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Shatter Us

Shatter Us

Author:Summer August


General Romance

Isabella Barrera goes on a journey to discover herself. All their lifes she and her twin sister Olivia have been dwelling this earth without a single clue as to who they are or who they are meant to be. As their 19th birthday is coming up, Isabella starts to explore the world she had always ignored. Everything was going well until that fateful moment. The moment she met the love of her life. When she realized that she'd been so afraid of getting rejected that she never dared make a move. Promising herself this wouldn't happen again, she went with her gut and decided to fight for her love and break the mold....

  As if to swallow her, the waves pull her down to the shallows. It carries her further and further from the shore. The no longer fisible beach feel like a forgotten memory waiting to be discovered once more. The blue sky is calling out her name as if it knows the pain in her heart when she tries to scream, but gets silenced by the water gushing over her. As the thoughts rushing into her mind...reckless, powerful and sharp. Sharp like the words that once tore her to shreds, but now have little to no impact on her composure. She's breathless as the sky seems to tremble over her head. Still chanting her name, louder and louder....

  "Isabella!? Isabella? Bella wake up! We're gonna be late!"

  While the young girl jumpes out of bed, Isabella meets her sister's worried eyes. Seeing the restless expression on Olivia's face, she immediately looks over at her nightstand to check the time. Damn, it's already six thirty. If she doesn't hurry they'll be late for school again. Why does she always oversleep? She even went to bed early last night. Well...she actually didn't go to sleep till twelfe.

  Hurriedly she puts her books in her bag and dashes off to the bathroom.

  Later the twins are well on their way to school. As cars pass by with a satisfying sound, the girls mentally prepare themselves for the year ahead.

  "I can't believe we're seniors now, Bella"

  "Yeah, I know. It's weird. Next year we'll be going to College!"

  "Yeah, I feel so old."

  As Olivia says these words she looks her sister straight in the eyes. Causing them both to burst into laughter.

  "Liv you're so funny! In a few years we'll be gray!"

  Suddenly the girls stop. They've arrived. Standing in front of the open gates, it finally sinks in. Another year of high school is about to begin. Another year of tests and homework, group projects and studying till you feel sick inside. Once again she looks into Olivia's hazel-coloured eyes for comfort, knowing they won't see each other till lunch still scares her to death. People may say they need to learn to be apart, but why would she care about what they thought? Live is her best friend and nothing could change that. Being twin sisters is just a bonus. A final hug and a kiss on the cheek and she's off. For now Isabella must face this world alone. But she'll be fine... It's not like she hasn't done this before. Bella musters up her strength and heads through the school gates. Into the future but also into the past. A past she doesn't necessarily wants to remember.