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Life was going pretty fine for Monica, a loving fiance, Jacob, a great paying job, a nice house, and even a cute pet. Her only problem was she had to hide her real self, a woman who gets excited when she is in pain, who craves wild and rough pleasure. On one vacation trip, she finally decided to reveal herself. When she assumed she finally found her happiness, fate arrived with another twist that changed her life forever. She was kidnapped and sold. Monica is forced into a world of terror and darkness. Captive and alone, with no one to trust, no lover, no faith, and no future. Richard is the darkness himself but with a very twisted personality. He is a man who is cruel to his core, who loves inflicting pain and torturing his prey. But his dark life took a turn when he captured Monica for repayment of a debt. When Monica met Richard she hated him but as time passed, she started to fall in love with him. She confessed and even saved him before totally opening herself to him but again fate happened and she had to return to back to Jacob. Will she be able to subdue her feelings for Richard as she started living with Jacob again? Will she be able to forget Richard and continue living a normal life like before? In Richard and Jacob, who will she choose?

“Time to go.” A black-suited man stepped out from Limousine and hold out his arm to help the woman inside to disembark.

Finally with a heavy chest, and eyes filled with water, Monica moved from her seat and stepped off the vehicle.

Stepping out of the Limousine, she looked over that man's shoulder behind him at the plane waiting for her. It was going to be the last thing she would see that belonged to her master just like her, till yesterday.

Her heart squeezed and hardened. Seeing the letters of her master's name written in bold and dark on the plane, taunted her, made her jealous. Till yesterday both of them belonged to the same man, but now, that plane belonged to a different world. The world she no longer had the privileged to enjoy. In that world, she had grown from a timid girl with secret fantasies to a fighter who would happily kill anyone for her master, to a strong woman who embraced her true desires, to a broken girl who only wanted to make her master happy and forget everything when he was inside her.

Ever since she had been kidnapped, she had done unthinkable, she had broken herself, and fell for the man, who slaved her, whom she hated at first.

“I am sorry for everything you had to go through till now." The man in the black suit standing in front of Monica said with a smile. "I hope you can forgive us and forget about it.”

“Hmm…” Without saying anything she just nodded her head while thinking of someone who had discarded her like a rabid animal.

Even though the man was saying to forget about everything his master had done to her and forgive him, he knew everything that woman in front of him had to go through, was not something one can forget easily. There was even a very high chance that she may never forget about it her whole life, and there was also a possibility that for some time the memories of the past few months may even haunt her like nightmares.

Looking at the woman’s face, which seemed as if she was lost in deep thoughts, the man spoke, “Well then, this plane will take you back to your fiance.”

As the man mentioned about her fiance, a brutal pain hit Monica’s heart. She realized what a terrible woman she had been, just a few hours ago she was thinking she was having the best sex of her life, with a man she barely even know, she wanted him to give her that painful but exciting sensation all her life. She was enjoying it that much, that not even for once she thought of that fiance, or how he would feel if he saw her like that.

“This is for your troubles.” The man took her hand and put something in them.

She wanted to scream or convince that man, that it was a huge mistake. Her brain was refusing to shut up and think of something else. But she also knew that there was no point rehashing everything when that master no longer cared for her.

“Please take me back. I do not belong there anymore.” Finally, she resolved herself and asked. "I belong here. I belong to the master."

“I can not do that. Master has made an arrangement with the authorities.” the man replied.

“What arrangement?”

"For a slave, you really ask a lot of bullshit questions.” The man sighed and glared before answering.

“I’m no longer his slave. So tell me.”

“If you would have listened and paid attention, you would have known master is not kind of the person you think he is.”

"Do not beat around the bush, I already know I was number twenty-five. So that means he already had twenty-four slaves. Anyway forget about it and just tell me about that arrangement you just said."

When she found out that man had so many women, it made her want to kick and punch and scream. Even though she wanted to hate him for that, she could not bring herself to do that

"Goodbye, and take care, Ms. Monica." Without answering her, that the man started walking away from her, leaving her behind with a plane that was ready to take her anywhere she wanted but as the man started to slowly disappear from her sight, Monica got an urge to shout and ran before him, and beg him to take her back to her master.

Even though she wanted to go back to Jacob, she did not want to leave her master. For the first time she missed being a pet of her master, she missed declaring loudly as to whom she belonged. For the first time, she was missing her existence of being her master's pet, for the first time she thought it was bliss.

She did not know how long she stood there seeing her last hope getting away from her with every passing moment.

As the shadow of her last hope disappeared, she realized she had no choice but to move on, move forward while trying to forget the best months of her life she had, and just like that in a daze, she climbed the stairs of the plane.

The air hostess at the gate bowed slightly.

“No luggage, madam?”

Looking at the woman Monica just blinked and moved.

But just as she was about to move forward she realized the moment she will take one more step and get inside the plane, her life would suck her along, and she would never be able to stop it. She would become Monica again. There would be no traces of fierce Monica. She would no longer have a master, she would no longer have her protector. Life would be boring and dull again.

Shaking her head, she mumbled as a droplet leaked from the side of her eyes. “I need to accept the reality. Think about tomorrow. I am going home. Home. I just have to relearn how to belong."

The thought of her fiance overwhelmed her. She was going back to lie to herself and Jacob. Once again she had to go through the motions of living with no excitement or intoxicating thread of sexual fear and this time for the rest of her life.

“What do you need, master? Please tell me.”

Last night as she said that, Monica was ready to give anything, do anything the man in front wanted her to do.

“Let me have one night where I can do anything I want. Submit yourself completely to me, no arguing, no fighting. Just be my perfect pet.” As he was requesting that, Monica saw his eyes filled with darkness. “I do not want to force you today.”

Saying that he moved his fingers and touched her lips, “I am giving you a choice today.”

Last night for the first time by giving her the choice, he showed he cared as much as he wanted to destroy her. Just as she felt his touch, the rest of the world ceased to exist. Nothing mattered anymore to her. Where she was, what she had done, who was Jacob, none of that mattered.

That time, Monica and her master become each other's entire world, and she readied herself to give herself completely to him.

Losing power she dropped off the bed and fell to her knees. Bowing in front of him, she displayed her legs just like the girl she had seen in a video. She bowed further, hair curtained her face as she whispered, “Fuck me please, master. Please hurt me as much as you want. Please punish me. Make me all yours.”

“Hah…” Remembering these words she uttered last night, a pitiful dry laugh came out of Monica’s mouth.

Every word she had uttered that time was as if that they were giving her unimaginable power for bearing every punishment that was about to be given by her master.

The fact that she willingly gave herself to him, to do whatever he wanted, unlocked new dimensions she had been too scared to look at.

Her master unfolded himself from the bed, positioning himself in front of her. His breathing grew harsh and thick, chest pumping with exertion. He stroked her hair before fisting it, jerking her eyes to meet his.

Everything about him drugged her, his eyes, his mouth, his body. That time she could have come just with the scent he shot into the air.

“Okay slave be ready.” Saying that he pulled her upright by her hair. With pain, her scalp screamed, and she winced, holding onto his hands.

“Do not hold it. You can scream loud and clear. You can cry as loudly as you want.” While saying that her master swelled with dominance and she burned with power of her own. “You are mine tonight.”

“Yes,” In pain she shouted.

Hearing her, he grabbed her hand and dragged her from the room.

Like a drunkard, she followed him through the corridor before stopping in front of a metallic-looking door.

As they entered inside, heartlessly she was thrown inside.

“Stand up and go in the middle.” While Monica was lost in the powerful scent of the room, Jacob ordered.

She did not understand.

When she did not move, he grabbed her by her throat, sending fear and want through her.

“Do as I say. Slave.” After saying that he let her go and she crawled to the center of the room as terror darted down her back.

Reaching the middle of the room, she looked behind.

There she saw Richard standing by the wall, pulling on some chains that on one end were attached to the roof.

As those chains with leather cuffs descended right in front of her face, the fear inside her grew stronger as some memories from the past surfaced.

She knew what he was going to do next and the thought of that made her body tremble slightly.

Just like that time he wanted to restrain her again.

As the panic started growing inside, she frantically tried to look all over the room to see if those men from that time were also there.

But there was no one.

“Put your hands up.” From behind her, her master ordered.

Since those men were not there with him, she felt some relief. She had still not forgotten that night.

“You are disobeying again? I will punish you if you don’t put your arms up immediately.”

She immediately raised her arms.

That time in that room she thought it was a test, a test if she was worthy of living under his shade, if she was worthy of becoming capable of standing next to Nene. So she did not want to fail. She wanted it to hurt. She wanted to feel him on every inch of her skin. She wanted this as a new start to her life.

As she was thinking that, Richard took her wrists and put them in the leather cuffs.

“Master, can you please call me by my name from now you?” She suddenly asked.

When she said it that time, Monica wanted him to use her name. She wanted it to link it with him.

“Why?” After a few moments of silence, he asked.

“I want you to know that you own me.”

“As you wish. After tonight, whenever I say your name you will get wet for me. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I am yours. With my body and mind.”

“Let's mark that on you so that you never forget.”

Saying that he clipped her nipples before walking toward the fireplace.

“Ma’am we have arrived.” As she was lost in her memories of last night, a familiar voice entered her ears.

It was the voice of the air hostess who had greeted her as she boarded the plane.

As she heard her voice, she came back to the present.

Just a few hours ago, in the morning when she woke up, she had not even thought in her wildest of dreams that she would be here, going back to Jacob, discarded by her own master.

Today morning when she woke up she did not find her master anywhere in the room so feeling empty she took the walk of shame alone to her bedroom. After showering and rubbing the lotion onto her bruises, she put on one of the dresses from her wardrobe and left to find the missing master.

Even though she did not know where he was, she knew that one woman definitely knew about his whereabouts. So she just had to find her.

She found Nene in the kitchen slicing onions. Looking at her face that time, Monica felt sad, she was still feeling that she had betrayed her and her friendship. When she entered the kitchen, Nene herself did not turn to even greet her. Monica’s skin pricked with unwelcome.

What she had done, had made her a traitor, an outcast among them.

Steeling her nerves, she moved forward and asked, “Nene, you know where the master is?”

“Why you asked? Are you not satisfied with what you did to him?” Without looking at her she barked.

“I said sorry okay. I even got my punishment for that from him.”

“And you think that makes it okay?”

Nene scoffed. She stopped chopping. She closed her eyes, visibly forcing away her black mood. “So much you don’t know, slave.”

‘Slave?!’ This was the first time she had called her with that name. Her stomach twisted. That time she realized how much she had hurt her.

After saying that Nene turned around and resumed slicing.

“Just tell me where is the master? I need to see him.”

“You can’t.”

As Monica heard that an ominous feeling arose in her heart. “What do you mean?”

Nene stopped chopping and turned around to speak something, but the words did not come out of her mouth. Instead, her eyes dyed with a hint of sadness.

The ominous feeling inside her grew much stronger.

“She meant Master Richard no longer wants to see you.”

The black-suited butler entered the kitchen with his hands behind his back, just like the butlers she had seen in movies, and answered Monica’s question.

“Why? Is he still mad at me?”

Her heart started beating faster as if she did not want to listen to what he was going to say.

“I don’t know if he is mad or not. But...”

“But?!” She asked while trying to calm herself.

“...Master Richard ordered me to escort you back to your fiance.”

“No, it can’t be…” Before she could even complete her sentence, her legs lost power and she sat down with a ‘thump’.

“We’ll be leaving in half an hour.”