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Abandoned Wife's Counterattack

Abandoned Wife's Counterattack



What? she was reborn and transmigrated! But why did she transmigrate into a fat woman! As a young lady from a martial arts family in a previous life, shouldn't she be some noble lady!? Moreover, the family was impoverished, and her husband did not like her. Zuo Chunhua sighed, since this was the case, I would show you the cooking skills of my previous life! She created many dishes that no one here has ever eaten, which attracted everyone to follow suit. As a result, some people couldn't stand it, so they attacked her husband. She sneered, it seems that I can't hide the fact that I know martial arts!

"Ouch... it hurts..."

When Zuo Chunhua opened her eyes, the suffocating feeling of being crushed by a stone disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by a sense of fresh relief. She inhaled deeply. 

When she opened her eyes, what she saw was an antique ancient building. She struggled to stand up.

"It's strange. I was buried by the earthquake, wasn't I?"

The remaining consciousness in her head seemed to flash past, and fragments rushed in unscrupulously. The chaotic fragments were like the waves of water in the deep sea, overwhelming. 


Zuo Chunhua curled up in pain. When she turned over, she fell to the ground. With a cloud of dust, she even knocked over a pile of things around her.

The people outside seemed to have heard the noise inside. With a bang, someone opened the door. A group of aggressive people rushed toward Zuo Chunhua, all of them furious. 

"What's going on?"

Zuo Chunhua was so shocked that she quickly crawled back and rubbed her head. The memories in her mind were still merging, which made her grimace in pain.

She glanced at the ancient clothes that would only appear in TV series, and then glanced at the antique decorations around her.

"Did I time travel?" 

She held her head, which was about to explode, and asked, looking up at the sky.

She was just looking at a recipe that her elders gave her, who knew that she would suddenly be trapped in an earthquake?

If Zuo Chunhua could predict the future, she would not have been so disobedient. She would have taught herself in the modern day to behave herself. 

"See, now let's see what dynasty you've ended up in!" 

She managed to sort out her memories. Then, she raised a hand to block the people who rushed past. "Wait, wait a minute!"

So many people rushed over at once, she was afraid that she might be trampled. 

Zuo Chunhua clumsily got up from the ground. She patted the dirt on her clothes and shook her head hard, driving the dizziness out of her mind. Then she glanced at the people in front of her. 

She didn't know what kind of sins her previous self had committed, but when those people saw her, their eyes actually carried a bit of fear.

"Cough cough..."

She stood up, smoothed out the suffocation in her chest, and tried to move her body to ensure that her limbs were intact. 

She did not want to be trampled upon, she did not want to be disabled. 

"Chunhua, are you all right?"

The person who spoke was a middle-aged woman. Her clothes were ragged and her face was covered with tears. She looked anxiously at Zuo Chunhua, who had woken up, looking sad. 

The corner of Zuo Chunhua's mouth twitched. "Why is she still calling me by this name even though I've already traveled through time and space?" she thought. 

She searched her memory in her mind and recognized that it was the mother-in-law of the body she was in, Madam Lu.

Before she could say anything, a strong woman rolled up her sleeves and pulled Zuo Chunhua behind her. She was like an old hen protecting its chicken. She raised her head and put her hands on her waist. "What are you talking about? Chunhua is fine, are you blind? Or did you WISH that something would happen to her? That would've made you happy, huh?"

Hearing her words, Madam Lu, who had been cowering, trembled. 

As for Zuo Chunhua, she was pulled hard by the woman and almost fell to the ground again. She glanced at the woman in front of her. Although she was not as ragged as Madam Lu, she was not luxurious as well. 

This was her original mother, Madam Ma. 

"Chunhua, are you okay? Someone said that you were not going to survive?"

Madam Ma glanced at the doctor who had treated Zuo Chunhua just now and then looked at Madam Lu, who was about to collapse to the ground. "Did you collude with each other to hurt our Chunhua and deliberately scare her?"

Zuo Chunhua rolled her eyes. It was not that she couldn't keep her original body. Otherwise, she wouldn't have taken advantage of it.

As soon as she opened her mouth, another strong man rushed over. He touched Zuo Chunhua's face lovingly and said, "My poor sister has lost weight! I don't know how many grievances she has suffered in your family! Where is that fool? Ask him to come out!"

Zuo Chunhua's face was pulled by the man, and her forehead twitched. The two brothers of the Zuo family, Zuo Daniu and Zuo Erniu, were in front of her. This was her brother... the eldest son of the Zuo family.

Including herself, they were the three musketeers. 

Zuo Chunhua looked at her waist silently. It was thick. How could she still be called skinny? Her brother must be too arrogant. 

"Madam Ma, I was the one who pushed her. If you have any anger, come at me."

Hearing that, Zuo Chunhua glanced at the crowd. Her second brother was carrying the person who had just spoken, like an eagle carrying a chicken.

Seeing the person speak, Zuo Erniu straightened his neck. His arm was thicker than the man's thigh. As he spoke, he waved his fist and shouted in a rough voice, "How dare you push my sister! Don't try to talk yourself out of it. You must have done something stupid!" 

Madam Lu wanted to say something but stopped herself. 

"Yan An was locked up in the woodshed by me. It wasn't him."

Zuo Chunhua glanced over and saw that the man was pulled by Zuo Erniu. His face was black and blue, and his robe, which had been washed white, was torn into tatters. His hair was also in a mess.

As he spoke, he looked at Zuo Chunhua and glared at her. She struggled to free herself from Zuo Erniu brother's grasp and walked over to hold on to the shivering Madam Lu.

After careful identification, Zuo Chunhua recognized that it was her original husband... Yan Shi.

Although she didn't know what to say, the memory in her mind told her that the person who pushed her was her brother-in-law, Yan An.

She did not know whether to laugh or to cry. 

She didn't wake up until noon. When she saw that the cold pot and the cold stove didn't leave her any food, she scolded her mother-in-law in the yard and scolded Yan An, who had picked up the firewood, for cooking for her. Yan An had always been a fool, so how could he know how to cook? He rushed to chase after her with a stick and beat her. Yan An, who was in a hurry, accidentally pushed her and accidentally hit her head on the stone steps.

"How pitiful."

Countless scenes of her bullying her husband, scolding her mother-in-law and her cousin. She couldn't help looking at Yan Shi with sympathy and immediately understood his intention to take responsibility.

He just wanted to sacrifice himself to protect his younger brother. What a good brother.

Yan Shi was stunned by her sudden glance.

"You still have a reason? The two families of Yan and Zuo are getting married. It's fine if you don't want to call our parents "father" and "mother", but I don't want Chunhua to suffer after she is married to you!" 

Madam Ma patted her daughter's stout arm and said, "Listen up! It's all because of Chunhua. What else do you have to say? Don't be afraid, Chunhua. We'll back you up today!"

As soon as she finished speaking, the two brothers of the Zuo family behind her also responded, "Yes! Don't be afraid, Chunhua!"

Zuo Chunhua said nothing. 

Only then did she realize that the people here were standing in two teams on their own accord. One was the villagers who were watching the fun, and the other was the family members who supported her.

"Madam Ma, what you said is ridiculous. I have never wronged her!"

Yan Shi replied angrily. His whole body was covered in dust, and he was about to gasp for breath. Zuo Chunhua was really worried that he would pass out in a fit of anger.

He didn't know whether it was because he felt sorry for the scholar in his village being bullied like this, but as soon as Yan Shi opened his mouth, some villagers came to support him.

"The Zuo family, you have to be reasonable. I see that she has been cursing her mother-in-law and threatening her brother-in-law. How can she be miserable?"

"That's right! The Zuo family has gone too far!"

A commotion broke out among the crowd. It was as if the crowd was no longer filled with Zuo Chunhua's bullying of them. Together with Yan Ji, they exposed all the evil deeds that they had committed in the past.

Zuo Chunhua listened to them one by one. She thought that her original body had not been beaten to death by her mother-in-law's family, and it was also thanks to the strong family's support.

"We're going too far!"

Hearing this, Madam Ma twisted her face and raised a hand to the excited villagers. She raised her voice eight times and said, "Our Chunhua was almost killed by you! I haven't asked you to pay for it! Who has gone too far!"

Zuo Erniu burst into an uproar. "What are you even talking about!" 

He looked much more impulsive than his elder brother. He rolled up his sleeves, and his strong muscles were rippling. "Chunhua was spoiled by us when she was at home. Why should she serve you here?"

"Look at how easy it is to bully a single mother and an orphan! Let me tell you, if it weren't for the fact that Chunhua's father went out to do something, we would have torn down your place this day!"

Madam Ma was so angry that she didn't know what to say that she addressed herself in such a degrading way.

The three members of the Zuo family joined forces to defeat the crowd and protect Zuo Chunhua.