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Reincarnated Into The Body Of A Princess

Reincarnated Into The Body Of A Princess



General Romance

Pinky was pushed off the cliff by a group of people where she met her death. But what pinky didn't expect was, to be reborn but this time into a princess body, a princess who was arrogant and stubborn making people including her husband to hate her. Pinky had no other option than to live her life as this princess. But suddenly her husband, her fake husband started falling deeply in love with her. Her in-laws began to admire her..

"Kill her!!"

"Don't let her escape like that, kill her!!"

Pinky ran as fast as she could into the woods while the unknown men chased her, she continued running despite the tiredness.

She looked back to see them almost catching up with her and with that she increased her pace but stopped running when she met a dead end.

It was a cliff and any mistake, she would fall down and die.

"No!!, i can't die, i can't!"pinky thought with fear in her eyes

"Where did you think your running to, you b**ch"The leader who was very fat said and chuckled evilly.

"Master, why don't we taste her first before killing her"Another man said staring at her with lust filled eyes.

"Yes, your right Mico"The leader agreed.

Pinky moved back and looked down the cliff, it was so d*mn deep and she knew if she falls she is not going to survive this but is more better than being r*ped by more than ten men and then killed after that.

So, pinky jumped and let herself fall down the cliff and when she hit the hard large rocks on the floor, there was darkness.


Pinky opened her eyes rubbing it slowly trying to adjust to the harsh sunlight that heated her skin.

"My lady, My princess, please wake up"

Pinky found the voice weird, isn't she dead or did she make it to heaven?

"My princess"

Pinky opened her eyes, first it was a blur but it became clearer when she blinked her eyes twice. There was a brown haired girl wearing something that looks like a maid uniform but that wasn't what made pinky suprised.

She was laying a queen sized bed and the room she was in was very large and made of gold.

"Wow, i knew i was in heaven"Pinky thought inwardly.

"Well, my princess, you aren't actually in heaven"The maid said with a cheeky smile.

"Am dead, aren't i?"Pinky asked and the maid stared at her weirdly.

"No my princess, why will you be dead?, is it because of the poison that almost took your life"The maid asked.

Pinky suddenly felt a hard headache hit her hard then there was flashes, memories.

~A man named Lan Bo, king of theodor empire who has two daughters, manda and ayria.

Ayria was the stubborn, proud and cocky girl while manda always pretend to be nice and kind making people like her.

But the theodor empire was half destroyed so lan bo gave his daughter ayria as a wife to the powerful king of Seven miles empire and manda as his mistress so that the theodor empire can be restored again.

But since ayria married king derrick of seven miles empire, he never came to visit her once even in their wedding night~

"Okay, why am i seeing memories? And why does this princess ayria look exactly like me?"Pinky asked inwardly before standing up and running to the mirror.

Nothing happened to her, she still had her normal green eyes and red hair except from the fact that her neck was adorned with all kinds of jewelries.

"Could it be that i had reincarnated?"Pinky thought as she began to remove the jewelries, dropping them on the table slowly.

"My lady, your bath is ready"The maid bowed.

"What's your name?"Pinky smiled, now that she has reincarnated into princess ayria's body, she needed a friend.

"Uhmmm....nina"Nina said and pinky smiled.

"Thanks for preparing my bath for me!"Pinky said and walked to the bathroom.

"The princess has changed!."Nina said in shock as she folded the white towel and placed it on a table before walking away.


Pinky removed the clothes she was putting on and deeped herself into the milky tub.

"My princess, we came to massage your shoulders"Nina said coming in with some other maids.

"It turned out that whenever princess ayria is bathing, she tells the maids to massage her shoulders and legs, what a wicked princess!"Pinky thought and sneezed immeediately.

"I guess i cursed myself"Pinky thought inwardly and smiled innocently at the maids.

"You all can leave now and have some rest, by the ways you have been working for me for so long, thank you"Pinky said and the maids stared at her with their mouth agape.

"Are you okay?"Pinky asked awkwardly.

"Thank you my princess"They chorused simultaneously before walking away.

It didn't take long before pinky finished her bath, she opened the pink large wardrobe to see many kinds of beautiful gown but they were all either heavy or embroided.

She just need a simple gown and she found the right one, it was blue in colour and had small flower design on it.

"Gosh, am looking stunning!"Pinky said as she winked at her reflection on the mirror.

"My princess, the banquet is about to start"Nina said

"My name is pi....i mean ayria, stop calling me my princess, we are friends right?"Pinky smiled.

"My princess, how can i do that?"Nina said in shock.

"Because we are friends now so......"Pinky trailed off when she heard a loud shout.



Pinky raised an eyebrow and turned to nina

"What centuary are we in?"Pinky asked.

"19th centuary"

"What!!"Pinky's eyes widened, she was in the 21st centuary before her reincarnation but now....

Pinky walked behind nina till they reached where the banquet is taking place. Her mouth went wide open when she saw her, fake husband.

"Is this human?,so hotttt"She thought as she stared at him.

Long black hair reaching his waist which was tied in a bun, red eyes and red lips.

"There is no way am going to let this huband of mine ignore me, i must.....s*duce him"Pinky thought with a smirk.