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Farewell, My CEO Husband

Farewell, My CEO Husband



It all started with a one-night stand. Wei Zhanyan was drunk and when she sobered up, she had slept with Ji Weiyang from the reputable Ji family. For the sake of the Ji family's reputation, they had to get married... Wei Zhanyan and Ji Weiyang were married for three years, but they only spent forty-eight nights together. To Wei Zhanyan, her marriage was to guard an empty house alone. Her man would only come back on the eighth day of each month, as that was her ovulation day and the Ji family wanted a baby. The endless waiting made Zhanyan think about giving up. But why didn't Ji Weiyang let her go when she decided to leave?

It was June. The rain poured as dark clouds stretched over the skies, condemning daylight and pledging nightfall. The city's neon lights retaliated, returning the light and bringing back the day.

In the spacious corridor of the hospital, the high-heeled shoes stepped on the marble floor, making a crisp sound. Wei Zhan Yan tied her black hair. She was wearing a white coat while the hair gracing her neck gave off a metallic luster.

"Dr. Wei, all three operations today were arranged for the afternoon, and there will be an emergency meeting at 6 p.m.," said the intern, following closely behind her and telling her the day's schedule.

"Dr. Wei, the ER sent a patient with a lot of blood loss. Please go and have a look," the young nurse ran in in a panic and said in a hurry.

"Okay," Zhan Yan nodded and walked quickly to the emergency department.

A woman with disheveled hair and a pale face was lying on the hospital bed, howling in pain.

Beside her was a man in a tailored hand-made suit that was wrinkled and stained with lots of blood, but he was not embarrassed. He stood there calmly, and his side profile was as deep as a knife. His thin lips were tightly pursed, and his expression was so indifferent that it was almost cold.

Zhan Yan came in a hurry. When she saw the man's face, she was stunned, and her face turned pale. The man was also looking at her. After the shock, a faint smile appeared in his deep eyes.

Unfortunately, she was working in this hospital.

Zhan Yan looked away in a panic and looked at the patient on the bed. She lifted the corner of the quilt and saw that the woman's lower body was covered with blood, and her snow-white skirt was dyed bright red.

"The baby can't be saved anymore. Prepare for a dilation and curettage," Zhan Yan said calmly to the nurse beside him. Her calmness at the moment was admirable.

The nurse handed the consent form to the man. He took it, waved the gold pen in his hand, and neatly signed it. Like him, his signature was arrogant and indifferent.

The operation lasted for more than two hours. She had lost her baby before coming to the hospital. The only thing that could be done was to clear the uterus lining to prevent further damage.

After that, Zhan Yan walked out of the operating room. She took off her mask and threw it into the bin along with her blue surgical suit. She stood there washing her hands. Suddenly, a low and magnetic voice of a man came from behind her. The voice was very pleasant, but a little bit cold.

"Do you have anything to ask?"

Zhan Yan didn't look back because she knew who it was without looking back. She had heard this voice for three years.

She washed her hands, dried them under the disinfecting machine, and then slowly turned around.

He stood at the door, his tall and straight figure mostly buried in the shadows. There was a cigarette butt between his slender fingers. He breathed out the smoke casually, and his handsome face was hidden behind the fog. The feeling was so hazy that it almost lost its reality.

"What about you? Don't you have anything to explain?" Zhan Yan looked into his deep eyes, easily indifferent, and her tone was surprisingly calm. However, her hands behind her kept shaking. She was waiting for his answer. As long as he said that he hadn't done anything wrong to her, she would believe him, even if it was just a lie.