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Indian Bride Of Royal Prince

Indian Bride Of Royal Prince

Author:Renu sharma



Ernest hold her wrist tightly behind her waist as he slams her hard against the wall and with the other hand he gripped her second hand above her head on the wall and now her petite body got trapped between the wall and his body. Seeing his fierce look, she trembles and terrified. To seeing her trembled state, he smirks and said, "why are you trembling when I haven't done anything yet and if you're thinking that to seeing your innocent face i will not do anything wrong to you then you are wrong Ruhi Bansal. You have entered in my life forcefully haven't you, so I'll also ensure you to make your living life hell ," his grips on her wrist becomes tighter. He gripped her wrist in such a way that her bangles had broken off and penetrate her wrist and blood oozing from her wound and tears welled up in her eyes. "No-o yo-you a-re mi-mis-un-der-stan-ding," she whimpered. His eyes turned red with anger. "Don't you dare say a word In front of me as I don’t know how you have entered in my life using my mom," he shouted and leaves her but she stood as like before. "You are too like a gold-digger, because you also can't give up on greed, money, luxurious life so using my mom you have entered in this house and in my life. Alright, I'll make sure that you will live a good life with me until your last breath," he smirked To hearing his words she sat on her knee and began to think how wrong he think about her and tears welled up from her eyes. meanwhile a baby crying voice heard. "waa" "waah". **************************** It's all about a prince and a normal girl, both lives in different country and lives a different life. It will be interesting to see how do they meet by fate, in spite to lives in different country. It contains Romance, love-hate relationship ,action and Mystery. I hope you would like it:)

Author POV

"Welcome back in London, Ernest Sir," said Assistant James.

Ernest nods, and walking towards his private Elevator as he was standing on the helipad earlier, and presses the 78 buttons to go downside ... Elevator stops on the 78th floor, and his Assistant James, was telling him some important points for a board meeting, reading that file which was held in his hand.

He nodded after hearing all points as he had reached at door & holds the doorknob to get in the conference room and enters the luxurious conference room.

A U Shape room is great for hosting conferences. It has a maximum seating capacity of up to 25 guests. Its wall-mounted plasma screen is the perfect equipment for your presentations and slideshows. For larger seating, the Studio 2 Boardroom is good. well, décor with classy retro furniture is a highlight of the room which has a seating capacity of up to 30-40 guests but only 6 people were sitting there.

He saw all delegates sit comfortably and passing smiles to each other one of some talk.

Seeing that man coming into the conference room, they feel a cold aura around him & their smiles disappear in a blink of an eye, stand up quickly and said together,

"Good Morning, Prince Ernest".

Ernest nodded, open his royal blue coat button with one hand and sit on his black luxurious swivel recliner chair with a stern face, and said, "sit" to everyone.

Everyone gulped to seeing his stern face.

Ernest Pov

When I enter the conference room for a very important project which I want to start as soon as possible then I noticed that everyone was smiling looking at each other.

Seeing this, I start boiling with anger inside because here I want to start my project asap and want to give surprise my mom, and here they are sitting in a chilling position and passing a smile to each other.

But I have not said a single word to them because I don't want to spoil my mood and want every single detail from them, related to this project. so I only nodded at their greeting but I know they would have known to see my face that seeing their smiling face I am raging with anger because I don't like this kind of amusement in my employees at working time.

I asked, "Mr. Noah what happen to that land? a deal has finalized or not, to buy that land."

Noah hesitated and said, "No sir, not yet,"

"Can I asked why the deal has not finalized yet, Mr. Noah," I shouted.

Everyone got flinched except one person and I know who is he?

I glared at that man.

Mr. Noah gulped, "Sir, landowner turned out to be a very greedy man. He asked for more money to sold land."

"Bloody greedy m*t**er fu*k*r," I roared.

"Give him as much as he is asking, I want that land at any cost as soon as possible and work should start there soon," I yelled at Noah.

"O-Ok S-Sir," he said.

I said, "Listen carefully, everyone. This project named "Meera Orphanage House" is one of my most important projects. So you all should have the same goal so that this project can be completed on time. I can't tolerate even a small mistake because you all know this project is related to my mother or you can say that it's a dream project of my mother in her country.

Oh! Yes, nobody will tell anything to my mom anything about this project if I come to know any of you have told my mother about this, then you know very well what will happen to you. Got it."

Everyone seems confused to hear him why does he not want to tell his mother but nobody has the courage to ask him about it.

Seeing their confused expression.

I yelled, "Do I need to tell anyone. What will be happened with him?"

Nobody still says anything.

I asked once again with a raging voice as standing from my chair, "it seems you all want to know, what will happen with you."

Answer me "YES" or "NO"

Author POV

After listening to his scariest voice they get shivers down their spine.

They shout "Yes" together and breathe a sigh of relief.

After 2 minutes of complete silence.

James gulped and said," Sir, you have a meeting with Mr. Asher on the GYC Collaboration project in one hour."

He nodded.

"Now the meeting is over," Ernest said in a calm voice.

Everyone got relieved to hear his calm voice and think how surprisingly, his mood changes within minutes, but still, no one has the courage to leave this conference room so they're seeing to his direction, when will this devil tell them to go?

Looking at everyone's face on his side, Ernest tells them to leave.

Hearing the "Leave" word, everyone runs away in a blink of an eye, and James too.

Seeing all this, that man smirks while leaving his chair and walks towards him, How are you, Ernest? Edwin Alfred asks as he hugs him.

"Good, my friend," he replied with a smile.

"A big congratulations to you, buddy, for your MGC Project...finally you got that project after your hard work...because of which you were away from here for 6 months," he said with a smiling face.

"Thanks, now I have to focus on this project too," he said while sitting on his chair.

Edwin keeps his hand on his shoulder, and says, "But, Ernest why do you scaring them so much? while you know very well, they will do anything for you."

"Edwin, you know that I am like this since childhood. You know that I can't control my anger and I don't like to repeat my words," he sighed.

"I know bro but these six men are loyal for us, that's why such a big secret is still hidden that you are the elder prince, elder son of King Edward and I know, they will never 'betray' you, so don't worry," he said while removing his hand from his shoulder.

"'Betrayal', they will never think about it, because I know their all weakness and they know very well, so why would I worry? And if I scaring them so much, then why didn't you interrupt me in the meeting," he said in a sarcastic tone.

Edwin has a big grin on his face and says," I don't want to die at my adult age, so why would I interrupt you in your important meeting which is related to your mother,"

"Yes, you are right," he said while picking his file from the desk and reading something.

"But Bro! You have to do something of your anger because sometimes I too feel scared from you and even aunt could not do anything about your anger...Looks Like your future wife will teach you how to control your unnecessary anger," he mocked.

He stared towards Edwin while holding a file in his hand.

To seeing his brown eyes orbs dilating in anger, he said, "Sorry, sorry my brother...Don't Be Angry ...I was just joking. I know you have not timed for this kind of thing."

"Edwin, I know you are joking, but I don't like this kind of joke, so DON'T REPEAT IT AGAIN", he said with a stern expression.

"Ok, Ernest, I'll be careful next time," he said.

*character introduction*

Ernest Edward Arthur, elder prince, 27 years old, son of King Edward David Arthur. His blue eyes orbs as like his father symbolizes royalty. He has his own top no 1 Multi-billionaire company apart from his father. He has a great physique sharp jawline, broad shoulder, muscular body, and his deep voice which was enough to make anyone's shiver down their spine. He is an arrogant, cruel, rude, confident, and cold-hearted man. He has no mercy for his rivals. He is always full of himself. Only cares for his family especially his mom. But his all attitude go after his Father. He has no emotions for mercy. Not believe in marriage-type relations cause he is a completely workaholic person.

Not believe in marriage-type relations cause he is a completely workaholic person

Ryan Edward Arthur, second prince, 25 years old, brother of Ernest. He has brown orbs like his mother. He is not like his brother as rude and cruel. He is a surgeon in his own hospital named " Royal Arthur Hospital

. He treats every patient well mannered because his profession required warmness and softness. He also loves his family like his brother. Elena, his younger sister, is the apple of his eye. He does not like Ernest's rude behavior.

Aaron Edward Arthur, third prince, 23-year-old, has also blue orbs like his brother and father. He is also like his brother, rude and cold behavior. He is pursuing a master's degree in computer engineering 2nd year from Imperial College. He is a singer too. A brilliant student of his university. He also loves his family especially his Elder brother and her younger sister Elena.

Elena Edward Arthur,22 years old, the only princess and daughter of King Edward David and Meera Edward Arthur, who is the apple of everyone's eyes. She is pursuing a degree in Arts from the Royal College of art. she is an ambitious and genius student. she is an extrovert, more talkative, a kind-hearted person like his mother for her dearest people.

Edwin Alfred is the son of Marco Alfred who is a friend of Edward, Ernest's Father. He is the childhood friend of Ernest & considers him his brother. Loves Ernest's family more than his family. Elena is also his apple of the eye. He is completely the opposite of Ernest in behavior. He has his own company and also a business partner of Ernest.

Meera Edward Arthur, Mother of Ernest, Ryan, Aaron, and Elena. She loves her children and husband more. But she has a special connection with her elder son Ernest. She loves him a lot. She is an innocent, kind-hearted, humble woman. she was from India. she comes to London after her marriage to Edward.

Edward David Arthur, king of England. He is also known as Devil King because of his rude behavior. He is also a cold-hearted, rude, arrogant, and workaholic man but after his marriage with Meera. He learned that love and patience can make things easier, it's not always good to be angry but shows only in front of his wife. He has also a deep voice which is enough to scare his rivals. So we can say that Like Father Like Son.

Hello Readers,

So this is the first chapter of my book...I hope you would have enjoyed it!!

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