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Black And Gold Blood

Black And Gold Blood




In a world were old ways were nearly extent, few kept the traditions and held power in the modern days, but one thing remind certain, blood ruled over all. We watch as two faited souls found one another, one lost in the world he did want to belong to, the other a princess that held more power than eyes meet. Both bewitched by eachother unable to let go of another.


The summer had ended on a good note, it was my uncles wedding and it was finally happening.

It was delayed four times already, i had to change the dresses as ccording to the weather but now i could tell if it gets delayed another time hell would get loose.

The place was cover in gold fairy lights as the early hours of dawn and the sun light began to speard, i looked outside the window of my room, i have not slept well.

it was not easy coming back to this place, it brought back some old memories.

It felt warm though, with my family around, my brothers and my parents were as always loving and making me feel good.

I looked out and saw my uncle walking around and stood by the lake staring into the rising sun. I smiled and head out for some fresh air.

My name is Lucrezia Skyler Salvatore, first born daughter of Alferdo Salvarote, alpha of the golden sun pack and Valeria Peterson, the high priestess of the Virdonna sisterhood and the pack Luna, one of the worlds strongest magic holds that remind till modern times.

my father was the owner of Salvatore's industrials and establishments and other things too much to mention, my family comes of old money, with businesses all around the world, royal bloodline and other things...

I have four brothers, Pietro Spencer my older brother, Niccolo Hunter, my amazing twin brother, Miguel Carter, and Alfonzo Taylor, it was my mother's idea to give us the second name ending with the rhyme matching,my father was the one with italian names, according to him, it was to remind us with our origins.

Walking through the halls, the weather got colder and colder, the staff was starting the day, I walked by them and smiled reaching the back door to the garden, that was fancy decorated.

it was breath taking, Elina had a really good taste after all. Elina Merdoga was my uncle mate and love , together since i was a child, both in love and happy with one another.

Their relationship hasn't been easy, with my grandfather, Lord Miguel Salvatore had his own views on things, for starters he never approved my parents relationship, thinking a wolf of nobal blood and a witch do not belong with each other, it was only after dad took the title that things started to get better.

I walked to my uncle, Jose Philip, he was a handsome man, tall with a body build for a greek god, he looked like my dad but with his own features standing.

he senced me walking up to him, turning and smiling at me, i looked to him " what got you up so early, couldn't you believe you finally got your girl?" I said stepping closer, he looked at me smiling " I need to sleep to actually wake up, and I had my girl years ago princezza" he replied with a chuckle.

To us things were different, we couldn't mate in private like other wolves and not without a marriage, as the blood of Salvatore was held different, a line of blood that was rooted back to the primal wolf, Derious, well us and another line of family we do not mention now a days.

He looked at me, eyes full of excitement and joy, he was trully happy. I smiled at him " I am very happy for you, really."

He smiled at me and came for a hug, his arms around me and his scent reminded me of my dad.

"Princezza, if i knew he was coming i would have said something, i am trully sorry." He said, now frowning deeply.

I looked up to him, his frown deepining on his handsome face, I shaked my head and smiled, " it's fine, I do not care for him, he is long gone. This is your day and he won't do anything." My heart hurted, fuck.

My uncle layed a soft kiss on my forhead and walked off not saying anything, i felt his guilt but it was not his fault, he had come for protocols and nothing else.

As i stood there staring at the sun, I closed my eyes remembering him, Adrian Romano was here, the man I loved more then life itself, and the man who betrayed me the most.