I fell asleep again, in case I had less than five minutes when I woke up again because of a series of knocks on my door. I ignored that. It’s probably just my sister karen, our vine maid. I’ll be told again, maybe I’ll wake up because I might be late at school again. But it’s still early. I won’t spread the five minutes. I will sleep again!

“Ma’am Hannah,” she said at the same time knocking on the door. “Ma’ am Hannah. Aren’t you going to school? Because it’s already 6:30 in the morning. 7:00 A.M. is the beggining of the class. You’re late, Ma’am Hannah.”

“Sister karen is funny. What 6:45...” I stopped what I was going to say when I looked at the clock. I got up from my bed again because it was 6:30! I’ll be late again! Did I sleep that long? But it seems like it’s only five minutes for me. Waaaaaaaaah!

I get up immidiately. I didn’t take a bath because I took a bath last night. I immidiately took my uniform from my cabinet and hurriedly put it on. I couldn’t comb my hair either, I just tied my hair. I took my bag and threw all my schools supplies there. I ran out the door. Ate karen was even surprised when I suddenly came out. I went downstairs, I just went through the kitchen where I was sure Mom was there.

“Mom, I’m leaving. Bye!” I said to her.

“Wait, Hannah! Aren’t you going to eat?”

“No. Okay, I’m late!”

I was already at the main door and ready to go out when I remembered that I didn’t have a toothbrush yet! Argh! Of all I can forget, that’s all! But I’m really late. I’ll just brush my teeth at school, I won’t talk so no one will notice. Wahahaha!

I immdiately got in the car ready for my exit. Manong Ed knew I was late, so he immidiately started the car so I could get to school.

“Bye, Manong Ed! Thankyou! You’re my savior!!” I say goodbye to Manong Ed while getting out of the car.

When we arrive at school, I still have a fee minutes to run from the school parking lot to our classroom so I won’t be considered as late.

Run, Hanna! RUN!

I was running towards the building where my classroom was when I noticed something, the female students I met were running out of the building.

What’s up?

“Eeeee!!! Did you see them how handsome they are?”

“The red hair is hottest”

“No, the blue hair”

“Blonde for me”

“The green hair is cuter”

Huh?! What are they talking about? Aliens? Why is their hair is that color? Red? Blue? Green? What are they? Power Rangers? Wahahaha!

“Miss, Miss, what are you talking about?” My gossip is coming again.

“Ewww! It stinks. Miss, Did you brush your teeth?” I immidiately covered my mouth. What the heck?! I forgot I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet! Wait, why am I here? I’m late!

I ran into building again. I was at the entrance of the building when I remembered something again. My project! Now the submission! I can’t not pass it on now because Miss Saavedra might scold me again! I could see again the smoke in her ears and the masculinity of his nostrils due to annoyance!

I put my hand in the pocket of my skirt to get my phone. Not here! I opened my bag and pulled it out. Waaaaah! Not here! I think I left my phone at home.

I kept up with the women running. But my purpose is different, I have to catch up with Manong Ed in the parking lot. I hope it’s a miracle, I hope e wasn’t left yet. Please, Lord. Please.

“Run again, Hannah! RUN!” I was talking to myself while running when suddenly something hit the end of my shoe. I stumbled.

But everything seemed to suddenly slow motion. It’s like I’m flying. Seems like a long way to go. Huh? One of the Power Rangers? I will fall for him! Stay away! Stay away!

But it was too late, I ran into him and worse of all, I fell from him. Even my snout into him—in the lips. Waaaaaah! Hannaaaaaaaah!

I left immidiately and sat down next to him. He was just staring at me. The evil he thinks. Oh my god! He can smell my mouth?! Can not! You’re embarrassing, Hannah! You’ll be fed on the ground! Now!

“OH MY GOD!!! She kissed that super hot red haired guy?! Ewww! Isn’t she the bad breath who talked to us earlier? Ewwww!” I heard the woman I talked earlier. He really needs to brag about that?! Yes, I have bad breath! It’s not everyday! Just for now! I’m in a hurry because I got up late, I’m going to brush my teeth when I arrive at school. But can I still explain that to them? I was embarrassed!

“Miss, I’ll help you to stand up,” blue haired said as he reached out his hand to me. But I didn’t accept his help. I got up immidiately and then I ran outside.

I went to the school garden, because there were big trees here with chairs made of stacked stones under them. This is where I often go when I want to be alone and meditate. Nothing much goes here. Maybe they have no interest in plants and they don’t want to get dirty. This part of the school is not concrete.

I sat on the bench under the tree, then I cried. I accept that I am not one of the famous students who study at our school. Because I'm stupid, I'm not smart, my grades are almost a pity. I don't know, even if I study, my grades are still really low. Even if Mom and Dad's tutor hired me, there was still nothing. Every time I see the test papers during the exam, my brain immediately goes blank. Every time I recite and the teacher calls me, I stutter. I only got into this school because of my Dad. My Dad is a businessman, we have a lot of money so my Dad is one of the sponsors of the school. That's the only reason I'm here. But my family's money could not cover my stupidity and mistakes.

Those who make friends with me, they just want me to always deliver them. At first, it was okay with me. All right, so that even if I don't have a real friend, I have someone with me. Somehow, I feel like I belong. But that's also annoying, especially if I accidentally heard the bad things they say about you. It hurts. So I just avoid it. But even though my world is like this, I am still a happy person. So I'll just laugh at it!

“Wahahahaha! Hannah! Don't affect them! They don't even know you! You are better than them, because you are kind! You don't hurt other people! ” convincing myself to somehow, ease my feelings.


“Ay!” I was startled when someone suddenly spoke next to me and grabbed my shoulder. I turned around, it was him. The man with blue hair. "Are you still there?" I asked as I wiped away my tears. After I said that, I immediately covered my mouth. I remember that I didn't even brush my teeth.

He handed me something. Candy. Breath Mints. I took it immediately and put it in my mouth.


“You know, that happened to me too. I forgot to brush my teeth in a hurry so I wouldn't be late for school.”


"That's why you're bad—"

“Oops! Do not continue. Yes, I know what you're going to say. But why do you know the reason? Do you have powers? Can you read my brain? ” He just laughed. In fact, what I said was really funny. Hey Hannah, you're really stupid. Why does he have powers ?! Besides, maybe he just said that to ease your heart. Suppose he can relate to your situation.

“Wait, what are you doing here? Why did you follow me? Go back to class, you’re late. Don’t be like me.”

"Because it fell off your belongings," he handed me my notebook.

“Thankyou. Go ahead, enter your classroom. I will enter my classroom later, when everyone has forgotten the scene I did before.”

“They have forgotten that. Come on, come with me. We are in the same class. ” He immediately took my hand so I got up and we walked together.

"How did you know we were in the same class?" I asked him as we walked into the building. He did not answer. He seems to hear nothing. Hey, very handsome but deaf. When I looked at him, he was smiling. Her weird, smiling alone, smiling for no reason.

When we entered the classroom, our teacher Mrs. Saavedra. Miraculously, Ma’am’s head seemed cold. He didn't scold us even though we arrived late to class. Then my classmates, they don't tease me anymore. It's refreshing. It seems that what this man said earlier is true. They immediately forgot what happened earlier. But why? How?

Blue hair was introduced to the class, because he is a new student here. He's late, because he's second grading. He was well received here at school. His name is Patrick Xenos. The last name is strange.

After introducing patrick, Ma’am already told him where to sit. I went straight to my seat. But I was surprised when I looked to the right. The red hair! Waaaaaaah !!! And how bad he looks at me! Then his hands, closed. His mva nails just barely sank into his palm. He's angry! Waaaaaah! It's like he wants to kill me!

I pulled my chair away from him a little. He's really scary. Even though I was a little farther away from him, his eyes still reached me. Scary.

I raised my hand. “Ma’am! May I go out?”

“Okay, Hannah. But be quick. The class is about to start.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” I already took my bag. I quickly stood up and walked out of the classroom. I went straight to CR. I brushed my teeth there and when it was over I just stood in front of the mirror. I'm thinking how can I apologize for having red hair. I didn't see the rock. All I know is, it seems like it just didn't exist before, it seems like it just suddenly appeared on the ground to let me go. Hey ... what am I going to do?

I was leaving the CR when I noticed smoke coming out of the boys' CR. Because the CR of girls and boys is just the same. And because I was a great curiosity, I approached. You know, there might be a fire inside their CR.

I was near the door when the red -haired man suddenly came out of there. I shouted while running out of the girls' CR. I just peeked to see if he was still there. And he's even there! He thinks badly of me again. Scary!

“Tss...Crazy...” he said before leaving.

Me, Crazy?! Who could look more mad at us and look like a killer ?! Diba sya ?! Besides, he's really scary! I would probably scream in fear! Hmp! Kainis, the idiot, the weird!

I was returning to the classroom when suddenly someone called my name. Turns out, it's Manong Ed. And he brought my project! "Ma'am, your Mom said you left."

“Thankyou po, Manong Ed! You’re really my Savior!”

“Go ahead, Ma’am Hannah. Go back to your class.”

“Okay po, thankyou again!”