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Bonded( The Hybrid's Curse)

Bonded( The Hybrid's Curse)




There is a war coming, a prophecy to fulfill. And there is a town secretly hiding supernaturals from being discovered. The Veil is fading and the secrets are beginning to get leaked out. And soon, there will be an outblown war. And in the midst of this, an unlikely combination of these supernaturals will emerge. A battle between worlds. A fight for the throne. The Prophecy shouldn't be fulfilled.



Today was the darkest day of the century.  The entirety of everything, recorded in Gayatri of diary felt dead, the fiery windy breeze, blowing throughout the entire town, caressing the humans, who were already asleep, making it, the best night of their life, but it was torturing to the various night crawlers of the night, who tried all things possible, not to be touched by the wind. It causes anxiety, profanity, insanity until, they are left with no other choice but to consumed by their monstrous counterparts, of the society

She could hear, it, the panting, the scraping of claws against woods, the twigs being broken, as the screams were loud, tearing at her eardrums, but yet, she could see nothing. She felt the lightening, strike, as the thunder crashed, as if the Norse gods were having an argument, and decided to settle it with fights. The ancient people, would have seen this as an omen, foretelling the reign of evil things to flow. But now, she was locked into the nightmare, trapped, as the sweet smell of blood, could be imagined, flowing from, her wrists, dropping onto the hungry and parched earth, which opened, its mouth greedily, sucking very little taste it could find, as it grumbled, too, angry at what was taking so long to finish her off.

She should be panicking, she should be terrified, to scream, move, or do anything, but she was motionless, it felt like home, yet it resembled nothing like it. In the distance, she could hear some whispers, and although she was blindfolded, she could see them, having, a heated discussion, as she was suddenly pulled into their circle, but none of them seemed to notice her. She couldn’t make out their faces, and their words, seem to float out in words, conceiting of black vapor, which dissipated, as quickly as it had emerged from their mouths. It seemed like a subtitle, where their voices were muted.

She didn’t want to watch, anymore, as she closed her eyes, but no matter, how many times, she shut her eyes, she still watched it, it was impossible to push away, and it swallowed her, engulfing her, making her tremble, for the first time, in a million centuries, and she wasn’t even up to a century old.

Panicking, she could feel, the guilt, overcoming her, and the shame as the word abominable, were printed red hot, on her forehead, as she screamed out in pain, her screams, frightening off, every animal, big or small, that seem to be in a 100 feet radius but the two women, didn’t even flinch, much less, spare her a glance. It was getting overwhelming as her eyes was strained back to the ladies, as she was forced against her will, to read every word, that came out of their mouths.

I am afraid, that I have bad news, for you. the high priestess sighed, as she slumped her shoulders, due to the grave news, that she bears after consulting the Moon Goddess. She didn’t know how to tell the Luna, who was at the moment heavily pregnant.

The Luna, was panting heavily as another pre contraction washed around, her as she growled in pains, her claws already extending, as her eyes turned pale emerald. Her pregnancy was coming, and it was coming fast.

Wh-what, do you mean? What is happening to me? I can feel it slowly; life being drained out of me. She said slowly as she tightened her grip on the chair, as its handle broke, into pieces, falling on the ground.

High Priestess, Madalyn, squeezed her eyes in pains, she didn’t know how she was going to tell the Luna, what was going on with her.

The Luna saw her reaction, as she called her name,

Madalyn, tell me what is going on? Tell me the truth? She said again.

I am sorry, Ariel, but you are going to die, you won’t survive the childbirth, and worse the baby… Madalyn trailed off, as she tried to keep her tears under control. She couldn’t believe that she was telling her best friend that she was dying, and she couldn’t do anything to help, her, because the Moon Goddess, has ordained it so.

I don’t care about myself, what is with my baby, tell me, that he is going to be all right. Tell me, my little baby boy is going to be all right. Ariel said clutching tight at her hand as blood began to drip, but Madalyn didn’t let go. Instead she used the other hand to tighten their grip, and she said, slowly, almost like a whisper,

It is a girl…and she is human, she doesn’t possess any wolf abilities.

But that is impossible, her father and I are both pure bleeds. Madalyn nodded her head, as she tried to speak, when suddenly her eyes turned pure white as she chanted, the words of the Moon Goddess.

Your child will bring forth the destruction, and woes of the park, a darkness to be reckoned with, the wolfs stand no chance with her, neither does the vampires and other night crawlers. To save everyone, she must die…

AYLA!!!!!!!!!!! She jolted out of her nightmare, as the old eccentric woman, in front of, her banged with a wood, against a metallic cover.

Gasping, she looked around, as she tried to recollect, why she found herself, laying down, on the old disgusting mosses, near the edge of the forest, and not on, her small, spacious bed, in her little cottage.

Realizing she was outside her house, and her mother was the one, banging at the metallic cover, with reckless, abandon. She decided to get up, as she rushed to her, dragging the wood, from her.

Hush, mother! I am awake, now. I am sorry, I didn’t stick to my promise of not more sleep walking, but we simply cant afford to wake up, the neighbors, they will drive us out of the town. Ayla said as she patted her small, petite mother, as she tried to lead her back to the cottage.

Bjsajfcdsvhcvsjacdncls jcjws dihisvkd. Her mother grumbled pointing at the sky and yet at nothing. Ayla sighed,

Sometimes, her mother, was her mother, and sometimes, she was exactly, what she had always been.

A deranged woman.