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Secret Babies: Our Daddy is a Billionaire

Secret Babies: Our Daddy is a Billionaire



In order to have money to treat her mother, Susan had to sleep with Cedric Reid instead of her sister because Cedric wanted a virgin. That was her father's request. If Susan agreed to do so, he could take money to treat Susan's mother. But when she came out of the hotel, the bad news came that her mother passed away due to invalid treatment. Why was fate so mocking? —— Five years later, two children suddenly broke into Cedric's wedding scene, and the guests were shocked. These two children look too much like Cedric! Cedric was shocked too. In the past five years, the only person he has slept with is that woman, and she sneaked away while he was asleep. He must find that woman!

The Presidential Suite.

In the dimly lit room, Susan Warren sat on the bed, her arms wrapped around herself, shivering.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open and Cedric Reid's tall and sturdy figure strode in from the entrance. He reached for the light switch but found that the lights seemed to be broken.

All of this had been planned.

Susan gasped for breath as she got off the bed. She nervously wrapped her trembling arms around Cedric's neck and stood on her tiptoes, planting a hesitant and chaste kiss on his cheek.

Suddenly, without warning, Cedric's dominant hand seized the back of her head, leaving her unsure of what was to come next.

Before she could pull away, Cedric's lips, tainted with a strong scent of alcohol, precisely captured her mouth in the darkness.

"Hmm." She was silenced by the kiss.

Susan's mind went blank.

His unfamiliar and crisp scent was invading her senses.

His forceful and intense kiss stole her mind and breath away, leaving her feeling dizzy and overwhelmed. He pressed her body firmly onto the bed as his kiss surrounded and overpowered her, sweeping her away in a passionate embrace.

What happened next was evident.

In the darkness, tears rolled down her cheeks.


Two nights ago, in the hospital.

In the corridor, Susan grabbed George Warren's arm, and begged him with tears in her eyes, "Dad, please, save Mom. Please save her, she's in critical condition."

"Your mother is beyond saving." George coldly tried to pull her arm away.

"She can be saved. The doctor said that the surgery cost only one million dollars. Dad, please help us." Susan pleaded, her face drenched with tears.

George clenched his teeth and pulled Susan closer, looking at her teary eyes. He lowered his head and said, "Susan, you have to promise me something if you want me to save your mother."

"Whatever it is, I promise you." She was willing to agree to anything that would save her mother's life.

"I know you're a good child, and I supposed you've also learned about your sister's engagement to the heir of Reid Group, haven't you?"

Susan blinked her clear, innocent eyes, not quite sure what her father meant by this. She choked back tears and said, "I know."

"Mr. Reid has a preference for virgins. Your sister is no longer a virgin, so I want you to go in her place and offer yourself to him."

Susan trembled with fear as she looked up at her father. "Dad, please no." She pleaded.

George tightened his grip on her hand with a cold demeanor and spoke in a low voice, "If you agree, I will give you the money immediately. In three days, you might still be able to save your mother."

Susan's eyes flickered with anxiety, she took a deep breath and said, "Okay, I promise you."