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She Belongs To Me

She Belongs To Me

Author:A Du Ra



Alexander Edward is a wealthy and famous man he had a deal with Mr Alfred and in exchange for the deal he gave his daughter out, his daughter was maltreated by Alex and when her dad decided to cancel every deal he had with Alex so he could take his daughter back Alexander became angry and kill just to have angel back


My entire life I had been preparing for this day. I always knew that I was never going to be able to choose whom to marry because I was a woman. I didn't have the right to choose. My opinions and feelings didn't matter to anyone, not even my own family.

Leaving all bad thought behind me, I studied myself in the mirror. I was wearing a white and golden dress, and my brown hair was combed back beautifully with golden hairpins in shape.

my door bell rang, "Good morning angel", I turn to check who it was, My mom, she stood in front of me admiring my beauty "come have your breakfast dear".

******At the dinning table******


"yes daddy".....

"There's something I want to tell you, I have planned your marriage with Alexander the famous richest business man everyone knows".

"WHAT!!!,.....but dad I don't know this Alexander how can you just fix me with someone I don't know".

"you will know him soon" dad replied, i left feeling sad.

Angel is in love with a guy in her university days how can I love anyone else angel thought, i was heartbroken because i knew i have no right to choose for myself whom to marry. i lay on my bed and slept off.

The sound of the alarm woke angel up from her sleep. she had to catch up with the subway to get to her workplace early.

she had her breakfast after she finished getting ready, angel went to the subway.

"Morning madam", angel said gently to Mrs Lauren the owner of the shop where she worked,

"oh you've come on time", Great.

at 7pm her workshop was closed.


Alexander Mansion

Alex got up from his bed getting ready to visit Angel's home, He's tall, broad-shoulder and his thick black hair fell over his shoulders...... Alex is a rude, arrogant and short tempered man.

On getting there, Alex rudeness towards my parent made me hate him the more but my parent can't do anything anymore because they've already made a deal.

" Are you alright my lady?" asked Alexander but she replied with a frown because she was not happy with the way he disrespected her parent in her presence.

"Can we go on a date?", asked Alex,

" No I won't go to anywhere with someone like you", angel replied.

Alex got angry and raise his hand on angel, he drag her closer you belong to me, you're mine so you don't have any right to talk to me like that and for what you just did you will be punish. Alex took angel hand and take her to the tap and put on the tap and ask her to stand under the running tap for hours. angel was so cold and became I'll for days her mom cried and ask her dad to stop this deal of a thing because Alexander won't be the best man for our Daughter he is a beast and will kill our daughter or can't you see the condition he has brought our daughter into but he was afraid because he know Alex can do anything just to have her because he had made it known to him that angel belong to him alone and no one can take her away from him.

Next day Alexander came to visit angel to know how she is fairing.,

"Hello my lady how are you doing"? Alex asked,

"yeah I am.... I am..... fine", replied angel.

Next day I was up for me to go to work, on my way to the workshop just then I stepped on my dress and stumbled forward almost falling before a strong arm came around my waist and saved me from ruining myself in public, straightening myself I looked up to who it was, looking up my eyes met a pair of golden eyes.

" Are you alright ma'am?" asked the man in front of me with a frown, if I had knot in my stomach before now suddenly I had butterflies as I gazed into his eyes, who was the man? I had never seen him before I thought to myself,.....

"Hello ma'am" he said tapping me

" oh yes yes I am fine", I replied.

He bowed elegantly before turning around and leaving.

I thought to myself " That's one good looking man".... but I will soon get married and didn't have the luxury to look at other men.

I take a deep breath and continue my journey to my workshop, meanwhile Alexander has been watching everything that happened between me and the unknown savior, he's face was full with anger he came down to me and grab my hand so tight

"Ahh!!! you are hurting me Alex",

"yes let me hurt you so you will feel the pain you just made me feel by letting that man touch you" Alex replied angrily.

He took me into his car and drove off to my parent there he made a warning never to see me return back to that workshop anymore,

"I don't want to ever see you work again, I don't want you to work, anything you need just let me know I will give it to you",

"No Alex I don't want to depend on you I want to earn my own money" said angel. before she know he has landed her a hot slap,

"Ohh so you want to work so that you can allow more men to touch you again right?, never will I allow such to repeat itself again, you belong to me, you are mine alone no man will ever touch you ever again except me and if by any chance I ever see you with any man then I will kill your parent, kill you and then I will kill myself so I can still be with you even in death, he then left angrily leaving angel in tears.