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My Weak Wife Is a Real War Goddess

My Weak Wife Is a Real War Goddess



Lucille was one of the most skilled female assassins, and on the previous night, she embarked on a top-secret mission. However, the mission's details were leaked, leading to her untimely demise at the hands of a traitorous companion. She never discovered the identity of the person who betrayed her before her death. But by some miracle, she was granted a new life, and was reborn as a girl with the same name. Determined to uncover the truth and seek revenge for her family, Lucille seized her second chance at life. She planned to avenge her loved ones. However, her plans were complicated by Joseph, an apparently frail man who was actually skilled in martial arts. And he seemed to fall for her deeply, now this newfound knowledge only added to the complications of Lucille's revenge plan...

"B*tch! How dare you push Zoey down the stairs? You deserve to die!" 

At the outdoor swimming pool, a group of people had cornered a delicate-looking girl with a pale complexion. "It wasn't me... I swear it wasn't!" she protested, panic etched on her face. 

"Lucille Jules! Just because you're the Jules family's little princess, it doesn't mean you can treat Zoey like dirt. She has us, her friends, to protect her. We won't let you get away with this!" 

A sharp-tongued woman narrowed her eyes and sneered, "Lucille can't even swim. Let's give her a taste of the pool!" 

In an instant, a group of attractive-looking young men and women closed in on Lucille, their faces twisted with malice. With a forceful shove, they sent her tumbling into the water. 


Like a wounded bird, Lucille flailed in the water, gasping for air. 

They gathered around the pool, watching her like a pack of wolves. "Still trying to get out, are you?" one of them taunted. "Hold her down!" 

Without mercy, they pushed the struggling Lucille back into the water. She fought back with all her might, but it was no use. 

Her movements grew weaker and weaker until she finally slipped beneath the surface...

"Is she not moving anymore? Did we just kill her?" someone exclaimed in shock. 

"Quick! Pull her up!" another person shouted. 

The drowning Lucille was dragged to the shore, but then she suddenly opened her eyes and grabbed the neck of the person who pulled her up. 

She looked just as weak and helpless as before, but there was a chilling glint of bloodlust in her eyes. 

"Let go of me!" the guy whose neck was grappled by Lucille cried out in fear. 

The lead girl's face turned pale with anger and she ran over, yelling, "Lucille! You're asking for it!" 

But before she could even finish her sentence, Lucille swiftly turned and delivered a perfect sidekick, sending her crashing to the ground. 

Everyone was stunned. 

"What's happening?" 

"Is Lucille crazy?" 

The lead girl, whose name was Jenny Zanes, furiously roared, "What are you waiting for? Beat the hell out of her!"

As the crowd closed in, Lucille effortlessly overpowered each and every one of them, tossing them into the pool with ease. 

When she had dealt with them all, she looked around in a daze, stumbled forward two steps, and then collapsed, her eyes rolling back in her head.


The dark enveloped a solitary and fierce young woman. Donning a sleek black suit, she sprinted with all her might.

Out of nowhere, a hauntingly long voice echoed from the sky, "Lucille, run for your life. Survive!"

Lucille stopped in her tracks, turned around abruptly, and saw a raging fire all around her. Flames danced and spread towards her, swallowing her up.

But Lucille remained unmoved. Staring ahead blankly, she uttered a single word, "Mother..."

The lady's sorrowful voice reached her again, like the mourning of a cuckoo, every word seemingly filled with tears.

"Lucille, in the Jules family, your ancestors were all of great merit and loyalty, with an unyielding spirit. And your father always acted with a clear conscience. Yet, he died an innocent man, so you must live on and clear his name!"

"Lucille, you are the only bloodline of the Jules family in Dilsburg. Survive! Bring justice to the wrongly executed souls of the Jules family!" 

"Escape! Hurry!" 

The woman's voice turned hoarse and desperate. In the end, it became sharp and piercing. 

Lucille, tears in her eyes, watched as the woman was engulfed in flames and screamed, "Mom!" 

In the hospital room...

Lucille, lying on the bed, suddenly opened her eyes. 

All she saw was a blinding white. 

What was happening? 

Wasn't she dead?

The previous night, she went on a top-secret mission. Unexpectedly, the plan was leaked, and she was surrounded by enemies. After a bloody battle, she barely escaped death. 

But then, while going to meet her companions at the alleyway, she was shot with a nerve toxin from behind and died on the spot.

She never knew who betrayed her until her death. 

But now, why was she lying in a hospital bed? 

Could it be that she didn't actually die? 

Suddenly, she remembered the scene where she brutally beat up a group of rich girls by the poolside... She had truly been reborn! 

With a loud bang, the hospital door was rudely pushed open. 

Two nurses strolled in and paid no attention to Lucille who was lying in bed.

"Did you hear the news? Last night, Lucille, the daughter of the Jules family in Dilsburg, was executed for committing treason!"

"What? The Jules family's daughter was a gifted and accomplished warrior. She followed in her father's footsteps and became a legend for countless victories. Why on earth would she betray her country?"

  "I don't know, but news about her is everywhere now. After her death, the Jules family in Dilsburg is really gone." 

Lucille widened her eyes suddenly, and her hand, hidden under the covers, clenched tightly.

The Jules family was known for their loyalty and bravery, but who would have thought they would end up like this? Lucille bit her lip hard, two drops of tears escaping her eyes before she forced them back in.

No tears allowed!

She wouldn't let go of anyone who had ever mistreated or plotted against her or her family. 

With this second chance at life, she would seek the truth and avenge her family using the enemies' blood.

The nurses were chatting animatedly about the latest gossip when one of them had her attention was drawn to Lucille, who was lying in bed with an unnaturally crimson gaze fixed upon the ceiling. 

Why were this mute's eyes bloodshot?

The intensity of her glare was so unsettling that it sent shivers down her spine, and she couldn't help but stare at Lucille in shock and confusion.

"How... how..." The long-haired nurse was horrified, her voice trembling as she stared at Lucille. 

The short-haired nurse, annoyed, turned to look and saw Lucille staring calmly at the ceiling, her expression indifferent. 

She sneered, "She's mute, anyway."

The long-haired nurse let out a sigh of relief as she noticed Lucille's calm expression.

She realized that it was just her imagination.

"By the way, this young lady from the Jules family is also called Lucille," she said. 

The short-haired nurse snorted, "Hmph! What is she to be compared to the God of War? She's a worthless nobody who only knows how to bully Miss Johnson. She's not even qualified to carry the God of War's shoes!" 

 Lucille's eyes flickered with a hint of coldness. 

Just then, the door to the ward opened again. 

A delicate-looking girl was wheeled in. 

When she saw Lucille, she furrowed her brows with concern. "Lucille, you're finally okay! Are you feeling any discomfort?" 

Lucille slowly turned to face the stranger and suddenly, an overwhelming hatred surged within her chest. 

It was a hate that made her heart race and her breath catch in her throat. 

Then, a flood of memories that didn't belong to her came rushing into her mind.

It turned out that she had been reborn into this girl with the same name: Lucille Jules, the youngest daughter of the Jules family in Shein City.

She had been cherished since birth but had her life turned upside down when Zoey Johnson appeared at the age of ten.

Zoey was the daughter of a close friend of Howard Jules. When Lucille was ten years old, Zoey was brought back to the Jules family. 

It was said that Zoey's father died saving Howard, which caused Howard to feel extremely guilty about Zoey and treat her with utmost care and protection.

However, since Zoey's arrival, Lucille had been plunged into a painful abyss. 

Zoey was skilled at deception, always hiding her true intentions behind a smile. She was cunning and manipulative, and had always used any means necessary to take away everything that Lucille cared about.

Whether it was Lucille's favorite doll or her beloved group of friends, Zoey always managed to take them away. 

Eventually, Zoey even took away Howard's affection and earned the unconditional trust and love of Lucille's three older brothers.

In the eyes of the Jules family, Lucille – Howard's own daughter and her brothers' sister – gradually became an eyesore and a thorn in their side. 

Whenever Lucille tried to expose Zoey's schemes in front of everyone, she was scolded and accused of being ungrateful and purposely bullying Zoey.

As for Zoey, she enjoyed everything that originally belonged to Lucille. 

She even accused Lucille of stealing in school, causing Howard to punish Lucille severely and almost beat her to death.

After that incident, Lucille was completely heartbroken and stopped rebelling, becoming quiet and submissive. 

Her grades also plummeted, and she was given the nickname "mute and idiotic".

Originally, Lucille thought she would live the rest of her life like this. 

However, at her 19th birthday party, she unintentionally discovered her fiance and Zoey kissing in the stairway. 

Overwhelmed with grief and anger, Lucille confronted them and ended up "accidentally" pushing Zoey down the stairs.

While everyone was concerned about Zoey's injuries, no one noticed that poor Lucille was being assaulted by Zoey's friends and eventually drowned in the pool.

Recalling all of this, Lucille felt an intense resentment building up inside of her, almost suffocating her. 

She took a deep breath and whispered to herself, "Let it go. I will avenge you."

After that, the resentment in her body gradually dissipated. 

Zoey stared at Lucille's pale face, her gaze darkening. She couldn't help but feel that Lucille seemed different from before. 

She seemed to have a colder and more piercing look in her eyes.