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norma has always been very astute believer but little does she now how magical it can truly be to believe. journey with norma and discover the beauty and magic locate just beside our world. Amen. Let the sword guide you About the author: minimum is a writer from somewhere in Iowa. Shes guy and her favorite color is grey. Enjoy the read

  "And please. Help me to find your calling. Amen" Norma prayed quietly in her room before packing her bag with study books and her fathers cloak. She held onto it for a moment and let her mind flutter over the memories. She sighed after and placed the cloak in her bag. Walking down the hall she glanced at the photos lining the walls. Dozens of foster children. Their faces above their names and she wondered if she was going to be OK. After all she was turning eighteen in three days and knew that she couldn't stay here after that. Stomping down the stairs. Norma saw her two foster parents and four of her siblings, Not by birth but close enough, sitting at the table. At the end of the hall was a big mirror, one that let you see your whole self. Norma looked for a moment. Her brown hair in a bun, her blue eyes sparkling and her baggy t shirt and jeans. "Good enough" she thought as she walked into the kitchen from the hall.

  "GOOD MORNING" Mr. Sable called over the paper.

  The Sables were amazing people, they took her in at age twelve and gave her an amazing home, one that she most certainly didn't want to leave.

  "Good morning" Norma piped as she walked past and poured herself a cup of coffee.

  Sipping slowly she took a book out of her bag and began reading just like the rest of them at the table. Today was important because the Knighting and she wanted more than anything to be accepted into the Order. To be part of such an amazing opportunity to fight the evil in the world, a blessed blade and a shield of prayer by her side.

  "Omni to tocala mis dorma" She mumbled to herself. Trying to get the words imprinted on her brain.

  "Are you ready for today?" Mr. Sable asked kindly, starting her as she didn't realize he had moved right next to her. "Y-yes sir" she stuttered.

  "Youll do fine" he said warmly as he touched her cheek and moved back to the table to sit.

  Time moved slowly, as she awaited the mid hours of the day to approach, her eyes still glancing over the worlds of "Knightly Encounter: The Study Of Forbearance".

  Eventually time ran out and Norma walked upstairs to her room, her fingers gently touching a photo of a young boy who graduated into the Order, her brother. Once to her room she prepared herself for the trials that awaited her. She pulled on a pair of trousers and a long-sleeved shirt, girdleing her wrists in leather cuffs. Then equipping her waist with a training sword and mounting her bracer on her back with a sling. She once again walked down the hallway, the audience of pictures watching her, she moved in front of the giant mirror. "Omni to tocala mis dorma" she repeated. Mr. Sable was watching from the kitchen. "You look like a champion." He called. Norma turned and enter the kitchen 'thank you, sir. Will you be there today?"

  "I wouldn't miss it for the world." Mr. Sable cheerfully said. Almost all of the children he and his wife had taken in were inducted into the Order, it was their biggest trophy.

  Norma smiled and nodded, she couldnt tell if she was nervous or dying but she was sure it was the latter. "Time for you to go" Mr. Sable said, kissing her for head and handing her a set of fingerless gloves. "These will protect your hands, trust me youll want them"

  Norma studied them for a moment, realizing they were overly worn and battered "were these yours?" She asked, looking up at Mr.Sable.

  "They were." He smiled.

  Norma didn't know what to say. She was speechless. He gently moved her towards the door "I know you'll make us proud" he said quietly. She hugged him and left the house through the giant oak door, she was about to turn around and thank him but he had closed the door before she could.

  Norma looked at the gloves again, "ill make you all proud." She said as she pulled on the gloves and secured them to her wrists.

  Walking down the road was almost haunting. The streets were quieter than usual, everyone was at the Dome waiting for the Knighting to start. The orange and red leaves fell slowly around her, a slight breeze blew through her hair, making the hairs on her neck stand. This was the last time she'd see these cobble streets as a civilian should she win today. Only five knights are chosen a year.

  She approached the dome and beheld its wonder, it was a beacon of hope, a statue of liberty, a staple of justice. It stood high in the sky, red bricks protecting it like a shell of armor, looking upwards she could see the golden glass top. A giant glass roof covering the Dome. Norma came to a massive wooden gate, a Knight was manning his post. "Omni to tocala mis Dorma!" She said strongly. He looked up and stared at her, studied her. Eventually he must have approved because he motioned for her to come closer. As she walked towards him. The gate began to shift and morph, magically transforming into a small metal door. "Dith manna" he said flatly as she open the door and entered "Dith manna." She replied as the gate shut loudly behind her.

  This was it. This is where she'd been training to be. She walked down a corridor lined with paintings of Palidins, the Knights of the world. Mythical fighters who were said to be able to conjure swords and shields of pure faith, there hasn't been a Paladin in the Order for over a hundred years.

  At the end of the corridor she came to a large room, full of weapons and shields and all manor of contestants from around the world training for the trials. "Dom Lightfoot" a Knight called, escorting a young man into the arena. Norma decided to read rather than train her skills while she waited for her name to be called, "Mis cambu does tik" she muttered to herself. It was the Prayer of the Sword, when preformed correctly, it was said to create a ball of light, one that would guide your blade to its target creating a devastating blow. "Torn Surly" a Knight called out, guiding another contestant to the Dome. She watched as the young man disappeared into the bright light from the gate. Right when she returned her eyes to her book she heard it, the name she was waiting for. "Norma Beck! Please step into the arena."