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Dear Hammad

Dear Hammad



General Romance

Meet Yusrah Siddiquii Mai Dala,a daughter to a multi-millionaire,an introvert and a very well desired girl who barely believes in love. Who's in her late 20's beautiful and vibrant and intelligent girl from a respected and rich background but her status doesn't make her misbehave or brag around the world like other billionaires kids do. Who's loved and adored by everyone Meet the identical twin sisters with distinct attitudes. Yusrah was nice, friendly, intelligent and kind while Yasmin was dull, bold, and selfish. ************************ Hammad Buba Marwa, 30yrs old microbiologist,handsome, classic and unique and cold hearted. Who's loved by alot of girls that wished they could have him all to themselves for the rest of their lifes. Fears no one apart from his Creator and his mother that's why he does whatever he wish to do with a straight head. Always quite and punctual. No one dare to mess up with him because everyone knows that he doesn't take any sort of shit from anyone. He doesn't believe in love at all,but at a point in his life when he met Yusrah he begins to develop some feelings towards her due to her calmness and ways of interaction. So,stay tune to find out more about this two distinct people who barely believes in love. Will they every give love a trial in their lifes? ********************* Join me as we ride on this journey, and don't forget to follow my updates by adding this book to library. You can also follow my profile as well.

   Allah will never be merciful to those who aren't merciful to man kind

Yusrah's POV.

"Dear sir, I am the girl that waved at you during..." I couldn't finish what I was writing when I squeezed the paper with a "ahhh!" and threw it away.

I couldn't believe I had been messing up since, reason because I didn't even know what to write to him. Him? Yes him! His name was Hammad and I just met him yesterday in geography class, he was our new geography teacher.

Gosh, I wish I could open my mind so you could see him too. He was tall, very handsome and... I was thinking when someone pulled me out of my trance by knocking my door, it was my twin sister.

"Subhanallah!" She lamented the moment she walked into my room. "Yusrah,is this how you turned your room into? A dustbin?"

Actually, she was referring to the papers I threw around. Or should I just say, the letters I discarded around.

"Sis, I will sweep when I am done" I muttered about writing another letter to Uncle Hammad when she seized the book.

"Yusrah, enough!" She said glaring at me.

"Hell no, Yasmin!" I snatched back the book from her. "This is my room, and I get to do what I want!"

"Fine then" She said in a defeating tone. "By the way, dinner is ready"

"For all I care!" I said to her and continued with my business.

"Huh? I will tell mum and dad you've gone insane" She said.

"What?" I glared at her. "Don't you dare!"

"Hmm, wait and see" She said walking to the door about leaving.

"No Yasmin," I tried to stop her but she pretended deaf ears. "Please now!"

"Bye!" She said leaving the room.

Well I ran after her to dining room and hopefully, she didn't tell our parents about anything.

"Why the race?" Our mother asked.

"Nothing!" Yasmin and I chorused as we settled down in the dining table.

"Are you sure?" Our mother asked to be sure.

"Yes!" We chorused again.

"Hmm, I don't believe them" Ya Amir, our elder brother chimed in with a chuckle. "I know they are hiding something"

"We are hiding nothing!" I rolled my eyes at him with Yusrah breaking into laughter.

"You see, even Yasmin knows I am saying the truth" Ya Amir said smiling mischievously.

"Enough!" Our father chimed in. "Let's have a peaceful dinner please"

"Okay sir" We said in unison and began eating our meal.


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