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No Way To Escape, My Lady

No Way To Escape, My Lady



In order to avenge his father's death, Xzavier threw Helena into the mental hospital and tortured her for two years! Two years later, he used her as a shield and registered his marriage with her. But he did this just to continue revenge! In the eyes of outsiders, they were husband and wife. But they knew that Helena was the slave of Xzavier, even worse than a dog! Helena gritted her teeth as she tried to find out the truth. Later, after finding out the truth and returning the innocence of the Dale family, she threw the evidence on Xzavier's face. "I never owe you anything." No matter how Xzavier tried to save it, it was of no avail. Where will the relationship between the two of them develop?

"Damn, what a beautiful woman! She has to be a virgin!

"Come here and let me have a good time..."

Helena Dale opened her eyes in a daze when she heard a sleazy voice and saw the fleshy face of an old geezer. He had an evil glint in his eyes and was looking at her lustfully.


Helena screamed. "Who are you? Don't touch me!"

"Don't be afraid, baby." The old geezer grinned. "I'll be gentle with you."

"Let go of me..." Struggling desperately, Helena knocked him over and held her clothes together as she retreated backwards until she was curled against the head of the bed.

Her panic grew as she took in her surroundings.

What was going on? Was she no longer in the psychiatric hospital? How did she get here?

"Stop pretending, b*tch!" The old geezer was a little embarrassed by her resistance and angrily exclaimed, "Since your director has sent you to me, you must serve me well tonight!"

"What?" Helena thought, shocked.

She recalled the glass of milk that the director had someone else bring her before she went to bed and realisation immediately came over her.

"I didn't sign up for this! I will report you for rape if you dare touch me!" she said, gritting her teeth.

"Who is going to believe a lunatic's words?"

"I am not a lunatic!"

Helena's eyes turned red as she teared up. She had been forcefully locked up in the psychiatric hospital by Xzavier French due to a grudge.

She was not mentally ill!

"Is that so?" The old geezer narrowed his eyes as he found an opportunity and pounced on her again. "I won't believe you unless you let me have a feel."

Raising her foot, Helena kicked him hard in the groin.

"Argh!" he screamed in agony.

Helena pushed him away from her and swiftly escaped from the room.

"You b*tch! Catch her!"

The sound of chasing footsteps came from behind her.

Helena's eyes were full of panic; she would be doomed if she was caught. Flustered, she noticed a concealed door not too far away.

"It should be empty!" she determined.

She rushed inside the room and locked the door.

She was leaning against the wall gasping for breath.

Then, she suddenly felt a pair of hands on her waist.

"A woman?" A man's deep and hoarse voice sounded above her head, making her ears tremble.

Helena could clearly feel a burning heat radiating from his body. Turning around, she looked at the tall figure that was veiled in darkness. "Wh-who are you? What are you doing?"

"Sorry to offend you, but I need you in order to overcome the side effects of this drug."

He picked her up and threw her onto the bed.

The man's slender and strong body pressed down on her before she could escape and she smelt a familiar scent.

It reminded her of Xzavier.

But it was absolutely impossible for him to be here.

"No, let me go! I'm not the kind of woman you think I am..." Her voice was trembling and full of helplessness as she cried out and began struggling against him.

"Be a good girl. I'll marry you."

With that, he kissed her directly on the lips, blocking her from saying anything else.

It was a sleepless night.

The man finally released her and fell asleep as dawn approached.

Helena felt as though her entire body had been driven over by a truck; she was unbearably sore. She initially thought she would be able to escape with her virginity intact but hadn't expected this turn of events.

Fate truly was cruel to her.

She hadn't been able to get a good look at the face of the man beside her, but he was obviously leagues better than that old geezer. He had promised to marry her... but she couldn't agree to it.

She couldn't accept being in a relationship with a complete stranger, and what's more, she also didn't want to drag him into her mess. After all, Xzavier would never let her off in this lifetime.

Helena quietly got up, put on her clothes, and quickly left the hotel.

Looking around at the empty street, Helena was at a loss. She could take this opportunity to sneak away but she didn't have the courage to do so.

Not to mention Xzavier had the entire Fortune City under his control.

Even her parents were in his clutches and she could not abandon them.

With nowhere to go, Helena could only return to the psychiatric hospital. She planned on asking the director what exactly he was scheming!

She could hear the sounds of an argument coming from inside the director's lounge as soon as she arrived.

"That old geezer has his eye on my daughter. She's going to suffer if you don't offer Helena Dale to him instead!"

"But Helena was sent here by Mr. French himself! If he knew that she has escaped, he will have our heads!

"She has been locked up for two years, he might not even remember her! Besides, we just need to find her and keep this incident concealed. She wouldn't dare say a thing anyway."

Helena clenched her fists tightly, enraged.

Storming into the room, she angrily said, "Why are you treating me this way?"

The director was ecstatic at first when he saw that she had returned until he saw her swollen red lips and the love bites on her neck.

He cursed immediately. "You b*tch! Who did you sleep with last night? I was almost in deep trouble because of you!"

"Aren't you afraid of retribution for your horrid treatment of me?" Helena questioned coldly.

"What retribution? The Dale family has long gone bankrupt! Your father was sent to prison for murder and your mother is in a vegetative state. You can only grovel before me, you spoilt brat! Who do you think you are to dare question me!"

"Guards, lock her back in her room and don't let her out!" The director ordered angrily.

Helena paled and said coldly, "Just wait, you will have your karma!"


At the same time, in the hotel.

Waking up, last night's scene came back to Xzavier as he looked around and saw the messy bed and the red spot on the bedsheet.

The woman's skin was silky smooth, and her cries were extremely pleasing to his ears; she was as pitiful as a kitten.

He had fallen in love with her and had promised to marry her.

But it seems that she had run off scared.

Taking out his phone, he dialled a number. "Find out who broke into my room last night."

He had been drugged and would've been in big trouble if it wasn't for her.

Xzavier got out of bed and glanced at the cup on the bedside table.

Rylie Butler was relentless. Never mind that she used her status as his stepmother to throw women at him every day, but now she even dared to drug him.

It seemed that he had to fill the position of his wife in order to put an end to his stepmother's intentions.

Xzavier left the hotel and entered a car. "Today is the anniversary of the chairman's death, sir," said his assistant, Marcus Bishop.

"The usual."

He was going to the graveyard to pay his respects to his father.

Then, he would go to the psychiatric hospital to torture the woman who was the subject of his hatred, Helena Dale.


At the psychiatric hospital.

Helena was asleep for a long time when a sound came from outside. The door of the ward opened and several large men rushed in, grabbed her, and dragged her out.

"What do you want with me?"

Helena instantly felt a sense of panic. Was the director going to offer her up?

She struggled fruitlessly as she was forced into a car.

The door shut tightly; the air inside felt stifling.

Her body stiffened as she came to a realisation. Slowly raising her head, she saw the familiar face of her nightmares.