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Drake And Finn

Drake And Finn




"I'm not looking for a Knight in shining armour. I'm looking for a sword." Alaska had dreams. Dreams of becoming the mayor of the town, freeing her people from the fear created by a certain someone. The Blackwater Butcher. Clever as the devil but twice as handsome. Just like all the other girls, she'd swoon over his piercing azure eyes and raven black hair. He had that deep, commanding voice that made men listen and women shred their clothing. He was sexy- a word that had not existed in her vocabulary until the moment she saw him. He was sexy like it was his job or something. Other than killing. She dreamt of marrying a king, no doubt. That was until she witnessed him, in all his glory, executing another one of his well-planned crimes. She knew the moment she met his gaze, that he'd either take her life away or become her life. He was the same man that every girl from town dreamt of marrying. After all, who can resist a drop dead gorgeous king? In other words, a prince during the day, a killer at nighttime. "If you knock on the devil's door, he'll slam your head through the wall, darling." Prince Not-So-Charming tried his best to make her life miserable- deadly games that risked the lives of her loved ones. Until one unfortunate day, his wicked games lead him into a trap which made him fall. Hard. For the woman that despised his very existence. Children are always told stories about how the brave warriors fall in love with beautiful princesses. This, is the devil's love story.

"And I was like, wrong hole motherfucker! He literally just penetr—"

Alaska cringed as her best friend's sister, Raigne, went on and on about her sex escapades with her high school teacher. The girl had no control over her mouth and neither on her twat... Alaska laughed internally.

Her best friend, Noah, nodded every now and then but he was too busy completing an assignment to actually pay attention to his sister.

Noah and Raigne were polar opposites. Raigne was the outgoing extrovert whereas Noah tended to keep to himself. He wound always sneak a few glances at Alaska who was trying her best not to cringe at every word that his not-so-solving sister uttered. Noah, with his baby blue eyes and sandy blonde hair was the sexy nerd that didn't notice the looks that girls gave him.

He had eyes only for one girl.

"Thank the heavens, I don't have a sister," Alaska mumbled. Noah giggled, his eyes sparkling as he did so. He'd always end up laughing at her jokes before she could even get to the punchline.


"Uh my father will return home soon. I need to leave. It was nice hearing your uhmm...experience," Alaska blushed thinking about what she just heard. Verbal porn, if that was even a thing. Raigne shrugged and turned her attention towards her laptop.

"Let me walk you home. It's not safe to go alone at this time of the night," Noah said shyly.

"Please say yes," he begged internally.

Alaska thought about the last time her father saw her with a boy. He threw him a death glare and had an officer follow the boy everywhere for an entire week.

"I'll be fine, Noah. Thank you," she smiled brightly and left their house. Noah and Alaska were friends since kindergarten. They both got along because both enjoyed having tea parties with their teddy bears.

Noah and Raigne lived alone as they were orphaned at a very young age and lived off the money their parents left behind. Alaska, on the other hand, was brought up in riches.

Being the Mayor's only daughter did not make her any less compassionate towards others. Her innocence drew the male population towards her which irked her best friend to no end.

"After going home, I'll exercise and then complete my assignments. Nah, who am I kidding. I gotta catch up with teen wolf. Stiles, my love, here I come!" she laughed. If anyone heard the girl, they'd surely consider her to be mentally unstable.

She was as weird as she was innocent.

Unlike the afternoon, it was cold at dawn. The trees swayed as the wind blew over them, making a hissing sound as they passed by in a blur. The sky was midnight blue, a few distant stars twinkling in the lonely night sky.

Shivering, Alaska tugged at the sleeves of her red cotton dress. Being Clarence Finn's daughter gave her a lot of unwanted attention. She was always expected to be well behaved. Always on a leash.

She wanted freedom.

And that's what she would get.

Since there appeared to be no one on the road but herself, she removed her shoes and started running on the road. "I'm the Queen of the woooorld!!!" Alaska screamed and laughed at the same time.

As she was running, much to her misfortune, she slipped and face-planted the sidewalk. Again, she burst out laughing. "I'm so down to earth," she grinned and got up to dust her clothes. That's when she heard it.

A scream.

At first, she blamed it on her mind who was supposedly playing tricks on her. But then, it happened again. She was about to walk away quickly before she slipped again. This time, she caught the lamppost for support and shrieked when she felt slimy liquid flow down her fingers.

It was the color of blood. There were only a few drops but that was enough to drain the colour off her face. Being the brave martyr that she was, she started following the trail of blood, oblivious to the danger that awaited her.

"Father will kill me on hearing about my adventure," Alaska mumbled as she followed the trail of blood into the black forest. The forest was named after the town. Blackwater town was discovered a few centuries ago by a man who saw a stream of black liquid which eventually led him to the town.

No one knew why the water was black and the scientists never bothered finding out either. As she heard another painful scream, she wondered if it was him. Taking the life of yet another innocent.

The Blackwater Butcher.

Every child's worst nightmare. The killings had been taking place right from the time she was born. There was no fixed pattern to his killings. No one could anticipate his next move. He was as swift as an arrow; never leaving behind a single trace of evidence that would lead to his identity.

The Blackwater Butcher had some sort of a ritual, her father believed. The butcher beheaded his victims and send their body wrapped in a big gift box with a red satin ribbon. No one knew what he did to the heads of his victims. It was sick and twisted. Yet, she was intrigued with the whole gift box idea.

Alaska looked around, observing her surroundings as she walked. The sky threatened to let the heavy water droplets out of them to pour onto the lush forest. The trees had dark green leaves that contrasted well with the dark brown branches. There were beautiful, rare flowers with vague colours just demanding the attention of people.

The forest were always well maintained. The King of their Kingdom, Arian, was fond of hunting so he spent a lot of time there. Her father was just the Mayor for namesake.

The Royals had the true power. She shuddered at the thought of meeting the king... He was the "hump and dump" type of guy. Sexy as sin. Anyway, that story is for another time.

She kept following the blood droplets, walking towards her doom. Eventually, the blood disappeared. Her eyes wandered around a bit before she took in a deep breath and sought cover behind a banyan tree. She let out her breath as she gulped.

It was Mr. Arthur, Blackwater's most famous baker, being kicked over and over again in the stomach by a man. The man had his back facing towards her. Her skin crawled as she took him in.

He had well cut raven black hair, as black as a demon's soul, and a well sculpted back. He wore black jeans, black leather boots and from his black overcoat, she saw a hint of a black silk shirt.

"Everything that he's wearing is a different shade of depressing," Alaska commented softly.

His avatar represented that of a devil. And so did his act. The mysterious man kicked Arthur in his ribs making him cry out in pain and beg. "Please, my lord! Let me go! I have a wife and children waiting for me at home! Please spare my life!" He weeped.

Alaska's heart clenched in pity. Mr. Arthur was a kind man that was loved by all. He always gave her a free pastry whenever she would visit his shop after school. She always thought that when she would get married, she'd make Arthur bake her a wedding cake.

"I'm afraid, I can't do that. You see, I'm running out of soccer balls. And I plan to make best use of the available resources," the man laughed. A shiver ran down her spine as she wondered how anyone with a voice so smooth could be the reason behind someone else's pain.

"N-no, pl—"

A harsh noise of metal cutting down was heard. Alaska let out a loud scream as she saw the man's head separate from his body. "The Blackwater Butcher," Alaska whispered in fear, her eyes filling with tears.

On hearing a distant scream, the man turned around. And if Alaska thought her day couldn't get any worse, she was indubitably wrong.

The man in front of her, every girl's day dream, was actually the reason for their sleepless nights. He was the reason people locked their doors and windows at sunset, in fear of being dumped into another gift box.

She gulped.

"Arian Drake."