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My Lady is a Warrior Goddess

My Lady is a Warrior Goddess



In a cruel twist of fate, young Dorothy was forced by her ruthless grandmother to marry a 60-year-old tycoon. Tragically, she unintentionally ended the life of the old lecher on their wedding night. As retribution, her grandmother subjected her to a torturous death. However, a powerful soul unexpectedly took residence in Dorothy's body, transforming her into an esteemed General. No one dared to cross her path! Fueled by a desire to seek justice for the original Dorothy and to safeguard her younger brother, she knew she needed to become stronger. However, when her six-year-old brother was abducted to provide blood for a wealthy man's fiancée, the Warrior Goddess Dorothy was enraged. "Dare to harm my brother? I will erase your entire family from existence!"

Downtown Northon City, in the VIP ward on the top floor of the Sherratt Hospital.

"Mr. Sherratt, we've found someone with a compatible blood type for your fiancée, but... the person's only six years old."

"Doesn't matter! It's their honor to transfuse blood to Ann, anyway!"

Howard Sherratt gently looked at the pale woman on the bed and said indifferently.

The frail woman on the bed was Ann Russell, his fiancée. He was the president of the Sherratt Group, which held great power in Northon City.

She pulled Howard's sleeve and said weakly, "I'm fine, Howard."

The assistant standing behind Howard said cautiously, "Mr. Sherratt, Ms. Russell is out of danger. She'll recover with some rest."

Ann looked at the assistant with a slight dissatisfaction in her eyes.

"Howard... Ahem, I'm fine. I just need to rest a bit, and I'll be fine. There's no need to cause harm to other people because of me. Ahem..."

Then, she began to cough non-stop.

"Do you think Ann can wait for longer?" Howard was full of anger.

"Bring me the blood donor now. I need enough blood to fulfill Ann's needs within half an hour!"

The assistant, fearing that speaking another word would irritate the formidable president of Northon City, immediately responded, "Noted!"

He then walked quickly to the blood collection room.


At the same time, in the conference room of the Ministry of Defense, which holds the highest authority in Country Z.

Several VIP-level figures were eagerly looking forward to the arrival of another prominent person.

In the midst of waiting, a soldier in battle uniform rushed into the conference room and informed, "Field Marshal, General Dorothy said she has something urgent to deal with, so she can't come today."

"Did something happen?" An old man sitting in the chief seat asked hurriedly.

"General Dorothy's six-year-old brother was taken by the president of the Sherratt Group for a forced blood transfusion!"


The people in the conference room were all astounded.

"Does the president of the Sherratt Group know what he's doing?"

He even had the audacity to mess with General Dorothy!

"Howard Sherratt, the president of the Sherratt Group, urgently needs blood for his fiancée, who was involved in a car accident and suffered excessive blood loss. They took General Dorothy's younger brother for a blood transfusion as soon as they discovered their compatibility!"

The old man remembered that he had just seen the child not long ago. He was only six years old and was endearing.

"A blood transfusion? Do they have a conscience? He's too young!" The old man slammed the table angrily and stood up.

The old man's chest was full of attached badges, making a crisp clinking sound as he got up.

The soldier's face showed a bitter expression. "General Dorothy has already rushed to the Sherratt Hospital. I dare not even imagine what would happen if something happened to her younger brother. Even the entire Northon City will be in trouble, not to mention the Sherratt family..."

Although the soldier trailed it off like that, the VIPs there all understood what he meant.

General Dorothy was the youngest general in the history of Country Z. She had achieved numerous outstanding military achievements and won herself a high position despite being only 19 years old!

The Ministry of Defense was the highest military authority in Country Z, possessing supreme and absolute power.

The Field Marshal was the leader of the Ministry of Defense.

Below the Field Marshal were the senior, middle, and intermediate levels, and each level consisted of a colonel, major general, and general, with the general holding the highest rank.

Even though Dorothy was so young, she was a Senior General, only second to a few Field Marshals!

Besides, she was ruthless and merciless and was commonly known by others as the Female Devil!

If anything happened to her younger brother, they would not be surprised, even if she blew up the whole of Northon City.

Meanwhile, the soldier received a notification from his communicator. He appeared anxious, and his face was tense. "Field Marshal, General Dorothy has arrived at the Sherratt Hospital!"

The old man's face darkened. "Let's head to Northon City, too!"