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Loves Price

Loves Price

Author:The Italian boss and his America


General Romance

Simi - A girl who would wonder everyone with her extreme kindness got dumped after using herself as a sacrificial lamb just to donate money for her supposed boyfriends mothers surgery ... Giving out her virginity in an auction was actually the worst thing she had done but would it be the change in her life? Let's find out in this intruiging story.


Extract from story.....

"You really meant all of this nedu? You really are living me after all I've been through because of you, because I was fighting for your future, I really wish this was all a dream." Simi said as the tears I've been holding poured out, she looked at the man she had called her boyfriend,the love of her life as he was looking at her in disgust and hate.. Anger was visible in his face and Simi could see he was battling with his hands not to punch her.

".._And do I look like I care about what you've done? You did it in your own free will. Oh! Wait, how am I even sure you were even a virgin all those years we had been dating?" He looked at her with a devious smirk on his face as he made it to her in one step and yanked her top tearing it by the impact he used in dragging her. He looked her dead in the eyes as he continued to place his hurtful words on her."you're just a slut,and did you think I would fall for all your lies and gold digging attitude? You think I was a fool or something? Wait,was it because you gave me all your money you got while sleeping with those men who had share their various disease on you. You're just a gold digging liar and a slut who has no place here in my life and in this world." He said as he tried walking away but a hand blocked him, that's when she saw his chika in her blurring vision as she slapped him hard on the face making him to hold his cheeks that had just been slapped.

"Y-You are ungrateful brother,I wished you were never my brother. How could you? After everything she did and sacrificed so we could be in this state we are in right now. I am so ashamed of calling you my brother right now?" Before his sister could continue talking and scolding him again, Simi had walked to her front and stopped her.

"Chika,it was never his fault, I sold my body and I got the insult because I sold my virginity and dignity for money just to please your brother whom I love so much. But its Okay,I'll never return here again because I'm a fool and a slut as he had said." Simi said as she cleaned her tears and walked away never to look back at chinedu.


Simisola Ruby Adebola, only daughter of late Mr Kunle Adebola, and Mrs Sade Adebola. She was a graduate from uniben and was from ondo state, akure. She is 24years of old and she just came out of her broken relationship of four and a half years.

Chinedu Johnson ofor was the love of her life who she met through his sister in her serving year as a youth corp. Chika his sister was Simi's best friend who she had clicked with in their Dom.

She had met Chinedu a year before they started dating due to the fact that she wanted to know him better and be able to give him her heart. Two years into their relationship she had took Chinedu to see her mother, Mrs Sade. who told her after he left that she did not like Chinedu and was not ready to give her away to an Igbo man because they were evil and narrow minded.

But now she had seen everything,crystal clear and there was absolute nothing she could do or say. And she didn't want her mother to die of heart attack.

So men could be so ruthless and wicked? How could she had been so blinded and believed he was going to be there for her in times of need?

"Ah! Chinedu I sold my virginity for money because of my love for you, so you could treat your mother and make your future with the rest but you nailed and crucified me by abandoning me and called me names.

Well, I Simi has forgiven you!".